The Best Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds for Your Backyard

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Looking to add extra storage space to your backyard? Resin outdoor storage sheds are a great option! Made from durable, weather-resistant plastic resin, these sheds provide secure, maintenance-free storage that will last for years.

In this guide, we’ll share our picks for the top resin sheds on the market and provide tips to help you choose the right one for your needs. Whether you need a place to store lawn and garden tools, pool supplies, or anything else, there’s a resin shed that’s perfect for your yard.

An Introduction to Resin Storage Sheds

Before we get to our resin shed recommendations, let’s quickly go over what these sheds have to offer. Resin sheds provide sturdy storage space while resisting damage from weather, rust, rot, and pests. The thick, plastic resin panels are molded to imitate the look of real wood grain but without the upkeep real wood requires.

Resin sheds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles to fit any backyard. Here are some of the benefits they offer:

  • Low-maintenance – No need to paint or stain. Just wash off dirt with a hose.
  • Customizable – Choose from different window, door, and trim options to create your ideal shed.
  • Weather-resistant – Stands up to rain, snow, sun, and wind without damage.
  • Rustproof and rot-proof – Won’t rust, peel, or deteriorate like wood sheds.
  • Pest-proof – Impervious to termites and other pests.
  • Durable – Resin material is impact-resistant and reinforced for stability.
  • Good ROI – Maintain their good looks and value for years to come.

For conveniently accessible outdoor storage that doesn’t require continual upkeep, resin sheds are a smart choice. Now let’s look at some of the top models on the market!

The Best Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds

After thorough research comparing dozens of resin shed brands and models, these options rise to the top in terms of quality, features, value, and customer satisfaction.

1. Keter Manor Large Outdoor Storage Shed

With its attractive wood-like texture and neutral gray and brown tones, the Keter Manor shed blends seamlessly with any backyard. At 6 x 8 feet, it provides substantial storage space inside its heavy-duty resin panels.

The Manor shed stands out for its gabled roof design which allows rain and snow to run off easily. The hinged lid on top flips open for easy access without a ladder. It’s also lightweight enough for one person to move it around the yard as needed.

Other key features:

  • Lockable steel-reinforced doors with hydraulic pistons for smooth opening and closing.
  • Built-in air vents for ventilation.
  • Skylight window for natural light.
  • Floor included so it can be installed on any level ground.
  • Can hold up to 992 lbs when anchored to the ground.

With its stylish looks, quality construction, and ample storage space, the Keter Manor is a top choice for a large resin backyard shed.

2. Suncast BMS4700 Glidetop Slide Lid Shed

For a shed that perfectly balances size and functionality, the Suncast Glidetop is an excellent option. At 4 x 7 feet, it provides enough room for most outdoor storage needs.

The Glidetop earns its name from its unique slide-top lid that glides open smoothly on a rolling mechanism. This saves the hassle of opening multiple doors or a cumbersome top lid. The shed’s multi-walled resin panels are especially thick and dent-resistant.

Other details:

  • Textured wood-grain design that mimics the natural look of wood.
  • Locking system on lid and doors for security.
  • Vented panels and gable-style roof prevent moisture buildup inside.
  • Assembly is quick and tool-free.
  • Low maintenance – no painting or staining required.

For a durable midsize shed with great convenience features, the Suncast Glidetop is a winning choice.

3. Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Outdoor Shed

Need a resin shed with seriously ample space? The Lifetime 60012 has incredible 128 cubic feet of storage capacity spread across a cavernous interior. At 7 x 12 feet, it can easily accommodate furniture, bikes, playground equipment, and anything else you need to tuck away.

With its seamless gray walls, white accents, and subtle wood pattern, this shed has a clean, crisp look. The shed’s highlights include:

  • Steel-reinforced frame for stability.
  • Locking dual doors with hydraulic opening.
  • UV-protected resin walls retain color and resist fading.
  • High-pitched roof design for water runoff.
  • Modular panels for simple DIY assembly.
  • Ventilated panels prevent humidity buildup inside.

For its massive storage space and durable low-maintenance construction, the Lifetime 60012 is ideal for those needing a high-capacity resin shed.

4. Rubbermaid Roughneck Vertical Storage Shed

Short on yard space but need outdoor storage? The three-foot wide Rubbermaid Roughneck Vertical Shed maximizes storage vertically with a compact narrow design.

Despite its small footprint, it provides ample room for long-handled tools, sporting goods, lawn care equipment, and more. The shed features:

  • Tall and narrow size – 32 cubic feet of storage space in only 3 x 5 feet.
  • Double doors that lock for security.
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene construction resistant to abrasion.
  • Low-gloss stone façade matches any landscape.
  • Integrated ventilation for air flow.
  • Floor kit available or can be mounted on concrete slab.

With its space-saving vertical design, the Rubbermaid Roughneck is the perfect resin shed for small yards.

5. Arrow Newport Steel Storage Shed Kit

For a premium resin shed with high-end details, the Arrow Newport is a stylish choice. Its elegant cream panels, contrasting trim, and decorative windows give it the look of an attractive backyard mini-house.

Highlights include:

  • Steel-reinforced A-frame roof for durability.
  • Lockable steel doors with magnetic closures.
  • 10 color combinations to match your exterior.
  • 25-year limited warranty on resin panels.
  • Can be installed on any level surface.
  • Higher ceiling height than comparable sheds.
  • Made in the USA.

With its upscale design and quality construction, the Arrow Newport provides a durable resin storage option with serious curb appeal.

How to Choose the Perfect Resin Shed

Now that you know the best resin sheds available, how do you pick the right one for your needs? Follow these tips when making your choice:

Consider the interior size – Make sure to choose a shed that offers ample cubic feet of interior storage space for everything you want to store. Measure larger items to ensure they’ll fit inside.

Mind the dimensions – Pay attention to the shed’s exterior dimensions too. Be sure it will fit in your intended installation spot with enough room to move around it.

Choose placement wisely – Sheds should be installed on flat, level ground. Concrete slabs are ideal but gravel or paver bases also work.

Select roof style – Gable or sloped roofs allow rain and snow to run off. Make sure the overhang is adequate to keep water away from the entrance.

Consider custom options– Many sheds allow you to add shelves, windows, extra doors, or trim to personalize your space.

Compare materials – Look for sheds made from thick, weather-resistant resin able to withstand years of use. Avoid flimsy constructions.

Read reviews and warranties – Choose brands with a track record of positive customer feedback and those that stand behind their products with long warranties.

Check local regulations – Make sure you have the proper permits before installing a shed. Homeowner’s associations may have restrictions too.

Prepare the site – Install on a flat, solid patio surface or create a gravel or paver base. Level any uneven areas.

Following these guidelines will help you select the ideal resin shed to meet your outdoor storage needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Resin Sheds

Have more questions about resin sheds? Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about these versatile outdoor storage solutions.

How difficult is it to assemble a resin shed?

Assembly is quite easy! Most manufacturers design resin sheds in modular panels that click together or attach with basic hardware like screws. All the parts and instructions are included for DIY assembly. Just follow the steps carefully. Larger sheds may take two people for easier installation.

How long do resin sheds last compared to wood sheds?

The lifetime of a resin shed is usually 15-20 years or more with proper installation and maintenance. Wood sheds often begin deteriorating after 5-7 years. Resin’s durability against weathering makes it the longer-lasting choice.

Are resin sheds fully waterproof and leakproof?

Quality resin sheds made with thick, properly molded panels are waterproof in normal weather. Sealant on the trim pieces also helps prevent leaks. Check for water tightness of doors and windows since leaks sometimes happen there first.

Do resin sheds require any special maintenance?

Resin sheds are pretty much maintenance free! Just periodically wash the walls with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could dull the texture. Apply silicone caulk if any cracks appear.

Can resin sheds stand up to extreme weather like heavy snow?

Yes! Durable resin sheds are engineered to carry heavy snow loads on the roof. Shelves should not be overloaded during winter as they can stress the structure. Proper installation is also key for stability in foul weather.

How secure are resin sheds against break-ins?

Lockable doors and lid closures make resin sheds quite secure. For added peace of mind, anchor the shed to the ground or install motion sensor lights. Avoid storing valuables to deter theft targets.

Can resin sheds be painted or the color changed?

It’s not recommended. Resin sheds are made of a durable plastic material that paint won’t properly adhere to. Most manufacturers advise against painting as it can actually damage the shed walls or void the warranty.

Are resin sheds eco-friendly?

Very much so! Resin sheds are made mostly from recycled plastics. They require much less energy to produce than wood and avoid using additional trees. They also last much longer than wood sheds, keeping waste out of landfills.

How much weight can the floor of a resin shed hold?

It depends on the shed size and materials, but most quality resin shed floors can safely hold 300-600 lbs when evenly distributed. Shelves usually have a lower weight capacity around 40-50 lbs. Avoid placing extremely heavy items on the floor.

Can resin sheds be installed on uneven ground?

It’s not recommended. Like any shed, resin sheds should be installed on a flat, level surface to ensure proper structural integrity and door alignment. Make sure to correct any ground unevenness before assembly.

Enjoy Convenient Backyard Storage With a Resin Shed

Adding a resin outdoor storage shed to your backyard or patio is a great way to create a maintenance-free place to keep all your seasonal, recreational, or garden accessories organized and protected year-round. These durable sheds not only stand tough against the elements but also retain their good looks for many years.

We hope our picks for the top resin sheds and advice for choosing the ideal one for your needs offers a helpful starting point. Do your backyard a favor by installing a sturdy resin shed that neatly stores everything its heart desires while enhancing your outdoor living space. Your lawn tools, pool floats, bicycles and more will thank you!