The Best Heavy Duty Grills for Backyard BBQ Kings

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For barbecue enthusiasts who take their grilling seriously, a heavy duty backyard grill is a must-have. When you’re grilling for family and friends multiple times a week – not just casually flipping a few burgers – you need a high quality, rugged grill that can handle the workload.

The right heavy duty grill will become the centerpiece of your backyard grilling oasis for years of faithful service. With their superior materials, construction, and features, these grills provide exceptional durability, temperature control, cooking space, and backyard versatility.

In this guide, we’ll cover the top tier of heavy duty grills to meet the needs of dedicated backyard grill masters. We’ve researched the most hardworking, high-performing grills on the market to recommend the best in 5 categories:

  • Best Overall Heavy-Duty Grill
  • Best High-End Heavy-Duty Gas Grill
  • Best Heavy-Duty Smoker Combo Grill
  • Best Heavy-Duty Griddle Grill Combo
  • Best Heavy-Duty Portable Grill

When researching heavy duty backyard grills, keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Sturdy Construction – Thick, high-grade stainless steel and cast iron materials withstand frequent, intense heat.
  • Ample Cooking Area – From 500-1,000+ square inches to grill dozens of burgers or multiple large proteins at once.
  • Powerful Burners – Commercial grade burners put out up to 60,000+ BTUs for fast, powerful heating.
  • Temperature Controls – Precision thermometers and adjustable dampers provide accurate heat control.
  • Extra Features – Side burners, storage space, and other extras expand functionality.

Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of serious grilling hardware…

Best Overall Heavy-Duty Grill: Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill takes first place as the best all-around heavy duty grill for most backyards. It provides an unbeatable mix of high-end construction, ample cooking capacity, and versatile features.

With its enamel-coated steel body, stainless steel cooking grates, and double-walled insulation, the Summit retains heat and locks in moisture like no other for perfectly grilled food. The innovative airflow design and multiple damper controls allow precise regulation of temperatures up to 800°F.

This grill is a backyard workhorse, boasting over 1,100 square inches of total cooking area in the main chamber and warming rack. The hinged cooking grate also provides easy charcoal replenishment while grilling.

The Summit includes convenient extras like a side burner, built-in thermometer, large work surfaces, a storage bin for charcoal, and a sturdy wheel kit to maneuver the 150+ pound grill into place. Grill masters will also appreciate the included rotisserie kit for serious slow roasting.

In terms of pure grilling performance, flavor infusion, and temperature control, the Weber Summit sets the bar remarkably high. You can grill, smoke, roast, bake, sear, char, and barbecue with confidence and delicious results every time.


  • Superb insulation and heat retention
  • Massive cooking surface
  • Side burner provides extra versatility
  • Built-in thermometer for precise heat monitoring
  • Heavy duty construction for longevity
  • Excellent airflow and temperature regulation


  • Requires significant assembly
  • High cost

With its impeccable construction, world-class grilling results, and versatile features, the Weber Summit Charcoal is the overall best heavy duty grill for devoted backyard cooks. Expect to invest around $1,700 for this top-tier charcoal grill.

Best High-End Heavy Duty Gas Grill: Napoleon Prestige 500

For grillers seeking the ultimate in luxury stainless steel gas grills, the Napoleon Prestige 500 is a top contender. This professional-grade grill delivers serious firepower and gourmet grilling results.

Under the hood, the Prestige 500 packs commercial grade stainless steel tube burners with up to 66,000 BTUs of combined heat output. This brute heating force ensures fast preheating and flawless temperature distribution across the cooking surface.

In total, you get up to 1,000 square inches of stainless steel Wave cooking grids, providing endless grilling real estate for large gatherings. The grids impart those signature Napoleon sear marks while preventing smaller food items from falling through.

One really unique advantage of the Prestige 500 is the integrated infrared rear rotisserie burner. This back burner heats up to 14,000 BTUs for slow rotisserie cooking juicy, evenly cooked meats.

Napoleon’s signature Wave grids, commercial-style burners, and rotisserie kit add up to unparalleled grilling versatility. From a fast weeknight dinner to an all-day smoke or perfectly roasted prime rib, the Prestige 500 handles it all.

This grill includes virtually every feature a grilling fanatic could want. From the integrated wood chip smoker tray and meat probe thermometers to the locking casters and condiment racks, Napoleon thought of everything.


  • Incredible 66,000 BTU output
  • Massive 1,000 square inch capacity
  • Integrated rear infrared rotisserie burner
  • Stainless steel commercial-grade components
  • Superior temperature control and distribution
  • Packed with extras like a smoker box and condiment racks


  • Very large and heavy
  • High cost

With exceptional power, construction, amenities, and versatility, the Napoleon Prestige 500 satisfies grillers who want the ultimate gas grilling machine. Expect to pay around $3,500 for this first-class stainless steel beast.

Best Heavy Duty Smoker Combo Grill: Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo

For the barbecue fanatics who want the versatility of both an offset smoker and a traditional grill, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo is the clear choice.

This rugged combo cooker provides over 1,000 square inches of total cooking surface between the main smoking chamber and secondary grilling grate.

The smoker side has a huge 10 lb capacity firebox to burn charcoal and/or wood for smoking. The multiple dampers provide excellent control over smoking temperatures up to 300°F for perfect slow cooking.

Meanwhile, the opposite side can be used as a traditional grilling station at higher direct heat – perfect for quickly searing steaks or burgers.

Constructed from heavy gauge steel coated in a high-temperature black powder coat finish, this combo grill is built to last. And the included built-in thermometer always provides reliable monitoring of those all-important smoking temperatures.

The extra vertical cooking space is another advantage over typical offset smokers, letting you smoke full packer briskets or multiple racks of ribs simultaneously.

If you want the flavor of real wood-fired barbecue but also need a separate grilling station for quick meals, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn allows you to do it all.


  • 1,000+ square inches of total cooking space
  • Excellent heat and smoke control
  • Ability to grill directly over flame or smoke indirectly
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Large capacity firebox


  • Significant assembly required
  • Not as fuel efficient for smoking

For backyard pitmasters seeking the ultimate meat smoker and grill combo, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn is a force to be reckoned with. Expect to invest around $800 in this hardworking backyard workhorse.

Best Heavy Duty Griddle Grill Combo: Blackstone 36” Griddle Cooking Station

When you need to feed a crowd, this Blackstone griddle station is the ultimate heavy duty grill for high volume cooking.

The expansive 720 square inch cold rolled steel griddle provides an enormous cooking surface for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The four independently controlled burners range up to 35,000 BTUs for fast, even heating across the entire griddle.

With four separate temperature zones, you can sear steaks, burgers, or chicken on one side while cooking eggs, pancakes, and veggies on the other. For easy grease drainage, the rear trough directs oil away from food into an easy-remove grease management system.

This flat top griddle remains remarkably level and distortion-free even at maximum heat thanks to the cold rolled steel construction. Side shelves provide prep space and bottom storage provides room for supplies. And everything gets grounded on industrial size caster wheels.

Whether you’re cooking for a houseful of guests or meal prepping for the whole week, this grill’s expansive griddle has you covered. From breakfast skillets to burgers and veggies at dinner, the cooking possibilities are practically endless.


  • Massive 720 square inch cooking surface
  • Four high-powered burners
  • Excellent heating across entire griddle
  • Zoned temperature control
  • Rear grease management system
  • Durable cold rolled steel construction


  • Slow preheating time
  • Large footprint

For griddle cooking on a grand scale, the Blackstone 36” grill is a backyard workhorse. Expect around $500 for this heavy duty cooking machine.

Best Heavy Duty Portable Grill: Weber Q2400 Electric Grill

For grill masters needing serious cooking capabilities in a portable package, the Weber Q2400 electric grill delivers. Fueled by handy electricity instead of gas, this grill provides versatile grilling power without the bulk.

The spacious 280 square inch porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate heats up rapidly and cooks evenly at temperatures up to 600°F. The 1560 watt heating element is controlled by an infinite burner valve for precise temperature adjustments.

Thanks to the cast aluminum lid and body, this grill retains heat efficiently once preheated. The removable catch pan handles grease cleanup easily after grilling. Side tables provide prep space that folds down for transport and storage.

Despite its lightweight and compact design, this grill can handle serious grilling. The Q2400 can tackle up to 20 burgers simultaneously. And with an optional grill outsert accessory, you can achieve those nice sear marks.

For grillers who want serious grilling capabilities without a bulky stationary grill, the Q2400 is the top electric option. Simply roll it out, plug it in, and grill up a storm.


  • Large 280 square inch cooking area
  • Precise infinite temperature control
  • Durable lightweight aluminum construction
  • Removable grease pan
  • Fold-down side tables
  • Easy electric start up


  • Less powerful than gas grilling
  • Cannot match highest heat levels of gas

Thanks to its stout construction, ample cooking space, and easy transportability, the Weber Q2400 Electric Grill is the best heavy duty portable option for grillers on the go. Expect to pay around $330 for this convenient electric grill.


For barbecue enthusiasts and grillmasters shopping for a heavy duty backyard grill, options abound. By choosing the right grill for your grilling habits, menu, and budget from our top picks, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect outdoor cooking partner.

The Weber Summit Charcoal reigns supreme as the best overall heavy duty grill. With its commercial grade durability, immense capacity, and versatile grilling options, this grill is a backyard perfection.

If you want the power of gas and cooking amenities galore, the Napoleon Prestige 500 brings professional stainless steel performance. For fussed-over barbecue, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn provides superior smoking and grilling flexibility.

The Blackstone 36” Griddle is the grilling beast for high volume cooking. And the Weber Q2400 Electric delivers maximum grilling on the go.

Your new heavy duty grill awaits. Time to start grilling! Let us know if you have any more questions – we’re always ready to talk grills and help you get the perfect model fired up in your backyard.