The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Glass Top Dining Table

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Glass top dining tables have become an increasingly popular option for modern homes. With their sleek, minimalist style and transparency, glass dining tables can make a gorgeous statement in your dining space. The transparent tabletop reflects light beautifully and makes the room feel more open and airy.

Glass material also provides a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that works well for dining. Spills and messes can be quickly wiped away. Glass tops are also versatile – they blend in with many styles from contemporary to industrial.

But with so many glass table options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your home and lifestyle? This comprehensive guide covers the top glass dining tables to consider, what to look for when choosing a glass top dining table, and a FAQ to answer common questions about glass dining tables. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Glass Top Dining Tables

When shopping for a glass dining table, you’ll find options in many shapes, sizes, colors and materials. To help narrow it down, here are 5 of the best-rated and most popular glass top dining tables on the market today:

1. Crate and Barrel Parsons Rectangular Dining Table

The Parsons dining table from Crate and Barrel is a bestselling table known for its simple, versatile style. This table features a rectangular top made of clear, tempered glass with a beautiful polished edge. The durable iron tube frame comes in several finish options like warm brass or cool stainless steel.

With its clean lines and transparent top, this table has a light and airy feel that works with contemporary spaces. But the familiar Parsons silhouette also suits transitional dining rooms. This table is available in 7, 9 or 10 foot lengths, seating up to 8. There are also matching Parsons chairs available.


  • Timeless, versatile Parsons design
  • Quality tempered glass top
  • Several frame finish options
  • Multiple size options to seat 6-8


  • Frame prone to scratches
  • Not as bold as some modern glass tables

Price Range: $799-$1,899

2. West Elm Industrial Storage Dining Table

For a more modern industrial style, the West Elm Industrial Storage dining table is a striking choice. Made from stainless steel with a transparent tempered glass surface, this table has a tough yet elegant look. The sturdy metal frame features a shelf below for storage and display.

The rectangular table comes in multiple sizes to seat 4-10 people. The polished steel finish and bold silhouette make a statement. Matching industrial metal chairs are also available.


  • Industrial modern style
  • Glass top with steel frame
  • Integrated shelf for storage
  • Seats up to 10


  • Expensive
  • Very bold, not for every decor

Price range: $1,199-$2,299

3. Pottery Barn Benchwright Dining Table

For a warm, traditional style, check out the Benchwright table from Pottery Barn. This stunning farmhouse style table pairs a smooth glass tabletop with a thick Acacia wood base. The dark wood tones and substantial pedestal base give it rustic character.

The Benchwright table comes in round and rectangular shapes, with the ability to expand with leaves for flexible seating. The pedestal design leaves plenty of leg room. Available finishes include honey, mocha and driftwood. Sold with or without accompanying Benchwright dining chairs.


  • Warm, rustic farmhouse style
  • Real wood pedestal base
  • Round and rectangular options
  • Leaves available for expandability


  • Traditional design not for contemporary rooms
  • Glass top prone to glare

Price range: $1,200-$3,000

4. Ashley Dumore Dining Table

If you love the transparent look of glass but want something more refined, consider the Dumore dining table from Ashley Furniture. This elegant table features a glass top with beveled edges that create a unique shape.

The transparent glass allows the intricate metal work of the base to shine through. The bronze or silver colored metal base has a geometric Art Deco inspired motif. With a round beveled top and curved legs, the Dumore table has lots of visual interest. Available with a set of upholstered side chairs.


  • Unique beveled glass top shape
  • Ornate metal base with Art Deco motif
  • Available in round or rectangular
  • Matching upholstered chairs


  • Base prone to scratches
  • Beveled edge challenges some place settings

Price range: $710-$1,150

5. Wayfair Eliza Dining Table

For a budget-friendly glass dining table, check out the Eliza table from Wayfair. This simple table combines the clean look of glass with elegantly tapered legs for a light and airy feel.

The clear tempered glass rectangular top is 1⁄2 inch thick for durability. The powder coated steel legs come in neutral finishes like black or antique bronze. Available in multiple sizes to seat 4-8. Matching side chairs also available.


  • Tempered 1⁄2 inch thick glass top
  • Simple, affordable design
  • Tapered legs create airy feel
  • Black or bronze frame finishes


  • Thinner glass prone to scratches
  • Less substantial than pricier tables

Price range: $260-$550

How to Choose a Glass Top Dining Table

With an array of shapes, sizes and styles available, keep the following factors in mind when selecting the perfect glass dining table:

Consider the size and shape needed for your space. Measure the room and seating area to determine the ideal width, length and shape. Rectangular tables work well in most dining spaces, but round tables create an intimate feel. Oval and square glass tops are also great options.

Determine what table style suits your decor. Glass dining tables come in contemporary styles with sleek or industrial metal bases. But also traditional styles with wood pedestals. Choose a base design that matches your room’s look.

Evaluate the durability of the frame and base. Since glass tops are prone to shattering if nicked, you want a durable and sturdy base. Metal frames with thick table legs tend to be most stable.

Choose between tempered vs. annealed glass. Tempered glass is treated for increased strength, making it 3-5 times more resistant to breaking. Tempered is best for dining tables that will get daily use.

Consider the thickness of the glass top. Standard glass thickness is 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch. 3⁄4 inch or 1 inch glass is incredibly durable but heavier and more expensive. Balance durability with weight.

Determine how easy the glass is to clean. Look for smooth, seamless glass tops without crevices that can trap debris. Also consider frosted, etched and clear glass options.

Decide on seating capacity. Measure your existing dining chairs or purchase a table set with chairs sized right for the table dimensions. Leave at least 24” clearance per person.

Look for extension or leaf options. Expandable tables allow you to make the table larger for holidays and dinner parties as needed.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can narrow down the selection and choose the perfect glass dining table for your needs and style!

FAQs about Glass Top Dining Tables

Still have some questions about choosing a glass top dining table? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of a glass top dining table?

Glass tops offer easy clean-up, reflect light beautifully, and create an open, airy feel in dining spaces. The transparency allows you to see the base and floor below for an intriguing floating effect. Glass tables also blend in with any decor from traditional to modern.

What are the downsides to a glass top table?

Glass tops are prone to scratches and chips if proper care isn’t taken. Heavy platters or cookware could damage the surface. And thicker, tempered glass comes with more weight and cost. Proper care is key.

How durable are glass top dining tables?

Tempered glass tops can be 3-5 times stronger than standard glass. 1⁄2 inch tempered glass is sufficiently durable for everyday use. For extra stability choose 3⁄4 inch or 1 inch thick glass. Also inspect frames and bases for durability.

What thickness of glass should I look for?

1⁄4 inch glass may be too thin and fragile for dining use. 1⁄2 inch tempered glass provides a good balance of resilience and weight for most tables. 3⁄4 inch and 1 inch options are incredibly strong but heavy.

How do I clean a glass dining table top?

Use a soft, damp microfiber cloth with just water or mild dish soap if needed. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads that could scratch the surface. Also avoid placing very hot plates or pans directly on the bare glass.

Should I get a glass top dining table with chrome vs. wood base?

It’s an aesthetic choice. Chrome and metal bases have a sleeker, more modern look. Wood bases provide warmth and a rustic feel. Chrome is resistant to scratches but may show fingerprints. Consider your personal style preferences.

How do I prevent scratches on a glass dining table?

Use placemats or tablecloths. Lift items instead of sliding across the surface. Opt for smooth rather than rough bottomed dinnerware. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Apply wax polish monthly to protect the surface.

Can glass tops be replaced if damaged?

Tempered glass is not repairable, but glass tabletops can usually be replaced if needed. Check with the manufacturer, as the glass is custom cut to size. This is one advantage of higher end dining tables – they’re made to last.

Are glass top tables good for families with kids?

With tempered glass, absolutely. The durability of tempered glass makes it quite kid-friendly. Just remind children to take care when placing items on the table to prevent scratching. Using placemats can further protect the surface.

What style dining chairs work best with glass top tables?

The transparent tabletop allows you to incorporate a wide range of dining chair styles. From sleek modern chairs to traditional wood and upholstered options, glass tables work with almost any kind of chair. Focus on comfort along with your desired aesthetic.


With their beautiful, transparent style and sleek look, it’s no wonder glass top dining tables are having a moment. If considering a glass top dining table, pay special attention to the thickness and durability of the glass, as well as the style of base that suits your space best. Consider rectangular, round or oval shapes to match your room.

With proper care, a quality glass dining table can be a gorgeous conversational centerpiece in your home for years to come. Use this guide to find the perfect table that suits both your lifestyle and personal tastes. And be sure to browse all the stunning options today like the Crate and Barrel Parsons table, West Elm Industrial table, Pottery Barn Benchwright and more. Happy glass table hunting!