Keep the Light Out and Style Up Your Windows with The Top Linen Blackout Curtains

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Have you ever woken up to the bright morning sunlight piercing through your curtains and interrupting your precious sleep? Or tried to wind down for bed while streetlights and neighborly illumination stream in? Light leakage is a common annoyance and deterrent to quality rest. Fortunately, blackout curtains can come to the rescue.

Blackout curtains are designed to block external light from entering a room, allowing you to sleep, nap, or relax in soothing darkness. The thick, opaque fabrics completely shut out sunlight and street lamps, mimicking nighttime at any hour. In addition to light control, blackout curtains also dampen outside noise, provide insulation against cold or heat, and add a layer of privacy.

One of the most attractive and versatile choices for blackout curtains is linen. Made from the flax plant, linen has a natural raw texture that refines any room. Linen has a casual, breezy look in the summer but also elevates to elegance for formal spaces. Beyond its good looks, linen is treasured for its breathable comfort, inherent moisture-wicking properties, and durability over the years. Linen can even become softer with washing and use over time.

In this article, we’ll share our top five picks for linen blackout curtains that you can buy online. We’ll also discuss tips for choosing the right linen curtains for your home, room by room. Let’s draw the curtains on light leakage with the best linen has to offer!

1. Natural Linen Blackout Curtains by Naturally Linen

Naturally Linen’s blackout curtains are made from high-quality European flax linen that will block light, noise, and irritating peeking from outside your windows.

These curtains feature a complete blackout liner on the back for maximum light blocking ability. The liner also helps insulate your room from temperature changes and outdoor noise. Despite the backing, the 100% linen front maintains a natural, breathable feel.

Naturally Linen offers these curtains in 20 different solid linen colors like ivory, light grey, denim blue, and more. They come in four standard sizes, though you can customize the length as needed. The grommets across the top make hanging simple.

Reviewers praise the texture and fullness of these curtains. They note that the dense, heavyweight linen does its job of blacking out light. Many comment on the upscale, expensive look for a reasonable price point. These curtains are machine washable too.

Key Details:

  • 100% Linen Front with Blackout Lining
  • 20 Colors, 4 Standard Sizes
  • Heavyweight, Opaque Fabric
  • Insulates Light, Sound, Temperature
  • Grommets for Easy Hanging
  • Machine Washable
  • Under $100 for Most Sizes

2. West Elm Belgian Linen Blackout Curtains

The West Elm brand is synonymous with modern, refined essentials for your home. Their Belgian linen blackout curtains reflect that minimalist elegance in both form and function.

Made from Belgian flax linen, these curtains offer an upscale look with beautiful draping effect. The linen has a rich, textural appearance unlike basic fabrics. For blackout capabilities, each curtain panel contains a smooth lining that prevents light shine-through.

These blackout curtains are available in three neutral colors – chalk, fog grey and flax. They come in two standard lengths and in widths from 36 to 96 inches. West Elm also offers coordinating patterns and textures if desired to mix and match.

Home decorators love the quality and simplicity of these curtains. They mention the curtains have a sturdy feel and slide smoothly across the rod. Many customers comment that they successfully darken bright rooms for uninterrupted sleep.

Key Details:

  • Belgian Linen with Blackout Lining
  • 3 Sophisticated Neutral Colors
  • 2 Lengths, Widths up to 96 Inches
  • Lightweight Linen Drapes Beautifully
  • Provides Complete Darkening
  • Coordinates with Other West Elm Styles
  • Around $100-$350 Based on Size

3. Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains

For budget-friendly blackout curtains, you can always count on Amazon Basics to deliver. This room darkening curtain set from Amazon provides great bang for your buck.

The 100% linen front creates an airy, breatheable feel you’ll love. The curtains feature triple weave construction so no light comes filtering in. The white blackout lining on back seals out exterior light and provides extra insulation.

These blackout curtains come in 3 colors – grey, light blue, and rose pink. You can select from standard window sizes, though custom lengths are an option too. The curtain panels have grommets for simple hanging.

Amazon reviewers say these curtains make a huge difference in sleeping better through the morning light. They note the linen provides good darkness and remains breathable on warm days. Many love the subtle color options that work with any room decor.

Key Details:

  • 100% Linen with White Blackout Lining
  • 3 Soft Color Choices
  • Triple Weave Dense Construction
  • Blackout Lining Darkens Completely
  • Available in Common Window Sizes
  • Grommets for Hanging
  • Budget-Friendly Under $50

4. GoodBed Textured Solid Blackout Linen Curtains

The textured linen blackout curtains from GoodBed are the perfect update for a bedroom oasis.

These curtains feature an attractive nubby texture that makes them stand out from basic linens. But they still maintain the breathability and natural feel that linen provides. Each curtain panel has a blanket-like blackout lining that blocks external light and reduces noise.

You can choose from three neutral colors: snow white, midnight grey, and toasted almond. The curtains are sold in standard window dimensions with widths up to 108 inches for large spaces. Brushed nickel grommets complement the texture.

According to HomeGoods customers, these textured curtains excel at room darkening. Many love the higher-end look of the thick linen weave. They also note the curtains have good weight to them without being overly heavy.

Key Details:

  • Textured 100% Linen Fabric
  • Snow White, Midnight Grey, Toasted Almond Colors
  • Blanket-Like Blackout Lining
  • Available in Range of Standard Sizes
  • Grommets for Hanging
  • Provides Insulation Too
  • $80-$140 Based on Size

5. Linenshaw Flax Linen Blackout Curtains

For a touch of elegance, the Linenshaw flax linen blackout curtains make a fine choice. These curtains have a beautiful drape and feel that dresses up any space.

The curtains are made from European flax linen fabric with visible slubbing texture. They have an understated grace and upscale appearance suited for formal areas. Yet the linen construction keeps them casual enough for everyday.

Each curtain panel is lined with an acoustic blackout lining to prevent light infiltration. This also greatly reduces outside noise and buffers temperature.

These blackout curtains are currently available in two colors: fog grey and natural flax. You can choose lengths up to 108 inches for maximum coverage. Adding a decorative curtain rod and finials elevates the look further.

According to Anthropologie buyers, these Linenshaw curtains make a world of difference in sleeping better. They mention the quality and weave enable the curtains to black out light effectively. Many love the upscale linen fabric and simple design.

Key Details:

  • Made from European Flax Linen
  • Fog Grey and Natural Flax Color Choices
  • Features Acoustic Blackout Lining
  • Provides Noise Reduction
  • Thermal Insulating Abilities Too
  • Elegant Drape and Slubbing
  • $128-$208 Based on Size

Now that we’ve covered five top-notch linen blackout curtain options, let’s go over some tips for choosing the perfect set for your needs. Keep these pointers in mind while shopping:

How to Choose Blackout Curtains for Your Home

When selecting blackout curtains for your bedroom, living room, or other rooms, you’ll want to consider the following criteria:

Size of Your Windows

First, carefully measure each window that you need curtains for. Make sure to get the height and width exactly. This will determine what curtain sizes will fit.

Measure to the top of the area you plan to hang the rod too. Account for ceiling height so the curtains are long enough.

Leave some extra length beyond the actual window opening so the curtains can overlap in the middle. This ensures complete coverage for blackout capabilities.

Total Yardage Amount

In addition to individual curtain sizes, calculate the total yardage needed for all your windows. This gives you an idea of the total cost.

For wider windows, you’ll need a pair of matching panels. Make sure to add together the widths. Consider any other windows in the room too.

Measuring carefully before ordering ensures the curtains will accommodate all of your windows properly.

Room Use and Light Control Needs

Think about how much light control you need for the room. Bedrooms typically require complete blackout curtains to prevent morning wake ups. Living rooms may only need light-filtering.

Blackout curtains in bedrooms allow you to sleep in undisturbed. They also create a relaxing, cozy retreat any time of day. Make sure any kids’ rooms and home offices have blackout capabilities too.

In living rooms, you may only need partial light dimming for movie watching or mood setting. Look for “room darkening” curtains instead of total blackout styles.

Linen Weight and Weave

With linen curtains, you can choose different fabric weights and weaves. Lighter linens around 3 ounces per yard have a breezy gauze texture. The traditional slubbing is visible in the weave.

Heavier linens around 5 ounces per yard have a more opaque, substantial drape. The weave is smoother and maintains the linen’s elegant look.

Blackout curtain linings also add weight. Consider room use and your own preferences when deciding between light and heavy linen.

Lining and Backing Options

For the backside of linen blackout curtains, you have a few lining choices.

Total “blackout” linings completely block external light. They prevent any filtering, beaming or leaking around the edges.

“Room darkening” linings allow a minimal amount of subdued light to pass through. These are suitable if you don’t need pitch blackout.

Backings with a thermal insulation component help trap cold or hot air. So your room stays comfortable and your HVAC bills stay lower.

Color and Pattern

Linen blackout curtains are available in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Opt for neutral solids like tan, grey, or white for an airy feel. Or make a statement with textured fabrics and bold prints.

Choose colors to match your decor or contrast nicely. For pattern mixing, make sure the styles coordinate in theme and scale. Add tie-backs in a coordinating or contrasting color.

You can also embellish with trim or banding details along the edges or hems for extra pop.

Read Product Reviews

When considering specific linen blackout curtain products, make sure to read through customer reviews. This gives insight on real-world effectiveness and quality.

Look for feedback on overall blackout capabilities, insulation, fit to windows, and construction. Check that people mention the curtains match their advertised description and photography.

Reviews alert you to anypossible issues like inaccurate sizing, sheerness, wrinkling, or durability complaints. Seek out retailers and brands that maintain high average ratings.

Set a Reasonable Budget

With any home purchase, setting a curtain budget helps narrow down the options. Linen blackout curtains span a wide range of price points. Consider both your window measurements and total yardage needed.

Basic linen blackout curtains from big retailers like Amazon and Target cost $20 to $50 for standard window sizes. These provide good bang for buck but less luxury.

For higher end linen curtains, expect to spend around $75 to $300 or more. Designer labels and custom sizing add cost but also deliver quality and uniqueness.

Compare materials, construction, and sizing options between brands when pricing. Look for sales and specials too. With the right pair, you can control light beautifully without breaking the bank.

Order Samples If Possible

If allowed by the retailer, order fabric samples of any curtains you’re seriously considering. This lets you see and feel the texture in person before purchasing.

Samples give you a better sense of the linen’s weight, weave tightness, and overall opacity. You can also preview any color variations from the online images.

Many brands ship samples for free or very affordably. Taking advantage before investment provides peace of mind.

Check Delivery Timelines

Review shipping estimates and supply chain notices from sellers before ordering curtains. Lead times fluctuate.

Custom-made linen curtains often have longer production times before delivery. Factor in at least a few weeks, which is typical. communicating with the company can give clarity on accurate timeframes.

For special occasions like a move, renovation, or hosted event, discuss rush processing and expedited shipping upfront. This ensures your new curtains arrive on schedule.

Now that you know what to look for in quality linen blackout curtains, it’s time to put your knowledge into action! Follow the tips above to choose window treatments that both elegantly style your space and banish light when needed.

Here are a few final pointers to remember:

  • Take precise window measurements beforehand
  • Select opaque, heavyweight linen for the best blackout ability
  • Look for complete blackout curtain linings
  • Read reviews and order samples if available
  • Measure total yardage for all windows and determine budget
  • Accessorize with tie-backs or trim for added décor

Investing in the right linen blackout curtains pays off through better sleep, privacy, and ambiance in any room. So take our advice above to heart and start shopping your favorites from the top five. Soon you’ll be blocking sunlight and unnecessary light pollution in style. Let us know how your brand new blackout curtains work for your home!