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Are you tired of bulky table lamps taking up precious real estate on your nightstands? Do you wish you could free up some surface space in your bedroom while still having a convenient light source next to your bed? Then it may be time to ditch the traditional table lamps and go for a wall-mounted bedside lamp instead.

Wall-mounted bedside lamps provide all the illumination you need without hogging your nightstand or cluttering up a small room. Mounted directly to the wall beside your bed, a swing arm wall lamp can provide focused task lighting for late night reading or ambient mood lighting for relaxation. The arm extends out over the bed for optimal placement while the base remains tucked discreetly against the wall.

When shopping for the best bedside wall lamp for your bedroom, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Lighting needs – Do you need a bright, focused beam for reading? Or a softer glow for bedroom ambiance? Look at lumens and bulb types.
  • Design and decoration – Find a lamp that matches your room’s aesthetic. Choose from modern, boho, industrial, midcentury and other styles.
  • Flexibility – Look for an adjustable swing arm that you can position at different angles as needed.
  • Materials – Metal, wood, glass and fabric lamps vary in quality, durability, weight and price.
  • Special features – Do you want integrated LEDs, smart connectivity, multiple brightness settings or outlet plugs?

To help you find your perfect wall-mounted bedside lamp, here are the top 5 options spanning different styles, features and budgets.

Best Modern Style: C seeded Design Nina Wall Lamp

If you love contemporary design, the minimalist C seeded Design Nina wall lamp makes a gorgeous modern statement. The streamlined look features a sleek aluminum arm and base combined with a smoky grey acid-etched glass shade. The matte metallic finishes come in subdued tones like brass, black and nickel to complement any sophisticated decor.

This quality lamp combines form and function. The adjustable swing arm smoothly extends horizontality up to 16 inches and 330° vertically. Integrated LEDs provide energy efficient illumination with a touch-sensor switch conveniently located on the lamp head. With up to 800 lumens of brightness, you can easily customize both ambient lighting and task lighting levels.

The C seeded Design Nina lamp exudes refinement. Handcrafted from durable aluminum and glass, its robust materials ensure exceptional stability. Included mounting hardware makes installation straightforward, although professional help is recommended to hide any exposed wires. With a 10-year warranty, this bedside lamp is made to last.


  • Sleek modern design aesthetic
  • Easy installation
  • Smoothly adjustable swing arm
  • Energy efficient LEDs
  • Touch sensor with dimming capabilities
  • Excellent quality and durability


  • Higher price point
  • Heavier than some other lamps

If you appreciate modern elegance, minimalist forms and functional task lighting, the C seeded Design Nina wall lamp infuses sophistication into any bedroom retreat.

Best Rustic Style: Vintiquewise Galvanized Metal Lamp

Add a touch of vintage farmhouse charm to your bedroom with the Vintiquewise galvanized metal swing arm wall lamp. Featuring a curving gooseneck arm atop a round metal base, this lamp has wonderful retro appeal that works with any rustic or industrial decor.

Choose from three colored finishes – natural silver galvanized metal, sea foam green or antique bronze. The lamp comes with a classic Edison-style bulb featuring visible filaments to complement the old-fashioned design. Use a clear bulb for brighter illumination or go with an amber bulb for warm, cozy lighting.

With its flexible 9.5 inch gooseneck arm, you can easily adjust the direction of light. Point it straight down over your nightstand for task lighting or angle upward for soft ambient room glow. The inline switch offers convenient on/off control. Installation is also a breeze with the included mounting hardware.

Handcrafted for durability yet surprisingly affordable, the Vintiquewise galvanized metal lamp adds vintage character to any bedroom or reading nook.


  • Attractive retro industrial design
  • Gooseneck arm provides great adjustability
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • High-quality construction


  • Exposed bulb design not for everyone
  • Limited front-to-back arm adjustment
  • Visible electrical cord could be improved

If you want to add farmhouse, rustic or vintage personality to your space, this charming galvanized wall lamp casts just the right relaxing glow.

Best Minimalist Style: Bruvas LED Swing Arm Lamp

For a clean, ultra-modern look, the Bruvas LED swing arm lamp provides understated elegance. This minimalist light has a sleek aluminum arm and flat round base in creamy matte white. The shade is made from opaque acrylic to diffuse light softly.

When mounted on the wall, this lamp becomes nearly invisible when not in use – it seems to float against the wall with hardly any presence. Then the lamp springs to life with a brilliant glow when turned on. The integrated LED is rated for 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

With a flexible elbow in the arm, you can swing the light left or right and tilt up or down. The solid aluminum build feels sturdy and stable when repositioning the lamp head. Use the touch switch conveniently located on the base to activate the gentle LED glow at your desired brightness.

Although it looks and functions like a high-end designer light, the affordable Bruvas LED swing arm lamp offers incredible value. This streamlined fixture brings tranquility and modern luxury to contemporary bedrooms.


  • Ultra-sleek modern aesthetic
  • Integrated LED light source
  • Easy, straightforward installation
  • Surprisingly affordable price
  • Minimalist design that blends into walls


  • Limited front-to-back arm adjustment
  • Cool LED color temperature lacks warmth
  • No dimmer switch for brightness control

If you love the barely-there look of floating minimalist lighting, this LED swing arm lamp disappears into your wall by day and provides the perfect delicate glow by night.

Best Industrial Style: Milton & Goose Socket Lamp

Embrace the industrial trend with the utility-focused Milton & Goose socket lamp. The unique design features an exposed matte black steel lamp socket on a matching black braided cloth cord. Install it as-is or adjust the socket angle by bending the cord.

With an included vintage style Edison bulb, this minimalist lamp is perfect for urban lofts, modern farmhouse bedrooms and raw industrial spaces. The bulb casts a warm, cozy glow to offset the no-frills lamp design. Turn it on and off with the classic pull chain switch.

Built with high quality steel and components, this durable socket lamp withstands daily use. Affordable pricing makes this basic lamp easy to incorporate in triples down an exposed brick wall or above a rustic wood headboard. Customize with a clear, amber or edison bulb.


  • Uncomplicated industrial design
  • Inexpensive price point
  • High quality steel socket and hardware
  • Pull chain switch
  • Casts cozy glow with Edison bulb


  • Extremely minimal adjustability
  • Exposed bulb not for everyone
  • Inspired industrial style only

With its back-to-basics socket light design, the Milton & Goose lamp brings a touch of unrefined elegance perfect for modern farmhouse, rustic and urban bedrooms.

Best Color Options: LUMIMAR Addie LED Lamp

Add a pop of colorful, artistic flair with the LUMIMAR Addie LED swing arm lamp. Inspired by art deco style, these beautiful lamps feature handmade colored glass shades in vivid jewel tones.

Choose from rich shades like amber, navy, blush pink, black, seafoam green and jade marble. The swing arm rotates 330° and tilts 180° to direct ambient LED lighting where desired. Touch controls let you dim the integrated LED up to 20% for just the right glow.

Made from quality aluminum and hand-crafted stained glass, the LUMIMAR Addie lamp makes a stunning decorative statement. Each lamp features slight variations in the stained glass patterns, making every piece unique. The glass adds a warm, painterly look to the colorful light.

Matching the artful lamp bases, the swing arms come in finishes like brushed brass, matte black, polished chrome and antiqued bronze. Mounting hardware and wiring make installation straightforward. This eye-catching lamp requires careful handling to avoid damaging the delicate stained glass.


  • Beautiful handmade colored glass shades
  • Swing arm flexibility with touch controls
  • Warm, artistic lighting from stained glass
  • Premium quality construction and materials


  • Delicate stained glass requires gentle handling
  • Higher price than basic lamps

Make your bedside glow with inspired lighting. The LUMIMAR Addie LED swing arm lamp adds a bold, elegant pop of color perfect for modern boho and eclectic bedrooms.

How to Choose the Right Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamp

Ready to install wall-mounted lamps above your bedside? Here are some tips for choosing lighting that fits your space and needs perfectly.

First, assess the lighting level you want. Do you need a bright focused beam for reading? Or a softer glow for relaxation? Large or small bedrooms often need different amounts of light. Check the lumens and bulb type for each lamp.

Next, choose a style that matches your existing room decor. For modern bedrooms, look for clean-lined metallic lamps. Rustic rooms want a farmhouse vibe like galvanized metal. Floral stained glass brings boho charm, while nautical rope lamps suit coastal cottages.

Also consider the flexibility of the swing arm and head. You’ll want to adjust it for ambient or task lighting. Look for arms that rotate horizontally and tilt vertically. Gooseneck lamps offer the most maneuverability.

Determine if you want a lamp with integrated LEDs, an exposed classic bulb, or the option to use either. LEDs save energy and last years, while exposed bulbs have a nostalgic appeal. Some lamps accommodate both options.

Factor in materials like metal, wood, glass or fabric. Durability, weight, ease of cleaning and price differ. Make sure materials match your bedroom’s aesthetics too. Stained glass makes a colorful statement while steel has an industrial vibe.

Additional features may appeal to you too. Smart lamps let you control brightness with voice commands or an app. Multiple brightness settings, plugin outlets or charging docks also provide added convenience.

Be sure to carefully measure the lamp size and arm reach to ensure it will fit properly on your wall. Check that the lamp includes appropriate mounting hardware for a secure installation. Difficult wiring or electrical work may require hiring an electrician.

By balancing both form and function, you’re sure to find the perfect wall-mounted bedside lamp bringing just the right ambiance and utility to your bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall-Mounted Bedside Lamps

Q: Do wall-mounted bedside lamps take up less space than table lamps?

A: Yes, wall-mounted lamps conserve precious space in your bedroom since they attach directly to the wall. This saves room on crowded nightstands and allows flexible placement on either side of the bed. So if you have a small bedroom, a swing arm wall lamp can be an ideal space-saving solution.

Q: Do I need an electrician to install a wall-mounted bedside lamp?

A: Most standard swing arm wall lamps include mounting hardware allowing you to install directly into drywall without an electrician. However, if your lamp requires wiring through walls or ceilings, it’s best to hire an experienced electrician. They have the proper tools and skills to route wiring and ensure safe, secure connections.

Q: How do I choose the right lighting brightness and color?

A: First consider the room size and your lighting needs. Larger master bedrooms often want softer, ambient light around 2500-3000 lumens. Smaller bedrooms may need brighter task lighting up to 6000 lumens for reading comfortably. Bulb color temperature also affects the look and feel of the light. Crisp white light around 4000-5000K is optimal for visual tasks, while warmer 2700-3000K light creates a cozier, relaxing ambiance. Many lamps offer dimming capabilities to adjust brightness.

Q: What materials are wall-mounted lamps made of?

A: The swing arms and bases are typically metal like brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or iron which provide durability and stability. Lamp shades can be fabric for a soft glow, stained glass for colorful effects, acrylic or metal for diffusion. Materials affect the quality, weight, price and aesthetics. Iron and metal lamps have an industrial vibe, while fabric suits rustic farmhouse style rooms.

Q: Do swing arm lamps work with smart home systems?

A: Some higher-end LED lamps allow control through smart home assistants like Alexa or Google Home. With smart lamps, you can use voice commands or mobile apps to turn the light on and off, dim, change color temperature, set schedules and automate ambient lighting. However, most basic swing arm lamps operate through manual switches only. If smart features are important, look for lamps specifically designed to integrate with home automation systems.


Wall-mounted bedside lamps free up precious real estate in your bedroom by attaching directly to the wall above your bed. This space-saving design can provide both ambient and task lighting without cluttering nightstands or dressers with bulky table lamps.

With a wide range of styles, features, materials and aesthetics available, you’re sure to find the perfect wall-mounted lamp bringing both form and function to complement your bedroom decor. Take into account your lighting needs, design sensibilities, flexibility requirements and special features to choose the ideal bedside lamp matching both your personal taste and practical needs.

The lamps reviewed, including modern, rustic, minimalist, industrial and colorful stained glass options, represent just a sampling of the many wall-mounted bedside light fixtures available. Got a coastal, midcentury or boho-chic bedroom? There’s a swing arm lamp to match that decor too.

Mounting a bedside wall lamp is a relatively straightforward DIY project for most standard lamps, although professional installation may be required if wiring through walls. Carefully measuring your space, assessing your lighting needs and testing switches and adjustability will ensure wall lamp success.

Bring intrigue, elegance and utility to your bedroom with the radiant glow of a stylish new swing arm bedside lamp mounted precisely where you need it. Your late night reading, room ambiance and interior decor will bask in the shine.