Storing Your Media in Style: A Guide to Wall-Mounted Consoles

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If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary way to store your entertainment systems, a wall-mounted media console is an excellent option. Wall-mounted consoles maximize floor space and create a clean, floating look in your living room or home theater. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of wall-mounted media storage and review the top consoles on the market today. We’ll also provide tips for choosing the right console for your needs and budget.


A wall-mounted media console provides concealed storage for your TV, audio/video components, and media library against the wall rather than taking up floor space. Units typically feature cabinets, shelves, and racks to organize your system neatly while keeping cords out of sight.

Wall-mounted consoles free up room and immediately update the look of your space with their streamlined, built-in design. And unlike bulky TV stands and entertainment centers, they don’t dominate the room or obstruct views and flow. Models mount securely to wall studs and can hold substantial weight.

Top 5 Wall-Mounted Media Consoles

If you’ve decided that a wall-mounted media console is right for your room, choosing the best model for your needs is key. Here are five top-rated consoles covering a range of styles and price points.

1. DeFehr Mid-Century Modern Wall Console

This mid-century modern-inspired console effortlessly blends retro and contemporary styling. Made from engineered wood in a sleek walnut finish, the design features a mix of open and closed storage.

Two cabinets with doors allow you to conceal electronics and media, while the three open cubbies are ideal for media players, soundbars, and decor. The base provides a smooth look that contrasts with the geometric cubbies.


  • Unique mix of open and closed storage
  • Attractive mid-century modern aesthetic
  • Made from durable engineered wood


  • Only fits TVs up to 65 inches
  • Angled cubbies may not fit all components
  • Some assembly required

Price Range: $$

2. Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Wall Mount Combo

For a budget-friendly option with plenty of media storage, this combo unit can’t be beaten. The three-piece set features a central media console and two speaker towers.

The central console fits TVs up to 60 inches and provides two tempered glass shelves for your media library. The side speaker towers have adjustable shelves and concealed cabinets for organizing audio gear. The glass doors maintain an open, airy feel.


  • Great value for a three-piece set
  • Lots of shelving and media storage
  • Sleek black finish fits any decor


  • Not as sturdy or durable as pricier models
  • Simple design lacks character
  • Glass shelves prone to fingerprints

Price Range: $

3. Sauder Orchard Hills Media Console

This wood veneer console packs tons of storage and functionality into a traditional farmhouse design. The muted finish and sliding barn doors create a warm, welcoming look.

The console fits TVs up to 65 inches. Two sliding doors conceal four adjustable shelves that accommodate media players, games, DVDs, and more. A lower cabinet behind wood doors creates even more organized space.


  • Huge media storage capacity
  • Rustic farmhouse look
  • Durable wood veneer construction


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Large size may overwhelm small spaces
  • Plain design lacks contemporary appeal

Price Range: $$

4. Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

This compact console captures mid-century details in a scaled-down version perfect for smaller spaces. Made from a rich walnut-look wood veneer, the charming retro design features tapered legs and an angled media shelf.

The console fits 32-65 inch TVs. Two open cubbies allow media playback equipment, and the bottom shelf stores books, decor, or media. Manage cables through the cutouts in the back panel.


  • Cute retro design and compact size
  • Angled media shelf improves viewing
  • Easy assembly with instructions


  • Not as durable or well-made as solid wood
  • Limited media storage space
  • TV over 50 inches may overwhelm the scale

Price Range: $

5. Mount-It! Luke Wall Mount Media Console

If you wantserious hidden storage, this Mount-It console delivers. It consists of three separate wall cabinets that together provide a home for all your media gear, games, and books.

The three cabinets feature both open shelving and doors to conceal components. Tempered glass shelves easily hold multiple devices. Best of all, the console mounts flat against the wall and folds closed into a minimal floating style.


  • Tons of concealed storage
  • Folds flat against the wall
  • Can mount cabinets at different heights


  • No media storage when folded closed
  • Glass shelves prone to fingerprints
  • Complicated installation

Price Range: $$$

As you can see, wall-mounted media consoles range widely in terms of storage, style, materials, and budget. Keep reading for what to look for when choosing your ideal console.

How to Choose a Wall-Mounted Media Console

With so many options, selecting a wall-mounted media console for your living space can feel overwhelming. Follow these tips to zero in on the right model for your room, lifestyle, and media setup.

Consider the Room Layout

First, look at where you want to place the console and how much wall space you’re working with. Measure to find a console that fits without overwhelming or awkwardly floating within the surrounding space.

Also measure the height from the floor to level you want to mount the TV – typical eye level sits between 50-60 inches from the floor.

Ensure the console position doesn’t block windows or doorways either. Mapping out placement ahead of time prevents layout issues.

Choose the Right Size

Carefully measure your TV screen size (not just the advertised size) as well as the other media components going into the console. Make sure to allow several extra inches around the TV for airflow.

Console cabinets, shelves, and media storage also need room for players, game consoles, streaming devices, DVDs, and other media. Allow space to grow your collection too.

An undersized console quickly gets cramped and crowded, while an oversized unit can look imposing and dominate a small room.

Getting accurate dimensions ensures everything fits comfortably with room to breathe.

Match Design and Decor

Think about the overall aesthetic you want and choose a console that matches your room’s decor and design scheme. Clean-lined contemporary styles suit modern spaces, while traditional finished models work for classic rooms.

Do you want concealed closed storage or open shelving? Simple and minimalist or detailed and ornate? Matching these elements creates a cohesive, polished look.

Consider Durability and Materials

For long-lasting durability, solid wood consoles are best. Engineered wood with strong laminate finishes offer a good compromise when on a budget. Particle board units are prone to sagging and wear over time.

Also look at shelf and cabinet materials. Wood, metal and tempered glass all work well. Closed cabinets may have wood, metal or frosted glass fronts – pick what suits your style preferences.

High-quality materials and hardware increase longevity. Cheaper bargain units usually show wear and tear quickly.

Review Weight Capacity and Mounting

Don’t skimp on checking weight capacities – wall-mounted consoles must firmly anchor to wall studs to safely hold your TV and other equipment.

Look for units that specify both overall weight capacity and individual shelf limits. Standard drywall alone can’t reliably hold a loaded console.

Carefully follow the mounting instructions using the provided hardware and anchors. Misaligned wall drilling easily cracks drywall. Hiring a handyman provides peace of mind for smooth installation.

Cable Management & Ventilation

As you pile devices into the console, don’t neglect ease of cabling. Features like rear cutouts, wire channels, and access ports simplify running cables cleanly to reduce cord clutter.

Proper ventilation prevents overheating. Allow 2-4 inches of clearance around the TV sides and top. Open shelving improves airflow, though louvers and fans in closed cabinets also help.

Add Convenience Features

Consider extra touches that improve daily use. Adjustable shelving, removable back panels, lighting, built-in power strips, caster wheels for easy moving, and child safety locks all provide added convenience.

Tinted glass doors protect components from UV light while still allowing remote control access. Sliding doors save wall space next to the console.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up, here are answers to some common questions about getting the most from your wall-mounted media console.

How much weight can wall consoles hold?

Basic models hold up to 100 lbs, but look for reinforced consoles rated for 150 lbs or more. The strongest support up to 200+ lbs. Ensure you don’t exceed shelf weight limits either.

Do you need wall studs or can you mount over drywall?

Mounting over wall studs is a must – drywall alone cannot reliably support a heavy console and TV long-term. Use a stud finder to locate studs and follow stud mounting instructions.

What’s needed for installing a wall-mounted console?

Have an assistant for the install. Gather tools – stud finder, drill, screwdrivers, level, and possibly an electric drill for pilots. Use hardware included with the console. Follow all safety and mounting directions.

Can wall consoles hold extra-large TVs like 70-80 inches?

Some larger consoles can accommodate bigger screens. But double check weight and size limits before purchasing. An articulating wall mount paired with a shelf unit may work better for oversized TVs.

How do you hide all the cords and cables cleanly?

Use cord covers and channels along the back or underside. Run cables through holes in back panels designed for wire access. Use ties or clips to bundle cables together neatly. Place power strips out of sight in cabinets.

What’s the ideal TV viewing height?

Mount the TV so eye level sits around 50-60 inches up from the floor when seated. Place at this comfortable height, then arrange components below. Avoid mounting too high or low.

Can you mount console cabinets vertically or sideways?

Modular designs allow moving cabinets into different arrangements. Place shorter items like game consoles and media players within easy reach. Reserve higher storage for lesser-used items.

Are wall consoles a good option for small rooms?

Definitely – mounting against the wall saves precious floor space in a smaller room. Just ensure the console size fits the room proportions when choosing.


Wall-mounted media consoles unlock decorative new possibilities for showcasing home entertainment systems. With their streamlined silhouette and expansive storage, they maximize both style and functionality.

By following the tips above for choosing the ideal console, you can create a living space that’s both organized and eye-catching. The concealed convenience of a wall-mounted console keeps media clutter neatly contained while breathing new life into your living room.