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Outdoor living spaces like patios, gazebos and poolside lounging areas are becoming more and more popular as people look to integrate indoor and outdoor areas for seamless home entertaining. With this trend, the demand for outdoor furniture that is as stylish and comfortable as indoor furniture has also increased. One material that is extremely popular for contemporary outdoor furniture is rattan wicker. Its natural texture and rustic appeal make it perfect for relaxed outdoor spaces. Sectionals, with their modular nature and abundant seating, are also a great outdoor furniture choice for hosting and lounging with family and friends.

Rattan wicker sectionals allow you to combine the benefits of both while providing an extremely attractive, cozy and customizable outdoor seating option. In this post, we will look at what exactly rattan wicker is, the benefits of rattan sectionals for outdoor areas, what to consider when choosing one and some of the best rattan wicker sectional options to enhance your exterior space.

What is Rattan Wicker?

Rattan is a type of woven vine that is used to create woven outdoor furniture pieces. It is derived from a climbing palm that is native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. The stems of the rattan palms are harvested, peeled and dried to make them suitable for use in furniture. Rattan has a solid core but with a woven outer layer, which makes it ideal for shaping into various forms like chairs, tables, sofas etc. It is extremely strong and durable due to its natural composition.

Once harvested, rattan stems are shaped into desired forms and woven into various patterns and styles. This woven style of crafting furniture is known as wicker furniture. While rattan is one type of material, wicker refers to the actual weaving technique. Other natural fibers like bamboo, seagrass, willow etc are also used in wicker furniture. The most common type of outdoor wicker furniture uses rattan cores with woven rattan outer layers.

Rattan wicker furniture provides many benefits, especially for outdoor use:

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move around or rearrange
  • Provides good air circulation unlike solid wood furniture
  • Resists damage from moisture, humidity and salt spray, making it ideal for poolside and beach locales
  • Does not crack, peel, warp or rust like other woods or metals
  • Natural rustic appearance that blends into outdoor settings seamlessly
  • Low maintenance as it does not require extensive cleaning or conditioning
  • Affordable compared to high-end teak or metal outdoor furniture

The ability to withstand weather elements and add breezy, laidback style is what makes rattan wicker the number one choice for contemporary outdoor furniture. Using it for modular sectionals allows even more versatility and comfort.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Rattan Sectional

Rattan wicker sectionals provide myriad options when it comes to size, shape, colors and configurations. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when picking the perfect one for your outdoor space:

  • Intended location – A rattan sectional destined for a covered patio will have different requirements than one placed near a poolside or garden. Think about the amount of sun, wind or humidity the furniture will be subjected to.
  • Size of the space – Make sure to pick a sectional that will fit your outdoor area appropriately. Measure the dimensions and also consider pathways, entrances etc. Modular sectionals allow customizing to your space.
  • Weather conditions – If your area receives heavy rain or intense sunlight most of the year, choose a rattan weave that is very dense. Similarly for extremely cold or windy areas, some weaves may become brittle.
  • Size and configurations – Consider the number of people you want to seat and the overall size. Curved sectionals work well in corners while modular pieces can be arranged in L, U or even zigzag shapes.
  • Frame material – Aluminum or steel frames add more durability while wood looks more natural. Waterproof coating is a must for longevity.
  • Cushions – Thicker cushions with plush foam offer more comfort. Make sure covers are removable and reversible. Welt cording gives a cleaner tailored look.
  • Accessories – Matching tables, ottomans, shelves and cushion covers provide a coordinated look. Glass or stone table tops are a nice complement.
  • Budget – Rattan can range from budget to high-end. Make sure to get the look you want while staying within your price point.

Keeping these factors and your specific needs in mind will help narrow down the myriad choices in rattan sectionals.

Top 5 Rattan Wicker Sectionals

Now that you know what defines quality rattan wicker sectionals, let’s look at some of the best options currently available:

1. Hawthorne Rattan Sectional from Pottery Barn

This gorgeously designed 6-piece sectional would be the highlight of any outdoor space. The Hawthorne features a rich chocolate all-weather wicker construction made to endure seasons outdoors. The large curved sections provide an elegant silhouette.

It has an inner rust-resistant aluminum frame and thick Dacron wrapped foam cushions for durability and comfort. The Sunbrella fabric on the cushions resists fading and mildew even after heavy use. This set can comfortably seat 8-10 people and is perfect for lounging for hours. The espresso finish gives it a refined presence that works with various styles from modern to farmhouse chic.

Pros: Weather-resistant materials, plush comfortable cushions, expansive seating

Cons: Assembly can be challenging, higher maintenance than synthetic rattan

Ideal Placement: Poolside lounging, large patios, garden terraces

Price Range: $$$

2. Monterey Wicker Sectional Sofa from Wayfair

This modular rattan sectional makes the most of its smaller footprint by offering versatile configurations. The Monterey features a synthetic all-weather resin wicker that has the look of natural rattan but requires less maintenance. The modular chaise and corner pieces can be arranged in U, L or C shapes.

The cushioned seating provides 5” of plush foam for comfort. The powder-coated aluminum frame has a 15-year warranty for longevity and the water-resistant beige cushions are fade, stain and mold resistant. This is an excellent budget-friendly option for smaller patios and balconies.

Pros: Modular and customizable, easy no-fuss maintenance, cushy foam cushions

Cons: Not as durable as natural wicker, limited color/size options

Ideal Placement: Condos, apartment patios, smaller backyards

Price Range: $$

3. Carmel Wicker Rattan 6-Piece Sectional Seating from L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is known for its New-England inspired rugged outdoor furniture built to handle the elements. The Carmel sectional features woven weather-resistant rattan over a rust-free powder-coated steel frame.

The substantial seats and high supportive back provide incredible comfort. The 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella fabric resists mildew and UV damage. The neutral mineral color scheme blends into any outdoor setting.

With deep seating and high arms, this sectional invites you to sink in and relax in comfort. The modular design also allows you to customize it to your space.

Pros: Extremely durable construction, comfortable deep seats, neutral colors

Cons: Traditional style may not work with some decors, heavy and difficult to move

Ideal Placement: Porches, pool areas, backyards

Price Range: $$$$

4. Maui Wicker Rattan Sectional Sofa from Christopher Knight Home

Make a breezy tropical statement with this rattan sectional from Christopher Knight. The hand-woven synthetic PE wicker mimics chic cabana style furniture with its deep brown hue. The curved armless loveseat and corner wedge can be paired with other modular pieces for a customized arrangement.

The water-resistant beige cushions pair nicely with the espresso frame. The back and seat cushions have a total thickness of 6 inches to provide plush support and comfort. Durable brown aluminum feet complete the leisurely resort look. Sit back with a fruit smoothie and imagine yourself lounging seaside.

Pros: Affordable price, hand-woven look, relaxed tropical vibe

Cons: Not as sturdy as natural rattan, cushions need frequent fluffing

Ideal Placement: Poolside, apartments, balconies

Price Range: $

5. Solana Wicker Rattan Sofa & Loveseat Set from Home Depot

This rattan sectional set from Home Depot combines modular versatility with transitional flair. The woven polyethylene wicker has the look of natural rattan but is completely weather and UV resistant. The neutral mist gray color pairs well with any outdoor decor.

The loveseat and corner chair can be used alone or combined to seat 5 people comfortably. The aluminum frames feature all-weather powder coating and are rust and crack-resistant. Plush cushions and toss pillows encourage lounging poolside for hours. While affordable, this set doesn’t compromise on quality or comfort.

Pros: Transitional style, weather-resistant, plush cushions, versatile modular design

Cons: Limited color options, plastic feel instead of natural wicker

Ideal Placement: Patios, smaller backyards, poolside

Price Range: $

This covers some of the most popular and highest quality rattan wicker sectional options currently on the market at different price points. Whether you prefer modern, classic or tropical flair, you are sure to find the perfect sectional to take your outdoor oasis to the next level.

FAQs About Rattan Wicker Sectionals

How durable is rattan wicker furniture?

Natural rattan wicker can last between 5-7 years outdoors, more if given proper maintenance. Synthetic rattan can last up to 10 years as it resists weathering and sun damage better.

Does rattan furniture require a lot of maintenance?

Natural rattan needs to be hosed down frequently and protected from moisture and UV rays. Synthetic poly-resin rattan just needs an occasional wipe down and rinsing.

Is rattan furniture expensive?

Rattan is quite affordable and cheaper than teak wood or metal outdoor sets. Natural rattan costs more than synthetic but is still reasonably priced.

What are the pros and cons of rattan vs wooden outdoor furniture?

Rattan dries faster than wood, doesn’t crack or peel, and resists mold and mildew. However, wood offers more custom stain colors while rattan is limited to natural hues.

How do I clean and care for my rattan sectional?

Brush off loose dirt, hose down regularly. For stubborn stains, use mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Protect with furniture covers when not in use. Fluff cushions to retain shape.


Rattan wicker sectionals allow you to furnish your outdoor living space in comfort, style and with customization options. The natural breezy charm of woven rattan paired with the practicality of modular sectionals results in the ideal outdoor furniture. Match the sectional to your decor, space and needs to create your perfect relaxation destination outdoors. Our top five rattan sectional picks offer high quality, comfort and great styling at different price points. Investing in one of these beauties will take your patio or poolside to the next level. Happy lounging!