The 5 Best Wood Handle Knife Sets for Your Kitchen

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Whether you’re an aspiring home chef or a seasoned cooking enthusiast, a quality set of knives can make all the difference in the kitchen. Not only do sharp blades make prep work easier and faster, but an elegant wood handle knife infuses cooking with a touch of warmth, beauty and tradition.

Wood handled knives have an organic, natural feel that provides a secure, comfortable grip even when hands are wet or greasy. The smooth, contoured handles are gentle on your hands, while the wood material helps absorb impact and jolts as you chop. Unlike cold steel or plastic handles, wood provides a bit of welcome insulation against hot pots or cold foods. And of course, fine-grained wood handles simply look lovely in your hand and brighten up your kitchen decor.

While wood handled knives do require a bit more care than synthetic handles, time-honored woods like pakkawood and rosewood are incredibly durable materials built to last decades. With regular honing, sharpening and oiling, your wood knives will serve you exceptionally well for generations.

To help you find the perfect set of wood handled knives for your kitchen, cooking style and budget, I’ve carefully reviewed the top 5 wood knife sets on the market today. I’ll detail what makes each set stand out, their included knives, blade quality, handle specifics, ease of use and care. Whether traditional or modern in style, affordable or premium-priced, these beautiful wood handled knife sets are sure to impress both your guests and your tastebuds for years to come!

What to Look for in a Quality Wood Handle Knife Set

With so many knife sets available ranging widely in price and style, it can feel daunting to select the ideal collection of blades for your needs. Here are the key features to look for when choosing an exceptional wood handled knife set:

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades – Quality knives contain high carbon stainless steel blades, which take and hold an extremely sharp edge while resisting stains and rust. The amount of carbon typically ranges from 0.5% to 1.5% and increases the strength, hardness, and edge retention of the steel.
  • Full Tang Construction – In a full tang knife, the metal blade fully extends through the handle in one solid piece. This provides superior strength and durability compared to blades attached only with epoxy.
  • Triple-Riveted Handles – Rivets help securely attach the handles to the tang. Look for sets with handles triple-riveted to the tang for the strongest, sturdiest construction.
  • Comfortable Contoured Handles – Ergonomically shaped handles provide a naturally comfortable and secure grip. Quality wood offers an unbeatable organic feel.
  • Essential Knife Selection – At minimum, look for a chef’s knife, paring knife, serrated bread knife, and utility knife. Greater number of pieces allows for specialized tasks.
  • Razor Sharpness Out of the Box – Better knives come professionally sharpened and ready for immediate use without the need for additional sharpening.
  • Balanced Weight & Handling – The knives should feel evenly weighted without being too light or overly heavy in your hand.
  • Reputed Brand – Established knifemaking brands generally produce higher quality and performance.
  • Affordable Price – You don’t have to break the bank to get an outstanding starter set of wood handled knives.
  • Warranty – Seek out at least a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Keep these key factors in mind as you compare wood handled knife sets to determine which is best suited to your kitchen and cooking needs. An ideal set has the features to empower your culinary creations for years of enjoyable meal prep. Now let’s dive into reviews of my top 5 recommended wood knife sets!

1. Royal 6-Piece Pakkawood Knife Set by Victorinox

Victorinox knives are beloved worldwide for their flawless Swiss craftsmanship, and this pakkawood handled 6-piece set provides an excellent versatile starter collection. Included are an 8″ chef’s knife, 8″ bread knife, 6″ utility knife, 3.25″ paring knife, multipurpose shears, and a wooden storage block.

The razor-sharp stamped high carbon stainless steel blades retain an edge beautifully and provide precision cutting power. Pakkawood offers a smooth, comfortable grip that’s gentle on the hands. These lightweight, nimble knives are a dream to handle. Triple riveting provides sturdy full tang construction.

Right out of the box, the knives are scary sharp and slice through foods with ease. The set is lightweight and balanced excellently in the hand. For the quality, Victorinox knives are very reasonably priced, delivering professional performance home cooks will love. This set is protected by Victorinox’s lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • Renowned Swiss quality
  • Super sharp out of box
  • Comfortable pakkawood handles
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced handling
  • Durable construction
  • Versatile starter set
  • Great value


  • Hand wash required
  • Occasional handle loosening

For first-time wood knife buyers or veteran cooks alike, this Victorinox pakkawood set is sure to impress with its comfortable feel, perfect balance, and impeccably sharp blades suitable for most kitchen tasks.

2. 6-Piece Acacia Wood Knife Block Set by Mercuie

The natural elegance of solid acacia wood handles makes this quality 6-piece knife block set from Mercuie a gorgeous addition to any kitchen. The tapered triple-riveted handles provide a secure grip and comfortable handling.

You’ll find all the essentials in this set: 8″ chef’s knife, 8″ slicing knife, 5″ serrated utility knife, 3.5” paring knife, 7″ santoku knife, and multipurpose kitchen shears. The full tang high carbon German stainless steel blades offer durability and precision cutting. Slight blade flex aids control.

While the knives do need some sharpening out of the box, the acacia wood handles alone make this an outstanding set for cooking enthusiasts who appreciate beautiful knives. The rich wood handles and included storage block look absolutely stunning displayed on the counter.

For the affordable price, this Mercuie knife set with its natural wood handles provides quality and functionality sure to add warmth and charm to all your meal preparations.


  • Gorgeous acacia wood handles
  • Comfortable contoured handles
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Full tang blades
  • Essential knives included
  • Great value set


  • Need initial sharpening
  • Prone to staining

If you love preparing meals with beautifully crafted knives, this quality acacia handled set deserves special consideration to make your kitchen great yet again.

3. 7-Piece Teak Wood Block Knife Set by Teakhaus

The rich, exotic look of teak wood handles gives this wonderful 7-piece knife block set from Teakhaus an heirloom quality that enhances any kitchen. The extremely durable teak wood handles resist stains, moisture, and fading so they remain lustrous for a lifetime of use.

You’ll find a 9” carving knife, 8” chef’s knife, 7″ santoku knife, 5″ serrated utility knife, 3.5” paring knife, 6 steak knives, and an elegant storage block. The triple-riveted full tang blades are high carbon German stainless steel for proven strength, durability, and edge retention.

The expertly balanced knives provide superb control and handling. The razored blades slice effortlessly through foods straight out of the packaging. While a tad heavy, the teak handles offer a very secure, ergonomic grip that absorbs impact. Plus, the handsome block will store safely on your counter.

This stunning solid teak wood knife set makes a fantastic heirloom-quality gift idea for weddings, graduations, or new homeowners. The timeless beauty of rich teak handles paired with quality German steel is sure to provide exceptional service for decades to come.


  • Gorgeous solid teak wood
  • Durable, moisture resistant
  • Secure comfortable grip
  • Full tang construction
  • Extra knives included
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Heirloom gift idea


  • Heavy knife weight
  • Expensive set

For those seeking a truly special knife set with timeless elegance, the durable beauty of teak wood handles paired with German steel makes this Teakhaus set a prized kitchen addition.

4. 7-Piece Rosewood Knife Block Set by Emojoy

This handcrafted 7-piece knife block set from Emojoy features stunning handles made of rosewood, prized for its rich coloration, smooth texture, and water-resistance. The tapered triple-riveted rosewood handles provide a comfortable secure grip during use.

The full tang high carbon German cutlery steel blades retain sharpness exceptionally well. Included are 8” chef’s knife, 8” slicing knife, 7” santoku knife, 5” serrated utility knife, 3.5” paring knife, kitchen shears, and an attractive wood storage block.

The exquisite rosewood handles give this quality knife set a luxurious feel and beauty sure to garner compliments. While the blades require initial sharpening, their ability to hold an edge makes up for it. With a quality whetstone, they can be maintained razor sharp for precision cutting.

For those desiring the warmth and elegance of genuine rosewood paired with forged German steel, this knife set makes a fine housewarming or wedding gift that’s sure to become a family heirloom. The rich color and smoothness of rosewood provides an extra level of enjoyment for home cooking enthusiasts.


  • Beautiful genuine rosewood
  • Smooth sanded finish
  • Resists moisture/stains
  • Ergonomic tapered handles
  • Full tang forged blades
  • Essential knives included
  • Luxurious heirloom set


  • Requires initial sharpening
  • Expensive

With their fluid handles and striking grain, these handcrafted rosewood knives bring an elevated level of charm to daily meal preparation that deserves special consideration by those desiring the finest.

5. 6-Piece Grey Polished Knife Set With Wood Block by Home Hero

If you love stylish modern kitchen knives with a warm natural touch, this contemporary grey and wood handled set from Home Hero delivers sleek looks and utility. The ergonomic handles consist of contoured grey resin fused to Pakka wood for durability and comfort.

The tapered triple-riveted construction ensures astable grip while chopping. The full tang high carbon stainless steel blades retain edges extremely well and provide precision cutting power.

Inside the wood block you’ll find key knives: 8” chef’s knife, 8” slicing knife, 5” serrated utility knife, 7” santoku knife, 3.5” paring knife, and multi-purpose kitchen shears. The smart variety equips you for meal prep jobs big and small.

While lightweight, the knives feel solidly built and well-balanced. The unique hybrid wood and resin handles keep the weight down while looking super stylish. For contemporary cool with natural warmth, this Home Hero knife set delivers on looks and function.


  • Sleek grey and wood styling
  • Comfortable contoured handles
  • Triple-riveted construction
  • Quality full tang blades
  • Useful assortment of knives
  • Modern design


  • Needs initial sharpening
  • Avoid excessive moisture

With their chic hybrid handles and elegant wood block, these Home Hero knives blend modern style and natural elements beautifully for cooks desiring a contemporary wood-handled look.

Key Considerations for Selecting Wood Handle Knives

With so many excellent wood handled knife sets on the market ranging greatly in materials, included knives, and price points, it’s important to keep your needs and preferences in mind when deciding on the right option for your kitchen. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Determine which knife types you require – chef’s, paring, bread, carving, utility, etc. Match the set to your cooking style.
  • Handle size – Pick a knife handle size and shape that feels comfortable and secure in your grip.
  • Number of pieces – More knives allow you to perform more specialized tasks. 5-7 pieces is a good starter range.
  • Storage – Knife blocks safely store on counters. In-drawer sheaths work for minimalists.
  • Easy cleaning – Wood handles require hand washing and drying to avoid damage.
  • Style – Match wood handled sets to your kitchen’s traditional or modern aesthetic.
  • Quality brands – Reputed knifemaking companies typically offer better performance and durability.
  • Budget – You can find excellent starter sets under $100 or invest in premium $200+ heirloom sets.
  • Skills – Consider getting knife skills training if new to quality knives. Let the blade work for you.

Taking stock of your cooking habits, space, and budget will help narrow your choice to a tailored wood handled knife set that suits your needs and brings you joy for years to come.

Caring for Your Wood Handle Knives

The natural beauty and comfort of wood handles comes with some care requirements. Follow these tips to properly maintain your wood handled knives:

  • Hand wash the knives – Don’t soak wood handles or run through dishwasher. Wash gently with mild soap and dry thoroughly.
  • Use a knife brush – For stuck on food, a gentle brush helps clean wood handles without damaging the surface.
  • Apply mineral oil – Every few weeks, rub a small amount of food-safe mineral oil into the wood handles to condition and prevent drying.
  • Store in blocks or sheaths – Don’t allow wood handles to bang around drawers. Use the included block or buy sheaths.
  • Hone before use – Use a honing steel to realign the knife edge, prolonging sharpness between full sharpenings.
  • Sharpen a few times yearly – Take knives to a professional or use quality whetstones. Let dull knives lapse too long.
  • Avoid cutting hard items – Don’t chop through bones, frozen foods, or thick shells that can chip the blade edge.
  • Prevent drops – Dropping a knife can damage or break the tip. Store safely. Use on stable cutting boards.
  • Employ proper technique – Let the super sharp knife do work with gentle straight up and down chopping motions. No sawing needed.

With the right care, your wood handled knives can last for generations as treasured kitchen companions. The maintenance is well worth the joy of cooking with beautiful knives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Handle Knives

Are wood handles less sanitary than synthetic handles?

Wood is naturally antimicrobial, so wood handles are no less sanitary than plastic. With proper handwashing, wood handles are very hygienic for food preparation.

Does oiling wood handles add danger of food contamination?

Mineral oil is food-safe and thoroughly absorbed. Once the oil dries, there is no danger of it leaching out onto food during handling.

How often should you oil wood handles?

2-4 times monthly is ideal depending on frequency of use. Woods like teak and pakkawood need oiling less often than more porous woods.

Is there a benefit to full tang knives?

Full tang construction where the steel extends fully through the handle provides greater strength and durability. It’s the preferred construction for serious cooks.

How do you properly wash wood handled knives?

Hand wash gently with mild soap and dry thoroughly. Don’t soak wood handles or use harsh detergents which can damage the wood surface.

How often should you sharpen wood handled knives?

1-2 times yearly is recommended for home cooks. Hone before each use. Letting an edge lapse too long requires professional sharpening.

What’s the benefit of higher carbon stainless steel?

The carbon content increases hardness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. High carbon stainless steel holds an edge beautifully.


A handcrafted wood handled knife set brings warmth, charm and tradition to any kitchen. While wood requires a bit more care than synthetic handles, oils keep the handles protected and looking lustrous for decades of use. Whether you opt for a affordable starter Victorinox set or make a heirloom investment like classic Teakhaus or Emojoy knives, a wood handled set makes cooking an absolute pleasure.

I hope this guide has helped you discover the joy and utility of cooking with beautiful wood handled knives. A favorite set can hold sentimental value and even get passed down to future generations. With the right care, you can enjoy your cherished wood handled knives for a lifetime of exceptional performance. Choose wisely and let your knives inspire daily home cooked meals for years to come!