The Perfect Solid Oak TV Unit for a Timeless Living Room

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Oak wood never goes out of style. With its rich grain patterns and wide range of finishes, oak furniture instantly imbues a space with a sense of warmth and timelessness. For the living room, a solid oak TV stand or media console makes an ideal anchor, both esthetically and functionally.

As one of the most durable hardwoods, oak can withstand years of everyday wear and tear. A quality solid oak TV unit made from 100% oak will stay looking great for decades to come, as the wood develops a beautiful patina. Oak also brings heft and stability, keeping your TV and media components safe from tipping.

From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, oak TV units are available in a huge range of designs to match any decor. Simple Shaker-style consoles look fantastic in cottage living rooms, while sleek low-profile units blend seamlessly into modern spaces. And you can always customize with different finishes, hardware and accessories to make it your own.

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to determine which solid oak TV stand is right for your room and lifestyle. Here we’ll countdown the top 5 bestselling solid oak media consoles and entertainment centers on the market right now. We’ll also provide tips on how to select the perfect one for your needs and style. Read on to learn more!

The Top 5 Solid Oak TV Units

1. Nathan James Alexander Solid Wood Media Console

With its midcentury modern flair, the Nathan James Alexander console brings a hip retro vibe to contemporary living spaces. The angular solid oak cabinet rests on splayed dowel legs, elevating the TV display and allowing room for speakers underneath.

The console offers two large open cubbies for media components, plus two smaller drawers for concealed storage. Cabinets have adjustable shelves, so you can customize the configuration. Remote controls and game controllers stay organized in the three top-mounted media trays.

At 60 inches wide, the Alexander easily accommodates TVs up to 65 inches. The neutral finish options (honey oak or gray wash) allow the striking design to shine. Assembly is fairly simple with an Allen wrench. Backed by a 1-year warranty.

Price: $$

2. Sauder Orchard Hills Media Console

For the farmhouse style lover, Sauder’s Orchard Hills console features charming vintage-inspired details like turned wood knobs, panel accents, and metal grating overlays on the cabinets. Crafted from engineered wood in a Weathered Oak finish, it mimics solid oak for a fraction of the price.

This entertainment center provides ample storage with two open media compartments flanking a center cabinet that contains an adjustable shelf behind frosted glass doors. The top display shelf is over 50 inches wide. No assembly required!

The budget-friendly Orchard Hills media stand won’t last as long as solid oak, but its pretty design and finish make it a great option for renters or occasional TV watchers. 90-day warranty.

Price: $

3. Wrought Studio Dunbarry TV Stand

With an airy, open design composed of slim rectangular frames, the Dunbarry stand from Wrought Studio brings lightness to any room. The clean-lined solid oak unit comes in a pure Natural finish to highlight the wood grain.

Two open shelves provide display space for media players and decor, while the bottom shelf offers discreet storage for gaming consoles, movies or extra controllers. Cables thread neatly through built-in holes in the rear frame.

The narrow footprint of this modular piece makes it an excellent choice for smaller spaces. Flat packed for easy home assembly. 30-day return window.

Price: $$$

4. Red Barrel Studio Baxley Creek TV Stand

Offering the traditional styling of an antique apothecary cabinet, the Baxley Creek console from Red Barrel Studio will infuse any space with undeniable rustic charm. Solid oak construction gives this unit a pleasing heft.

The weathered, slightly distressed finish enhances cracks and grain patterns inherent in the reclaimed wood. Behind the four top drawers lies a roomy cabinet with one fixed and two adjustable shelves. Side cabinets provide additional storage.

With its 61-inch width, the Baxley Creek stand fits TVs up to 65 inches. Minor assembly is required. The manufacturer provides a limited 1-year warranty.

Price: $$$$

5. Corrigan Studio CallMount TV Stand

If you favor modern and contemporary furniture, the CallMount TV stand from Corrigan Studio introduces intriguing style with its distinctive X-frame base. Crafted from solid European oak in a light Smoked Eucalyptus finish, the CallMount work well in any contemporary setting.

Two open shelves provide room for media components, while keeping everything visible. The base adds display space for speakers, plants or baskets. Some assembly is needed, but the unit ships with clear instructions. 30-day return period.

Compact design with a 47-inch width suits this stand to smaller areas. The unique shape also makes a bold statement from any angle.

Price: $$$

Now that we’ve highlighted some current top-rated solid oak TV stand options, let’s go over the important features and buying considerations you should keep in mind as you shop. This will help you select the ideal console or entertainment center for your living space and needs.

What to Look for in a Solid Oak TV Unit

When evaluating solid oak TV consoles and media cabinets, keep the following factors in mind:

Intended Use

Do you need your TV unit to solely hold your television, or will it also store gaming consoles, DVD players, stereo components and movies? Make sure to select a stand with adequate space and configurations to hold your specific media items. Closed cabinets keep clutter concealed, while open shelving allows for easy access.

TV and Component Dimensions

Measure the dimensions of your TV, plus any speakers, gaming systems or media players the stand will need to accommodate. Be sure to leave room for ventilation around electronics. Select a TV console that’s both wide and deep enough to handle your setup. Also account for any future TV purchases you may make.

Design Style

Do you want your TV unit to complement your decor, or make a contemporary statement? Sleek low silhouettes work nicely in modern spaces, while traditional styling fits well with cottage or farmhouse interiors. Match the finish and hardware to your existing furnishings.

Finish Options

Oak TV stands come in a variety of stain colors and finishes. Darker espresso finishes give a traditional feel, while light or whitewashed oak looks more coastal or Scandinavian. Distressed wood finishes add vintage charm. Painted finishes are great for a custom look.

Built-In Features and Storage

Consider how much display, shelf and cabinet storage you need. Adjustable shelves, hidden compartments and cord management offer versatility. Doors keep dust at bay but limit remote control access. Drawers are great for media accessories.


Solid wood furniture runs the monetary spectrum. Less expensive options may be made from oak veneers or engineered woods. Splurging for 100% solid oak will give you the most durable construction. Set a spending cap before you start shopping.

Assembly Difficulty

Many solid oak TV stands ship ready to assemble. This helps lower costs but means you’ll need to spend time constructing the unit yourself. Look for how intricate the assembly instructions are and the tools required. If this intimidates you, stick to no assembly required.

Smart Shopping Tips

Follow this advice to make sure you select the best possible solid oak TV media console:

  • Try to view furniture in person before buying to get a feel for scale, proportion and finish.
  • Carefully measure your space and the size of the TV/components prior to ordering.
  • Inspect finishes, wood grains, hardware, joinery and inside cabinets closely. Open and close drawers and doors.
  • Assess the difficulty and time needed for assembly if the unit is ready-to-assemble. Make sure to read the instructions.
  • Consider the pros and cons of built-in features like adjustable shelves and hidden storage. Will you use them?
  • Verify delivery costs, return policy and warranty coverage. What’s covered if damaged or defective?
  • Read reviews from previous buyers for helpful first-hand feedback.
  • Ensure your TV, gaming consoles and other media can all fit while allowing proper ventilation.
  • Look for hidden cable management like cutouts in the back panel or interior routing paths.
  • High quality solid oak or hardwoods like teak will withstand years of regular use. Avoid laminates.
  • Corner blocks, rabbet joints and dovetail drawers indicate higher construction quality.
  • Test motion of all doors, drawers and shelves. Movement should be smooth without sticking.

Taking the time to evaluate your needs and research options will ensure your satisfaction with a solid oak TV stand for years to come. Follow the tips above to buy smart.

Caring for Your Solid Oak TV Unit

Once you bring home your solid oak media console or TV stand, proper care and maintenance will keep it looking beautiful for decades. Here are some tips:

  • Dust frequently using a soft dry cloth to prevent buildup in crevices.
  • Immediately clean up any spills or liquids with a damp cloth to avoid stains and water marks.
  • Use coasters under any glasses or mugs placed on the surface.
  • Avoid placing the TV unit directly in front of heating/cooling vents or fireplaces which can damage the wood over time.
  • Don’t put the console in direct sunlight if possible. UV rays can fade and discolor the finish.
  • Apply furniture polish every few months to protect the finish and enhance the wood grain.
  • Periodically tighten hardware like drawer pulls or shelf pegs if needed.
  • Every year or so, condition unfinished wood with a light coating of oil to replenish waxes and moisture.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners, bleach, ammonia or abrasive pads which can scratch the surface.
  • Lift objects when moving them across the top instead of dragging. Use felt pads under any décor items or electronics.
  • Arrange media components and consoles to allow adequate airflow around the units.
  • Use concealer strips and neatly run cords through cutouts or holes to manage unsightly cables.
  • To touch up scratches or gouges, carefully sand the area and use a matching wood filler before refinishing.
  • For more extensive damage or to remove stains, refinishing or restoring the console may be required. Consult a professional for best results.

With proper cleaning, maintenance and care, a quality solid oak TV stand will only increase in beauty as it ages. Follow these tips and it’s sure to stay a treasured part of your living room for years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solid Oak TV Units

What are the benefits of choosing real solid oak vs. oak veneers?

Genuine 100% solid oak wood is stronger, more durable and ages beautifully over time. The thick oak construction resists warping and damage better than thin veneers glued over cheaper materials. Solid oak is also repairable, whereas veneers can easily chip or peel.

Are solid oak TV stands difficult to put together?

Many solid wood media consoles and entertainment centers ship ready-to-assemble (RTA) so they are more affordable. Assembly difficulty varies by model. More complex units can take a few hours to put together. Basic designs with just shelves and side panels might only take 30 minutes to assemble. Always review the instructions beforehand.

What’s the best way to clean and polish a solid oak TV stand?

Use a dry soft cloth to regularly dust. For deeper cleaning, wipe with a slightly damp cloth then go over with a dry cloth. Every couple months, apply a thin coat of furniture polish or natural beeswax wood polish and buff lightly to protect the finish. Avoid harsh cleaners which can damage the oak.

How can I fix scratches or water stains on my solid oak TV unit?

For light scratches, gently sand the area with fine grit sandpaper, wipe clean, then apply a matching oak-colored wood filler before refinishing. For white water marks, sand lightly then refinish. For deeper gouges or extensive damage, professional refinishing may be needed.

Should I stain or paint my solid oak media console?

Staining is usually recommended in order to show off the natural wood grain and patterns. But painted finishes can look great, especially distressed or antiqued finishes. Use high quality paints and top coats meant for furniture application.

What style of solid oak TV unit works best for a modern home?

For contemporary spaces, look for units with clean lines, flat panels, metal accents, and minimal ornamentation. Low-profile consoles that lift the TV off the floor are very modern. Try two-toned finishes or light-colored oak for a trendy vibe.

What features should I look for when choosing a solid oak TV console?

Adjustable shelves, interior cable routing, ventilation, concealed storage like cabinets and drawers, cord management clips or channels, tempered glass doors, built-in lighting, adjustable leveling feet and casters for moving are all useful features to look for.

How should I arrange components inside a solid oak media console?

Make sure to allow ventilation space around electronics like gaming consoles. Use risers if needed. Neatly organize and conceal cords in the back or built-in channels. Group like items together, keeping remotes handy. Use drawer organizers and shelf dividers to neatly arrange contents.

What kind of lighting pairs well with a solid oak TV unit?

For a cozy feel, use table lamps on side tables or floor lamps next to the console. Install accent lighting inside the cabinet or shelves for a cool glow. Wall sconces on either side are also nice. Any lighting that highlights the wood grain and finish.

Where is the ideal place to position a solid oak TV stand in a living room?

Most media consoles place the TV against the wall, but you can also place it diagonally across a corner. Leave enough space for opening cabinet doors and drawers. Ensure viewing angles are optimized for all seating areas. Allow room for speakers and components without blocking vents and electrical outlets.

We hope these solid oak TV stand recommendations give you inspiration to build the perfect living room media setup. With the right console choice, savvy shopping strategies and proper care, you’re sure to enjoy your solid oak TV unit for many years of both form and function.