The Perfect Place to Store Your Jewels: A Guide to Modern Jewelry Armoires

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Jewelry is one of life’s simple pleasures. From dainty pieces passed down through generations to statement items that make an outfit, jewelry brings sparkle and personality into our lives. But without proper storage, tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and dusty bracelets can quickly turn into a jumbled mess.

That’s where jewelry armoires come in. Elegant furniture designed specially for organizing and protecting precious jewels, armoires keep everything neat, untangled, and easy to find. And modern jewelry armoires provide extra convenience with features like LED lighting, secure locks, mirrors and more.

If you’re looking to invest in a jewelry storage solution that combines style and functionality, read on for tips on the top 5 modern jewelry armoires on the market and advice for choosing the right one to house your jeweled treasures.

The Top Contenders: Modern Jewelry Armoires to Suit Your Style

When shopping for a modern jewelry armoire, you’ll find options in a range of aesthetics, sizes, and price points. To help narrow down the field, we’ve highlighted the top 5 bestselling armoires that combine convenience and a contemporary look.

1. Crystal Cove Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

With clean lines and a compact rectangular shape, the Crystal Cove jewelry armoire makes a sophisticated statement in any bedroom. The glossy white finish gives it a light and bright feel, while the mirrored door adds a touch of glam.

Inside, you’ll find a surprising amount of storage. The swing-out side panels contain hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets, while the top section has ring rolls and divided compartments suitable for earrings, watches and more. The lift-up center panel reveals a storage area for bulkier pieces. Helpful features include in-lid jewelry storage, a built-in LED light, and lock and key for security.

Although relatively small in size at 23” wide, this space-saving armoire can hold up to 100 jewelry items. The assembly is quick and simple. Just note that the drawers are fabric-lined rather than velvet. With its affordable price point around $120, the Crystal Cove is a great option for budget-conscious buyers who still want style.

2. Willa Arlo Locking Jewelry Armoire

Cabinet-style jewelry armoires with doors that close tend to be most popular for their hidden storage and security. The Willa Arlo armoire has a minimalist farmhouse vibe with its distressed white finish, shiplap detailing and metal accents on the doors.

The versatility of the interior storage options stands out with this armoire. It contains two removable drawers as well as cubbies, ring rolls, hooks and slots that can be configured however you like. The storage capacity is impressive at over 100 jewelry items.

Touch latch doors keep contents secure, along with the keyed lock on the right door. Bonus features include a felt-lined top storage compartment and built-in LED lighting. With a larger footprint at 40” high by 16” wide, this armoire is suited to being placed on the floor. Assembly is required but many reviewers say it’s straightforward. The Willa Arlo unfortunately tops out at the higher end of the price range at around $250.

3. Hillsdale Madison Jewelry Armoire

With its distressed black finish and antique bronze accents, the Hillsdale Madison jewelry armoire has a vintage farmhouse inspired look. The scalloped doors and decorative side panels add charming detailing. Inside, you’ll find 10 drawers of varying sizes with soft gray lining, ideal for sorting and organizing different types of jewelry.

The top compartment provides open and concealed storage, while the lower doors hide four hooks and two shelves for hanging and displaying jewelry. An oval mirror on the inside of the left door lets you view yourself while putting on accessories. This armoire assembles in under 30 minutes and includes safety lock and key.

The Madison armoire is a great full-size floor model, providing ample storage capacity for large jewelry collections. The wood composite construction ensures stability. While beautiful, the $300+ price tag is steep for some buyers. But the quality materials and storage options make this armoire a worthwhile heirloom investment.

4. Best Choice Products Tabletop Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

For those short on space, the Best Choice Products tabletop jewelry armoire provides discreet storage in a compact design. Measuring just 13” L x 11” W x 15” H, this piece is meant to sit on a dresser or vanity. The sleek mirrored exterior blends into any decor, while the front latch keeps contents secure.

Inside, you’ll find an extendable storage panel containing necklace hooks, earring slots, and ring rolls. The side doors open to reveal two large compartments, one with shelves and one with ring cushions. Despite the small footprint, you can fit up to 80 jewelry pieces.

As a budget option typically priced under $60, this armoire understandably lacks premium features. Some users wish the storage panels were felt-lined rather than fabric. But for the price, it packs in decent capacity and organization. The mirrored tabletop design makes this a great contemporary jewelry storage option for apartments, RVs or dorm rooms.

5. VESAGLE Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Lock

With aslim triangular prism design, the VESAGLE jewelry armoire stands out for its unique shape and style. The textured black woodgrain finish gives it a sophisticated, high-end look. A center glass door allows you to gaze at your favorite pieces, while the side compartment offers concealed storage behind wooden doors.

This armoire is packed with versatile organizational features like removable drawers, necklace hooks, shelves, and ring rolls. Touches like the LED lights and full-length mirror make it convenient for getting ready. Safety elements include the key lock and non-slip feet.

Despite the unusual silhouette, this armoire still fits well in corners and tight spaces. The mid-range pricing around $140 provides good value. Some critical feedback notes that the dark interior can make it hard to see small jewelry items. Nonetheless, the VESAGLE armoire wins points for style and flexible storage options.

Shopping for a Jewelry Armoire: A Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’re familiar with some of the top modern jewelry armoires, it’s time to figure out the best choice for your needs. Keep the following tips in mind while shopping:

Consider Your Jewelry Collection

First, take stock of the jewelry you need to store. Do you have mostly small pieces like rings, earrings and necklaces or larger statement items? Are you looking to organize just what you currently own or want room to grow your collection? This will help determine the ideal storage capacity and configuration.

If you have a lot of long necklaces or bracelets, prioritize armoires with extendable hooks and panels. Drawers work well for rings and miscellaneous small items. If you own bulky pieces like wide cuff bangles or big earrings, look for open shelves and compartments.

Mind the Dimensions

Pay close attention to the armoire’s dimensions and your space. A free-standing floor armoire needs enough surrounding open area for the doors to open fully without obstruction. Console tabletop designs can go on top of dressers, but measure the depth to ensure overhang isn’t an issue.

Consider where the armoire will sit in relation to mirrors, closets, windows and lighting. You want to be able to clearly see inside the storage system and its contents.

Focus on Functional Features

Look for armoires with features that make storing and accessing jewelry most convenient for you. Do you want mirrored panels to see jewelry while wearing it? Are rang rolls, hooks, dividers and specialized compartments important? Do you prefer open storage or closet-style doors?

If you take jewelry when traveling, a portable tabletop design could be ideal. Security focused buyers may want keyed locks to keep valuables safe. And built-in LED lighting ensures you can clearly see small items. Prioritize features that are truly useful rather than unnecessary frills.

Choose a Style You Love

Jewelry armoires come in an array of aesthetic styles like modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic and more. Select a look that aligns with your existing decor and personal taste. Popular current designs include clean-lined white shabby chic armoires and distressed wood farmhouse styles.

Go for timeless over trends to get longevity from the investment. Neutral colors like white, black and wood tones fit easily into any bedroom. Bold paint colors or heavily ornate carving offer less flexibility.

Seek Out Quality Materials

The construction and materials impact how well an armoire holds up over time. Look for solid hardwoods like oak, maple, birch rather than lower quality particle board. Inlay accents and carvings should lay flush with the case, not stick out where they can easily snag jewelry.

Door hinges should open smoothly without catching. Felt, velvet, or faux suede lined compartments prevent scratches. And pick a high gloss lacquered or enamel paint finish that resists chips and fingerprints. The heavier and more durable the armoire, the longer it will last.

Set a Budget

Jewelry armoires vary widely in price from under $100 for basic models to $500+ for premium designer versions. Set realistic expectations about what you can spend. Remember you’re investing in long term daily use furniture.

Lower budget options still offer good organization but may lack premium details and materials. Mid-range models balance useful features and solid construction at moderate prices. For luxury armoires, you pay for specialized details like hand-carving and top-tier woods.

Still Have Questions? Here are the Most Common Jewelry Armoire FAQs

If you’re still unsure which jewelry armoire fits your lifestyle and collection, check out answers to these frequently asked questions.

What are some reputable jewelry armoire brands I should look for?

Some top brands known for quality are:

  • Mele – Handcrafted designs made from mahogany, oak, birch woods
  • Langria – Affordable jewelry storage with good variety
  • Best Choice Products – Reliable jewelry organization at budget prices
  • Totally Bamboo – Eco-friendly made from Moso bamboo
  • Yaheetech – Modern jewelry cabinets with rotating storage

Are jewelry armoires really worth the investment?

For avid jewelry lovers, a good armoire is absolutely worth the price. The right storage solution keeps your precious pieces organized, protected, and easy to access daily. That prevents tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and broken strands.

Jewelry is easy to grab when neatly stored, so you’ll actually wear more of what you own. And armoires prevent dust buildup that can dull jewelry over time. The cost per use makes them a worthwhile investment for long term use.

What’s the best way to clean and care for a jewelry armoire?

  • Dust regularly with a microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe down inside storage compartments as needed with a dry soft cloth.
  • Use a wood polish like Pledge every few months to protect the finish.
  • Avoid harsh cleaners, bleaches, or abrasive scrubbers that can damage the surface.
  • Inspect hinges occasionally and lubricate with WD40 if they become stiff.
  • Tighten door knobs/pulls if needed.
  • Replace felt pads, velvet lining, or other fabric pieces if worn.

Where should I place my jewelry armoire for use?

The most popular placement for jewelry armoires is in the bedroom, often near a dresser for getting ready. Place it:

  • Near a window for daylight visibility during the day.
  • Within reach of an electrical outlet if the armoire has built-in lighting.
  • Away from heating/AC vents that could blow dust inside.
  • Not directly next to humid bathroom areas.
  • With surrounding space to allow doors to fully open.

You can also place smaller tabletop armoires on a bedroom vanity, dresser, or closet shelf for easy access.

What safety features should I look for in a jewelry armoire?

  • Lock and Key: A small keyed lock keeps contents secure.
  • Sturdy Frame: Solid wood resists break-ins better than particle board.
  • Non-Skid Feet: Prevents accidental tipping and theft.
  • Close-Fitting Doors: Gaps can allow tools to pry open a door.
  • Jeweler’s Felt: Helps protect against scratches if furniture is shaken or damaged.
  • Tarnish-Resistant Fabric: Interior lining won’t damage metals if armoire tips.
  • Backup Camera Monitoring: For homeowners worried about theft.

What’s the maximum amount of jewelry I can store in an armoire?

It depends on the armoire’s dimensions and interior organizational systems. But to maximize capacity:

  • Use all available vertical space with necklace and bracelet hooks.
  • Invest in insert trays, dividers, and stackable drawers.
  • Store earrings and rings on vertical panels rather than flat surfaces.
  • Place bulky items on bottom and lighter pieces up top.
  • Reduce tangles by separating types of jewelry into compartments.
  • Add supplemental displays like detachable hanging hooks or pouches

With smart organization, even a mid-size armoire can store 100+ jewelry pieces.

How are jewelry armoires different from jewelry boxes?

The main differences are:

  • Size: Armoires are larger furniture pieces, while jewelry boxes sit on a tabletop.
  • Material: Armoires made of wood, boxes often lighter materials like faux leather.
  • Storage: More substantial storage space and organizational systems in armoires.
  • Security: Heavier armoires harder to steal. Locking mechanisms often stronger.
  • Display: Glass doors on armoires showcase contents as decor.
  • Price: Armoires a pricier investment than inexpensive jewelry boxes.

What are some tips for organizing jewelry in an armoire?

  • Group necklaces together on hooks by length or type (chains, pendants, chokers).
  • Designate divided drawers for specific items like rings, earrings, pins.
  • Use small trays or containers inside drawers to separate tiny items.
  • Arrange bracelets vertically on hooks by type or size.
  • Put seasonal jewelry like holiday pins in off-season storage areas.
  • Keep jewelry you wear frequently near the front.
  • Store special occasion jewelry towards the back.
  • Add removable organizational inserts to customize compartments.
  • Use tiered displays to see everything while preventing tangles.

What are my style options for jewelry armoires?

Popular styles include:

  • Modern: Simple and sleek with Chrome or Lucite accents
  • Contemporary: Unique shapes and asymmetrical designs
  • Traditional: Ornate hand-carved detailing and quality woods
  • Shabby Chic: Painted white wood with distressed accents
  • Rustic Farmhouse: Reclaimed wood finishes, vintage hardware
  • French Provincial: Elegant curved legs, painted flowers, and scrolling
  • Mid-century: Clean lines and warm wood tones like teak or walnut

Do jewelry armoires come assembled or require installation?

It depends on the specific model. Less expensive jewelry armoires often come as “ready to assemble” pieces you put together yourself with included hardware and instructions. This allows more compact packaging for shipping.

More high-end jewelry armoires typically arrive fully assembled. The retailer handles construction, so it’s ready to use right away.

Assembly is generally quick and straightforward following included directions. Many companies offer customer support if any confusion arises. Most users say setup takes under 30 minutes.

Keep Your Jewels Safe and Stylish

A quality jewelry armoire provides the best of both worlds: functional jewelry storage combined with an attractive statement piece for your bedroom decor. Take the time to shop around, compare features and quality, and select the right mix of style, security, and convenience for your needs.

Whichever armoire you choose, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your precious jewels are neatly housed and protected. No more frantic searching for missing earrings or necklaces. Just organized accessories ready to add sparkle to any outfit and any occasion.