Rest Easy: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Upholstered Platform Bed

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The bed. It’s one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. After all, you spend about a third of your life sleeping (or at least trying to sleep). So why not make those precious hours as comfortable as possible?

If you’re looking to upgrade your bed, one of the hottest trends right now is the upholstered platform bed. With soft, cozy upholstery and a streamlined platform design, these beds create a warm and welcoming oasis in your bedroom.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the top options for upholstered platform beds on the market right now. We’ll break down the key features and benefits of each one. And we’ll provide tips to help you select the perfect bed for your needs and decor.

After reading, you’ll feel ready to make an informed decision about this comfy bedroom basic. So you can gain many nights of peaceful, supported rest. Let’s get started!

Top Upholstered Platform Beds: Reviews and Comparisons

1. Zinus Suzanne – Quality on a Budget

If you’re looking for an upholstered platform bed that doesn’t destroy your budget, the Zinus Suzanne is a fantastic option. Made with a steel frame and quality wood slats, it provides reliable support. The polyester blend upholstery offers plush cushioning with subtle stitching detail.

The Zinus Suzanne comes in twin, full, and queen sizes to suit any space. It’s also available in a variety of soft gray and tan colors to match any decor. The neutral hues and affordable price make it perfect for guest rooms or kids’ bedrooms too. No box spring is required, making setup a breeze.


  • Inexpensive price point between $230-$340
  • Comfortable and smooth upholstered headboard/footboard
  • Fits smaller spaces like apartments well
  • Eliminates the need for a box spring
  • Variety of subdued colors to suit any style


  • Durability is questionable over many years
  • Limited size and height options
  • Upholstery is prone to wrinkles and shifting

Overall, if you want an upholstered platform bed with cozy cushioning at a wallet-friendly price, the Zinus Suzanne is a wonderful choice. It offers the most value for your dollar.

2. Nectar Platform Bed – For Superior Comfort

For those seeking the absolute best in luxurious comfort, the Nectar Platform Bed is sure to satisfy. This indulgent bed combines an upholstered frame with an included high-quality memory foam mattress.

The quilted cover and inner mattress foam provide contouring comfort and pressure relief. And the sturdy solid platform offers edge-to-edge support with no sagging. The bed frame is made of tough wood and has a softly padded headboard.


  • Comes with high-end memory foam mattress
  • Breathable cover and gel-infused foam regulate temperature
  • Provides excellent pressure point relief
  • Solid platform offers edge-to-edge support
  • Extremely quiet and noise-free construction


  • Very heavy and difficult to move
  • On the pricier side, from $1,198-$2,198
  • Mattress sinks over time with prolonged use

For those wanting an all-in-one ultra-comfortable bed, the Nectar Platform Bed is a top contender. Just be prepared to splurge and get help moving it into place.

3. Thuma The Bed – Modern and Sleek

If you love contemporary, minimalist style, the Thuma Bed checks all the boxes. This upholstered platform bed frame comes in a variety of wood stains like oak, walnut, and wenge. The wood is ethically sourced and assembled using Japanese joinery techniques – no tools required.

The result is a streamlined floating frame with intricate wood grain detail. The removable microsuede headboard cushions come in earthy neutrals like sand, charcoal, and pebble. Sustainable cork feet protect your floors.


  • Japanese joinery design is unique and contemporary
  • Variety of eco-friendly wood types and colors
  • Easy 5-minute tool-free assembly
  • Space efficient and roomy underneath
  • Customizable with additional storage add-ons


  • Expensive, from $995 to $1,195
  • Only comes in full, queen and king mattress sizes
  • Wood can dent and scratch easily

Those desiring a fashionable wood frame bed will love the Thuma. Just take care to protect its delicate finish.

4. Novogratz Bushwick – Vintage Charm

For a playful, retro-inspired look, you can’t go wrong with the Novogratz Bushwick Platform Bed. This bed features vintage details like curved head and foot boards, tufted upholstery, and round steel legs.

Choose from fun colors like mint, navy, gray, and blush in velvet, linen, or faux leather. The charming style works nicely in eclectic bedrooms or guest rooms. Best of all, no box spring is required.


  • Unique vintage look stands out
  • Upholstery available in many colors/fabrics
  • Doesn’t require a box spring
  • Fits great in playful, eclectic spaces


  • Mattress may slide due to smooth upholstery
  • Low weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • May creak or squeak over time

If you love the look of vintage charm, the Novogratz Bushwick delivers plenty of retro flair. Just take care securing the mattress properly in place.

5. Zinus Abel – Budget-Friendly Neutral

For one more budget-conscious upholstered platform bed, look no further than the Zinus Abel. This simple platform bed comes upholstered in soft linen fabric. The headboard features subtle button-tufted detailing and padding.

The wooden slat support eliminates the need for a box spring. And the foam-padded tape protects your floors. Choose between twin and queen sizes. The natural linen color works well as a guest bed or in kids’ rooms.


  • Very affordable, priced between $180-$280
  • Neutral linen color suits any style
  • No box spring required
  • Padded tape protects floors


  • Limited size and height options
  • Durability concerns over time
  • Prone to wrinkles in upholstery

The Zinus Abel offers a basic linen upholstered platform bed on a budget. While not the most luxurious, its price point makes it a great spare or kids’ option.

How to Choose the Right Upholstered Platform Bed: A Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen some top contenders for upholstered platform beds, how do you decide which one is right for your space? Here are some key factors to consider:


One of the first things to figure out is what size bed makes the most sense for your bedroom. Measure both the room dimensions and existing furniture layout. Leave ample walking space around the bed perimeter.

Standard mattress sizes for platform beds include twin, full, queen, and king. Make sure to account for actual mattress dimensions, which may vary by brand. Platform beds are designed for specific mattress sizes, so order correctly.


Upholstered platform beds come in a variety of styles to match your decor. Determine whether you’d prefer a tailored, modern, or vintage look. Also consider the headboard style – some have low profile cushions, while others are tufted or curved. Contrast welting and skirt details add interest.

Also decide whether you want a footboard or prefer just a headboard. Footboards can make the bed feel more substantial, while just a headboard creates a lighter, airier look.

Key Features

Consider which features will make your upholstered platform bed complete. Do you want integrated storage drawers? Or prefer open space underneath? Are you planning to use a mattress you already own or buy a new one? This affects the required height of the bed frame.

Also determine if the bed will fit through doorways in your home if assembled, or if you’ll need to assemble it in place. If so, a bed with easy tool-free assembly will be essential.

Upholstery Material

One benefit of upholstered platform beds is you can choose from a range of luxurious fabric types. Popular options include linen, velvet, polyester, cotton, faux leather, and microsuede. Light fabrics like linen or cotton create an airy, relaxed vibe. While velvet and leather feel richer and more indulgent.

The upholstery fabric should be colorfast and resistant to wrinkling for best durability. Tufting and tight cushions help the upholstery keep its shape. Quilted fabrics add extra coziness and texture.

Quality Construction

You’ll want your new upholstered platform bed to last for years to come. So assessing construction quality is key. Look for sturdy wood or steel frames. Reinforced edges prevent sagging or damage over time.

Options like slat systems or solid platforms allow for mattress-only support without a box spring. Just ensure ample center support – at least one center row of legs or slats for larger size beds. This provides the most comfort and durability.

Reviews and Warranties

It’s always smart to read impartial customer reviews before making a large furniture purchase. Check for complaints about difficult assembly, sagging, or poor fit and finish. Brands that offer at least 3-year warranties imply they are confident in their product’s reliability.


Upholstered platform beds can range from the low hundreds to several thousands, depending on size and construction. Setting a firm budget ahead of time is wise to narrow down the options. In general, beds under $500 sacrifice some quality, while you can find good mid-range choices between $500-$1200. For top of the line, plan to spend over $2000.

Room Dimensions

Before you fall in love with a bed online, carefully measure your room space. Make sure the length and width will accommodate the bed size you’re planning. And confirm the height allows bedding to clear any adjacent furniture or windowsills.

Also measure doors and hallways to ensure your new bed can fit through during delivery and installation. Nothing’s worse than finding a bed too large to fit in the intended space!

Bringing Home Your New Upholstered Platform Bed: A Setup Guide

You’ve done your homework and selected the perfect upholstered platform bed. Now it’s time to bring your new bed home and get it looking fabulous. Here are some tops for seamless setup and use:

Allow for Mattress Fit

Carefully measure the inner dimensions of your bed frame to ensure your selected mattress will fit properly. The mattress should fit snugly without large gaps on the sides or ends. Even a couple inches of discrepancy can lead to slipping and misalignment.

You likely don’t need a box spring for your platform bed. But if you choose to use one, make sure it fits the frame as well. Platform beds are designed to support a mattress alone in most cases.

Mind the Height

Before assembling your bed, confirm the height works well for your room. Check bedding will clear any nearby windowsills or furniture. And make sure you can comfortably sit on the edge of the mattress.

If the height doesn’t work, some platform beds offer adjustable leg lengths. With others, you may need to add mattress toppers or buy specific bedding to prevent clearance issues.

Expect Heavy Lifting

Be realistic about your ability to lift and maneuver a large upholstered platform bed frame. These beds are quite heavy, often over 100 pounds even when broken down into pieces. Make sure you have two strong people at a minimum to bring the bed inside and assemble it. Prepare your space ahead of time and have help ready.

Allow Off-Gassing

That “new mattress smell” might seem appealing at first. But off-gassing from foam, upholstery, and finishes can cause irritation for sensitive people. Allow your new upholstered platform bed to sit in a well-ventilated room for at least 24-48 hours before sleeping on it. Speed dissipation by keeping windows open.

Maintain the Upholstery

To keep your upholstered bed looking its best, care for the fabric properly. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and laundering code. Usually spot cleaning gently with mild soap and water is recommended. Avoid removing the cover for washing – only dry clean if absolutely needed.

Your Guide to Restful Nights Ahead

We hope this detailed guide gives you confidence to choose the perfect upholstered platform bed for your needs. With so many factors to weigh, take your time, evaluate options, and don’t settle. An upholstered platform bed offers coziness and character to any bedroom retreat.

Once you’ve selected just the right one, take measurements and get your new bed home. Set it up carefully and give the materials time to air out. Then get ready to curl up in comfort and enjoy many nights of tranquil rest. Sweet dreams!