The Best Contemporary TV Stands to Elevate Your Home Decor

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Contemporary style is everywhere these days. This minimalist aesthetic features clean lines, neutral colors, natural materials, and functional simplicity. When it comes to your living room, a contemporary TV stand is a sleek anchor that ties the space together.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right contemporary stand? We’ll explore what defines this modern style, key factors to consider when shopping, and review top-rated contemporary TV stands to match any decor.

Read on for tips to find your perfect contemporary TV console or entertainment center. We’ll highlight important specs like dimensions, storage, and display options so you can shop smart.

What Makes a TV Stand Contemporary?

A contemporary TV stand is characterized by its pared-down, geometric silhouette. You won’t find ornate carvings or unnecessary embellishments here. The emphasis is on smooth, streamlined shapes and a simple material palette.

These stands typically have metal or wood frames with glass or wood shelving. The overall look is understated yet visually interesting. Contemporary stands often utilize:

  • Neutral shades like black, white, gray and natural wood tones
  • Glass and metal for sleek, light materials
  • Clean lines and smooth surfaces without decorative trim
  • Open shelving for flexible display space
  • Hidden storage like closed cabinets or drawers
  • Media shelves specifically sized for components
  • Wire management to organize cords

The lack of extraneous decoration gives contemporary cabinets an airy, uncluttered feel. The goal is unfussy functionality – it’s all about the intersection of style, storage, and utility.

Going contemporary also comes with benefits:

  • Modern, minimalist look fits with decorating trends
  • Glass and metal materials are durable and stain-resistant
  • Adjustable shelves and mounts allow you to reorganize
  • Open shelving increases visibility and flexibility
  • Compact shape maximizes floor space

Keep these characteristics in mind as we explore how to shop for the perfect stand.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Contemporary TV Stand

Picking the right contemporary TV console starts with assessing your space, components, and style preferences. Here are important factors to weigh:

Size and Dimensions

First up, measure the area you want to place the stand to determine ideal dimensions. Make sure to account for:

  • Width of the TV – leave 6-12 inches of margin on all sides
  • Height based on TV size and recommended stand height
  • Depth including the TV’s backside with ports/vents
  • Room for speakers, media players, and other accessories
  • Traffic paths – leave enough room to walk through safely

Also consider the TV size you want to accommodate now or in the future. Check the stand’s stated TV weight capacity and maximum screen size.

Mounting System

Many stands come mount-ready with holes to install a wall bracket or tilt TV mount. others support the TV with a center media shelf.

Check that the stand aligns with your TV’s VESA mounting pattern – the screw holes on the rear that interface with mounts.

Non-VESA stands may still accommodate your TV size with a universal plate. Tilting mounts allow you to angle the display for ideal viewing.

Materials and Construction

Contemporary cabinets typically use metal frames with glass or wood shelving. This combination is both durable and stylish.

  • Glass: tempered safety glass shelves are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. However, the transparent look shows all dust and fingerprints. Glass comes in clear, smoked, or tinted shades.
  • Metal: steel and aluminum boast strength and stability. Metal stands often have a powder coated paint finish. Pros include sleek appearance and adjustability. But metal surfaces show smudges.
  • Wood: Stands with wood veneer shelving offer a classic material. Check the type of wood and quality of joinery. Real wood requires more maintenance than glass but brings natural warmth.

No matter the material, inspect furniture before purchase and buy from reputable brands.

Storage Options

Contemporary stands provide storage solutions tailored to modern media needs. Consider how much closed versus open storage you require:

  • Closed spaces like cabinets and drawers keep components concealed and dust-free. This allows for a streamlined look since media clutter is hidden.
  • Open shelving maximizes flexibility – good for media players and decor display. The transparency creates a lighter visual effect.
  • The most versatile options combine open and enclosed areas. For example, tempered glass doors over cabinets maintain a sleek profile while hiding contents.

Specialized storage features include adjustable shelves, media racks, and cord management holes or loops to organize wires neatly. Having enough ports and outlets nearby is also key.


The ability to tweak shelf positions and TV viewing angles makes a stand more adaptable.

Adjustable shelves are convenient for accommodating different media players and game consoles. Changes in decor may also warrant reconfiguring how shelves are spaced.

Tilting TV mounts let you fine-tune the tilt angle side-to-side. Wall mounts that swing out from the wall provide full-motion articulation.

Stands with height adjustability enable you to raise or lower the entire assembly as needed. Overall, look for contemporary cabinets and mounts offering adjustability.


Certain contemporary stands have built-in mobility. Models set on rolling wheels make it easy to move them for cleaning or rearranging.

If opting for a rolling base, consider your flooring type. Wheels designed for carpets may damage hardwood or vice versa. Locking wheels are useful for keeping the stand securely in place once positioned.

Design Aesthetic

Narrow down options based on the specific contemporary style you wish to achieve. Look for a silhouette and finishes that match your goals:

  • Industrial: Metal framework with wood shelving and black accents
  • Modern: Glass and steel in chrome or white for a sleek vibe
  • Retro: Mid-century details like tapered legs or walnut veneer
  • Rustic: Reclaimed wood brings organic texture
  • Eclectic: Mix materials like acrylic, lucite and marble

Cool metals, natural woods, and neutral hues are classic contemporary choices. But don’t be afraid to integrate your own personality into the decor.


Contemporary TV stands range widely in pricing from under $100 to over $2,000. Materials, size, features, and quality dictate cost.

Determine your budget first, then look for good deals and markdowns on stands fitting your criteria. Sets with both TV and media consoles offer value too.

With the foundation covered, let’s look at prime contemporary TV stand picks for style and function.

Top 5 Contemporary TV Stands

After comparing specifications, reviews and design, here are our top contemporary TV stand recommendations:

1. Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Rectangular TV Stand

  • Basic and affordable contemporary option
  • Steel tube frame with powder-coated finish
  • Two open shelves in black tempered safety glass
  • Fits TVs up to 65”
  • Adjustable shelving for flexibility
  • 51.4”W x 15.7”D x 20.5”H, lightweight
  • Easy assembly with included hardware
  • Under $150, ships free in the contiguous US

This minimalist Walker Edison stand provides an inexpensive way to achieve a contemporary media console setup. The open glass shelving keeps the look airy while offering display space for media components.

2. Rove Concepts Antwerp TV Stand

  • Handmade in LA with high-end quality
  • Walnut veneer cabinet with powder-coated steel legs
  • Hidden storage space behind doors
  • Open lower media shelf lined with black microfiber
  • Integrated cord management
  • Fits up to 65” flat panel displays
  • 48”W x 21”D x 25”H, weighs 154 lbs
  • Ships fully assembled
  • $995 base price

With warm walnut wood over steel accents, this Rove Concepts console brings a refined material mix. The combination of open and concealed storage keeps the silhouette clean yet functional. It ships fully assembled for quick setup.

3. West Elm Frame Modular Media Console

  • Square metal frames with wood veneer shelving
  • Modular cubes for total customization
  • Mix open and closed storage pieces
  • Choose from multiple finishes
  • Includes hidden cord management
  • Assembly required
  • Individual cubes around 22”W x 22”D x 22”H
  • Prices start at $549 per cube

Build your own media console with West Elm’s contemporary modular system. Arrange and stack the cubes to perfectly fit your space. With smart concealed storage for cords and media items, the stand remains clutter-free.

4. IKEA Besta TV Unit Combo

  • Budget-friendly IKEA option
  • Basic combo includes two Besta units
  • Tempered glass doors show off decor
  • Adjustable shelves, integrated lighting
  • Fits TVs up to 70 inches wide
  • Soft-closing hinges for safety
  • 47 1⁄4”H x 70 7⁄8”W x 16”D overall
  • $469 for combo, ships flatpack

For clean Scandinavian style on a wallet-friendly budget, the Besta series from IKEA is a great contemporary choice. Mix and match the pieces for customized media storage. The glass doors add a modern touch.

5. Target Goodfellow Knox Media Stand

  • Mid-century modern inspired
  • Wood grain and black metal finish
  • Angled solid wood legs
  • Two open shelves display media
  • Assembly required
  • Accommodates up to 65” flat panels
  • 55.75”W x 18.75”D x 24”H
  • $220 at Target stores and online

This affordable Target stand emulates popular mid-century details like splayed conical legs and wood grain veneers. The metal and wood materials create contemporary contrast. It’s easy to assemble for quick styling.

Design Tips for Styling Your Contemporary TV Stand

The right contemporary TV stand only sets the stage. Follow these tips to complete the look:

  • Float it away from the wall for minimalist appeal if wiring allows. This highlights the silhouette and gives a gallery vibe.
  • Streamline cabling using cord covers, raceways and clips to contain the mess. Built-in wire management through back-cutouts is ideal.
  • Layer lighting such as track lighting to create a focal glow and illuminate display areas.
  • Style symmetrically with similar decor items on either side. Contemporary favours order, so go for visual balance.
  • Incorporate greenery from succulents in planters to leafy potted plants. The organic shapes contrast nicely with the stand’s straight lines.
  • Add art like graphic prints, photographs, or paintings for visual interest. Sculptural objects also complement the sleek shapes.
  • Choose seating with legs and frames that match the finishes of the TV stand. Avoid heavily upholstered pieces competing for attention.
  • Edit ruthlessly to keep surfaces clear and clutter-free. This helps maintain the unadorned contemporary aesthetic.

When it comes to placing the TV, interior designers recommend a 3:1 ratio of stand width to TV width. For example, a 60 inch wide TV would sit on a 180 inch wide stand. This grounds the display instead of it looking adrift.

The general rule for TV height is having the center sit at eye level when seated. This usually translates to 42-48 inches from floor to middle of the screen. Check your furniture to determine the optimal height based on your positional viewing.

With careful attention to proportions and finishing touches, your contemporary TV stand can provide the sleek backbone of your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contemporary TV Stands

How do I clean glass shelves?

Use a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner sprayed directly on the cloth. Rub gently to avoid any streaks. Avoid abrasive pads. Check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Should I mount the TV on the wall instead of a stand?

It’s personal preference. Wall mounting can save floor space and create a floating visual effect. However, stands offer practical under-TV storage some prefer.

How do I find studs in my wall for mounting?

Use an electronic stud finder tool, or look for nail pops in your drywall. Studs are normally spaced 16 inches apart center-to-center. Knock to feel for solid studs.

Can I hang a TV on drywall without locating studs?

Yes, with heavy-duty drywall anchors rated to handle the total weight of your television and stand. Use toggles or molly bolts to disburse weight across the wall.

What’s the best way to hide cables and cords?

Use cable sleeves/wraps, raceways stuck to the wall, or route cables neatly behind the stand itself. Built-in cord management slots are the cleanest looking option when available.

How do I know what size TV will fit on a given stand?

Refer to the stand’s stated maximum TV size capacity. Then measure your television screen diagonally to get sizing – this is the listed TV size. Compare the numbers to ensure compatibility.

Does the TV stand require assembly?

It depends. Some units ship fully assembled in one rigid piece. Others come as “flatpack” or smaller components requiring customer assembly using included instructions and hardware tools.

What’s the proper way to clean wood surfaces?

Dust regularly with a soft cloth. Use wood polish gently applied with a cloth to restore luster. Immediately wipe any liquid spills to prevent stains and water damage. Avoid harsh cleaners that can dull or discolor natural wood over time.

What is the optimal TV stand height?

The basic rule of thumb is having your TV’s center at eye level when seated. For the average viewing position, place the center of the screen 42-48 inches above the floor. Adjust based on your furniture height and preferred angle.

The Complete Contemporary Media Experience

If you’ve made it this far, hopefully you now feel equipped to find the perfect contemporary TV stand to elevate your entertainment space.

We covered what defines the contemporary style, factors to evaluate when selecting a stand, and top-rated options across budgets and designs. With measurement, proper placement, and finishing touches, you can achieve a clean, contemporary media room that makes a statement.

At the end of the day, choose the stand that fits your unique needs. The bottom line? Aesthetics, proportions and functionality. Focus on these elements, and you’re sure to enjoy your contemporary console for years of binge-watching to come.

Here’s to many nights happily curled up on the couch with your favorite shows displayed in high style. Welcome to contemporary TV stand bliss.