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Are you looking to add some bold, graphic style to your bedroom? Consider a geometric pattern duvet cover! Geometric prints are having a major moment in home decor, and what better way to join the trend than with a eye-catching duvet.

Duvets are more than just bedding – they can really make a statement and become a focal point in your room. A geometric duvet cover is an easy and affordable way to give your bedroom an instant makeover. The geometric shapes and lines create visual interest, add depth, and give off a modern, sleek vibe.

In this post, we’ll be covering the top geometric pattern duvet covers to consider, tips for choosing the right geometric duvet for your style, and answers to frequently asked questions about caring for and decorating with geometric pattern duvets. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Geometric Pattern Duvet Covers

When it comes to geometric bedding, you have tons of options to choose from. Here are our top 5 picks for beautiful and modern geometric pattern duvet covers:

1. Anthropologie Helena Duvet Cover

This duvet from Anthropologie features a bold black and white geometric print with intersecting lines, circles, diamonds, and triangles. It has a minimalist, contemporary vibe. The cotton sateen fabric has a smooth, luxurious feel.

Pros: Striking pattern, quality construction and fabric, modern aesthetic

Cons: Dry clean only, higher price point

This duvet cover comes in twin, full/queen, and king sizes. Prices range from $188 to $228. Purchase the cover alone or add the insert.

2. West Elm Geo Optic Duvet Cover

West Elm’s geo optic duvet has a kaleidoscopic optical illusion pattern in black, white, gray, and yellow. The dizzying geometric design makes a statement. It’s crafted from 100% organic cotton in a percale weave.

Pros: Eye-catching geometric pattern, organic materials, great price

Cons: Limited color options, geometric shapes may be too bold for some tastes

Available in full/queen ($140) and king/California king ($180) sizes. Purchase just the cover or add a insert.

3. Rifle Paper Co. Belle Duvet Cover

This duvet from Rifle Paper Co. has a soft, romantic take on geometry. It features a painterly floral motif with polygons and lines in shades of blush, gray, and metallic gold. The pattern is set against a cream background. Made from 100% cotton.

Pros: Feminine geometric style, high-quality cotton, unique design

Cons: Dry clean only, cover sold separately from insert

The Belle duvet cover comes in twin ($198), full/queen ($248), and king ($278). Insert sold separately.

4. Loloi II Breeze Duvet Cover

The Breeze duvet from Loloi II mixes geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and diamonds in shades of blue, gray, and ivory for a calming, spa-like look. The 100% cotton has a soft, smooth finish.

Pros: Soothing color palette, high-end materials, reversible pattern

Cons: Only available in queen/full size, dry clean recommended

This reversible duvet cover is $299 for a full/queen size. Insert not included.

5. Urban Outfitters Geo Daisy Duvet Cover

This fun, bohemian-inspired duvet cover features oversized daisies with geometric petals in vibrant shades of pink, orange, yellow, and green. The bold flower power pattern pops against the ivory background. Made from soft cotton.

Pros: Vibrant colors and pattern, affordable price, easy care

Cons: Limited sizing options, might be too colorful for some

Available in twin ($99) and full/queen size ($129). Machine washable.

How to Choose a Geometric Pattern Duvet Cover

Ready to shop for a geometric duvet cover of your own? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect pattern and style for your space:

  • Consider the color scheme – Do you want black and white for high contrast? Soft neutrals? Or bold, bright colors? The color palette can completely change the look.
  • Match your existing decor – Choose geometric shapes and hues that coordinate with your headboard, wall colors, and other bedroom decor.
  • Pick quality construction – Look for duvets made from durable natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk. Check reviews for insight on stitching and durability.
  • Get the right size – Make sure to buy the duvet cover size that fits the dimensions of your mattress with sufficient overhang.
  • Check the care instructions – Duvet covers that are machine washable are most convenient for regular cleaning.
  • Consider your budget – Geometric duvet covers come in a wide range of prices. Look for sales and deals if needed.
  • Read reviews – Check what existing customers have to say, especially about print quality, fabric feel, and overall craftsmanship.
  • Evaluate return policies – In case you don’t love it in person, make sure you can return or exchange unsatisfactory duvet covers.
  • Shop smart – Department stores, home goods stores, and online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, and more carry geometric duvet covers. Sign up for email lists to get sale alerts!

FAQs About Geometric Pattern Duvets

What size duvet cover should I get?

Make sure to get the same size duvet cover as the dimensions of your mattress, with about 8-12 inches of overhang on each side. Twin, full/queen, and king/California king are standard sizes.

How often should I wash my duvet cover?

Most experts recommend washing your duvet cover every 2 weeks or so – more frequently if you sweat a lot at night or have pets. Check the care label for any special washing instructions.

What fabrics are best for duvet covers?

Look for duvet covers made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, or bamboo. These allow airflow and are soft against skin. Cotton percale duvets are durable and crisp, while cotton sateen is silky smooth.

How do I insert a duvet into the duvet cover?

Turn the cover inside out and lay flat. Place the duvet insert on top, then take the bottom corners of the cover and tie them together with hair ties or rubber bands. Flip right side out, then insert your arms into the corners to shake the duvet into place.

Should I get a duvet insert and cover separately?

Yes, it’s best to buy the insert and cover separately. That way you can get the warmth level you need from the insert and change up the style with different duvet covers.

How can I make my geometric duvet fit my decor?

Choose a color scheme and geometric pattern that complements your existing room decor – similar colors, shapes, textures, and patterns. Tie it together with coordinating pillowcases, throws, and wall art.

Where can I find high quality geometric pattern duvet covers?

Some top brands for modern geometric duvets include West Elm, Anthropologie, Riley Home, Loloi, Rifle Paper Co., Urban Outfitters, and Crate & Barrel. Check reviews and fabric details.

What are the benefits of a geometric pattern duvet?

Geometric duvets add bold visual interest, dimension, and modern style to your bedroom. The graphic prints make a statement and become a focal point. The patterns and contrast can have an energizing, lively effect as well.

How much do geometric pattern duvet covers cost?

Prices can range from $50 – $300+ depending on the brand, materials, size, and retailer. Budget-friendly options are available, as well as high-end luxury duvets. Shop sales and promos for the best deals.

Are geometric pattern duvet covers hard to care for?

It depends on the fabric – always check the label. Many geometric duvets are machine washable for easy cleaning. Some may be dry clean only. In general, natural fabrics like cotton launder well.

Decorate Your Bedroom with Geometric Style

Ready to make a statement? We hope this guide gave you inspiration and ideas to find your perfect geometric pattern duvet cover. The bold prints and graphic shapes are a fantastic way to infuse visual interest and modern flair into your bedroom.

With so many styles and options to choose from, you can easily find a geometric duvet to coordinate with your existing decor. Just consider the color scheme, quality of materials and construction, size, care instructions, and price point. Read reviews, shop sales, and don’t be afraid to take some design risks!

Have you decorated with a geometric duvet before? Which patterns and styles are your favorites? Share your experiences with us below!