Escape to Your Backyard Oasis with the Perfect Hanging Egg Chair

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Do you dream of having a relaxing escape right in your own backyard? Imagine sinking into plush cushions, gently rocking in the breeze, and letting the stresses of everyday life drift away. With the growing popularity of hanging egg chairs, you can create a serene oasis and comfort zone in your outdoor space.

Hanging egg chairs are currently one of the biggest trends in backyard decor and furniture. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the ideal egg chair? From materials and construction to styling and features, there are several things to consider to pick the perfect model for lounging in style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about these must-have backyard items. You’ll find a breakdown of the top-rated hanging egg chairs available, tips for selecting the best chair for your needs and style, plus answers to all your frequently asked questions.

By the end, you’ll be ready to shop for these sculptural, cocoon-like chairs and elevate your home oasis. It’s time to join the relaxation revolution and swing stress-free all year long!

What Exactly Are Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs?

Before we review the best options, let’s start by answering the question – what exactly are these trendy hanging egg chairs? Essentially, an egg chair features a suspended seat shaped in an oval or “egg” silhouette. The chairs hang from a stand, beam, or hook via chain, rope, or metal hardware.

The egg-like pod is designed to cradle your body for ergonomic support as you lounge. The curved shape allows for a gentle rocking or swinging motion. Hanging positions the chair so it’s easy to get in and out. This frees up floor space below to accommodate the swinging radius.

Many designs include softened cushions or pillows that conform to your frame. The chairs can be made from materials like weather-resistant wicker, cotton, polyester, acrylic fabrics, and even natural rattan or banana leaf.

While popular outdoors, they also work well in covered indoor spaces like porches, patios, sunrooms, and dens. The playful novelty shapes and swinging functionality add eye-catching flair to any room.

Outdoor hanging egg chairs first became popular in backyard décor in the 1950s and saw a major resurgence over the last decade. The sleek, sculptural look offers both style and comfort. You can create a relaxing escape while adding a contemporary focal point on your patio or deck.

The Top 5 Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs

If you’re ready to add a hanging egg chair to your backyard, here are five of the best options for design, quality, and comfort.

1. Best Overall: Sorbus Hanging Rattan Egg Chair

If you want a top-rated hanging chair with timeless style, the Sorbus Hanging Rattan Egg Chair is a winner. This bestselling model has a sturdy steel frame and weather-resistant PE rattan wicker. It can handle the elements in any outdoor space.

The handsome woven rattan comes in a natural brownish hue that works with any color palette. The chair includes fade- and UV-resistant cushions to cradle you in comfort. Generously thick cushions provide head-to-toe support.

With dimensions of 43.3” long by 27.6” wide, it accommodates most body types. The steel frame and hanging hardware make the chair feel substantial, not flimsy. It can hold up to 300 pounds with ease.

Reviewers praise how easy this Sorbus chair is to assemble and hang. At under $200, it offers great quality and comfort at an affordable price point. A 1-year warranty provides peace of mind on your investment. For a stylish and functional hanging egg chair, you can’t beat this customer favorite.

2. Most Stylish: Island Bay Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

For a sleek and contemporary vibe, check out the Island Bay Resin Wicker Hanging Egg Chair. This chic chair features rounded grey resin rattan in a modern woven pattern. The breathable material is easy to keep clean.

The egg-shaped open weave allows air to flow through while still providing comfort and contour. A rounded head pillow gives extra support whether sitting upright or reclining back. The quick-dry soft polyester cushion includes a drainage hole to prevent water pooling after rain.

The frame and hardware are durable powder-coated aluminum that stands up to year-round use. With a 265 pound weight capacity, two average size adults could cuddle up together. Assembly takes less than 30 minutes.

While pricier than some options, you’re paying for quality materials built to last. If striking style is your top priority, this sleek resin wicker chair makes a statement. Choose from black, white, or orange cushions to complement your décor.

3. Best Canopy: Portable Folding Hanging Chair with Adjustable Canopy

For functional shade on sunny days, you can’t beat the Portable Folding Hanging Chair with Adjustable Canopy. This convenient chair features weather-resistant steel tubing with a special epoxy coating. The corrosion-resistant finish allows durable outdoor use in any climate.

The chair’s flexible canopy extends from 29 to 70 inches high to block light at any angle. Adjust the canopy along its curved support rod to follow the sun’s movement. When not needed, the canopy telescopes down into the frame.

The egg-shaped chair is made from durable polyester Oxford fabric. At just 22 pounds, it’s lightweight and portable. The folding design makes storage a breeze. Two included seat cushions make the chair comfortable for hours of lounging.

While budget-friendly, the sturdy steel frame can handle up to 265 pounds of weight. If you want sun protection and portability in a hanging chair, this practical canopy model is ideal. It provides comfort at a great price point.

4. Best Rattan: Baner Garden Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair

For natural style, Baner Garden’s handcrafted Outdoor Wicker Hanging Egg Chair is a standout. Skilled artisans carefully weave each chair using natural banana leaf rattan. This eco-friendly material offers unmatched durability outdoors.

The curved rattan frame provides ergonomic contouring as you lounge and swing. An extra-thick cushion covered in washable polyester offers superior support for the back, seat, and neck. The cushion even includes a useful side pocket to hold small essentials within reach.

This chair supports up to 265 pounds for cozy comfort. The hand-woven rattan withstands sun, wind, and rain while retaining its stylish look. And unlike wicker, the rattan won’t crack or peel.

For authentic craftsmanship and natural style, Baner Garden’s quality rattan egg chair is sure to impress. The timeless design provides comfort that never goes out of style.

5. Best Frame: Mockins 2-Person Large Hanging Egg Chair

When it comes to durability, Mockins’ 2-Person Large Hanging Egg Chair is top-notch. The oversized chair features thick powder-coated steel tubing designed for heavyweight support. This sturdy frame can handle two full-sized adults, up to 440 pounds combined.

The curved beams prevent sagging, even with long-term use. Large hanging hooks, chains, and canopy rings stand up to heavier weight than standard hardware. Oversized resin wicker hand-woven over the frame resists cracking.

Everything about this extra-roomy chair is made for stability, from the non-slip rubber feet to the weather-resistant materials. Two seat cushions and two back pillows provide ergonomic comfort. Despite the spacious 55” diameter, the chair assembles easily in under an hour.

If durability and weight capacity are your main concerns for family or guest use, this 2-person chair is tough to beat. The relaxed comfort will make your backyard a favorite hangout spot for kids and adults alike.

How to Select the Perfect Hanging Egg Chair

With plenty of varieties available, it helps to have a strategy when choosing an egg chair. Factors like size, materials, weight capacity, and hanging style impact comfort and longevity.

Consider the following criteria to pick the ideal hanging egg chair for your needs:


  • Standard dimensions are approx. 43” long by 28” wide x 86” high overall. Measure your overhead clearance to ensure adequate space.
  • Oversized double chairs can fit two adults comfortably. But they require more substantial hanging supports.
  • Compact folding chairs are great for smaller spaces. But they compromise some comfort.
  • Try a chair in person at full capacity to test dimensions and comfort.


  • Powder coated steel, aluminum, or epoxy coated steel frames hold up best outdoors. Plastic frames seem flimsy.
  • Thicker, reinforced curves prevent sagging over time. Check that hardware connections are solid.
  • Wider upper chains better distribute weight. Straps should have reinforced stitching.

Weight Capacity

  • Standard capacity ranges from 265-300 pounds. Sturdier steel models can hold 440+ pounds.
  • If 2+ people will use the chair, ensure it’s rated for heavier combined weights.
  • Heavier individuals need very sturdy frames. Avoid chairs prone to flexing or bending.


  • PE rattan wicker is weatherproof, easy to clean, and retains its shape when wet. It’s durable and attractive.
  • Banana leaf rattan offers natural style but requires more protection from the elements.
  • Fabrics like polyester and acrylic work for cushions but should have water-resistant treatment.

Hanging Mechanism

  • Chain systems allow the chair to fully rotate and swing freely.
  • Rope setups limit mobility but keep the chair more stable.
  • Adjustable hooks let you tweak the hang height to your liking.
  • Consider permanent versus temporary installation based on your overhead hanging supports.


  • Canopies provide adjustable shade from sun. But they can catch wind when up.
  • Cushions should be thick and conforming to pressure points. Pillows boost comfort.
  • Cup holders, pockets, and trays let you keep snacks and drinks within arm’s reach.
  • Match frames and cushions to your existing color scheme and outdoor furniture.

Hanging Egg Chair FAQs

If you’re still evaluating whether a hanging chair fits your backyard, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What’s the best location to hang an egg chair outside?

Ideal spots are covered spaces like patios, gazebos, and porches. This protects chairs from harsh sun and direct rain or snow. Face chair openings away from midday sun to avoid glare. Position near seating areas to stay part of the conversation.

How much weight can hanging egg chairs hold?

Average weight capacity is 265-300 pounds. Some extra-sturdy steel models can hold up to 440 pounds for multiple users. Look for chains and hardware rated for at least twice the weight limit for safety.

Do I need stands for outdoor hanging egg chairs?

Hanging chairs do require separate stands, beams, hooks or other supports to suspend them. Freestanding and wall-mounted stand options are available. Ensure your stand meets the chair’s weight and dimension specs.

What’s the proper hanging height?

Recommended hanging height is 12-24” above ground level. This allows easy entry/exit while enabling a gentle swinging motion. Adjustable hanging chains let you tweak the height for comfort. Avoid hanging too high or swinging could become excessive.

How do I weatherproof and care for an outdoor hanging egg chair?

Select UV- and water-resistant materials like powder-coated metals, PE rattan wicker, weather-treated cushions. Use fabric water repellent spray. Add heavy duty outdoor covers in off seasons. Store cushions indoors when not in use. Inspect hardware and wipe down regularly.

Relax in Style with a Hanging Egg Chair

Hanging egg chairs let you create a serene backyard escape or patio paradise. Their eye-catching silhouette stands out while providing ergonomic comfort. Durable all-weather materials ensure your chair provides cozy swinging relaxation for years.

Focus on solid construction like rust-resistant frames, weatherproof wicker or rattan, and reinforced hanging mechanisms. This ensures your investment lasts through seasons of use. Don’t forget thick, contoured cushions for essential comfort, too.

Then simply pick the ideal spot, suspend your chair, and sink into the peaceful motions of your backyard oasis. Once you have your own hanging egg chair, your home will become the neighborhood’s favorite hangout spot!