Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Round with a Metal Pergola

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A pergola is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space. With an open roof and sturdy columns, pergolas provide shade and structure in an aesthetically pleasing way. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard, garden or patio.

Metal is one of the most popular materials for pergola construction. Metal pergolas are long-lasting, stable, and can handle all kinds of weather. A metal pergola is a worthwhile investment that will stand the test of time.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of metal pergolas, the top kits available, what to consider when choosing one, and answer frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in!

The Benefits of Choosing a Metal Pergola

There are many reasons why metal makes an excellent pergola material:

  • Durability – Metal is highly durable against the elements like rain, wind, and sunlight. Steel and aluminum pergolas can last 25+ years.
  • Strength – Metal pergolas are structurally strong, providing stability and safety under pressure. They can handle heavy weight like hanging swings.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance compared to wood. An occasional cleaning is all it needs.
  • Design Flexibility – Metals like aluminum can be formed into creative shapes. Metal pergolas range from ornate to modern.
  • Cost-Effective – Metal kits are competitively priced for the quality. DIY installation also saves on labor costs.

Now let’s look at some of the top metal pergola kits available in the market today…

Top 5 Metal Pergola Kits

1. Stratco Outback Pergola

  • Australian brand designing quality outdoor metal structures for over 70 years
  • Offer complete customization – size, roof type, finishes
  • ** Sturdy steel frame** resists corrosion
  • Attractive contemporary design suits modern homes
  • Easy DIY installation with detailed instructions
  • 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Higher end of the price spectrum, starts around $3,000

2. Kits Direct Modern Cedar Pergola Kit

  • Streamlined modern aesthetic, mimics wood grain look
  • Made of powder-coated rust-resistant aluminum
  • Curved rafter tails add decorative flair
  • DIY style with pre-cut pieces for simple assembly
  • Affordably priced under $1,500
  • Best for contemporary styled backyards and patios

3. Sojag Messina Hardtop Gazebo

  • Uniquely designed sunroof provides full overhead shade
  • Durable powder-coated aluminum frame and UV-resistant roof
  • Lattice sidewalls allow breeze flow-through
  • Can add curtains for more enclosure and privacy
  • On the smaller side at 10′ x 12′ maximum
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Under $2,000 price point

4. Yardistry Prado Pergola

  • Minimalist cubic profile with crisscross rafters
  • Galvanized steel frame with durable powder coating
  • Slats included for partial shade coverage
  • Larger size options up to 13′ x 14′
  • Low maintenance and easy to assemble
  • Budget pick under $1,000
  • Ideal basic metal pergola for small to midsize yards

5. Sunjoy Wellington Gazebo

  • Decorative metal pergola with canopy and net drapes
  • Made of rust-resistant powder-coated steel
  • Provides UV protection with adjustable sunshade
  • Base can be freestanding or anchored
  • Scalloped valance adds a romantic vibe
  • On the smaller side at 10′ x 10′
  • Affordably priced around $600
  • Perfect metal pergola for patios and decks

In summary, there are high quality metal pergola kits available across a wide range of prices and designs. Consider the aesthetics, size, features, materials and ease of install for your needs.

Next, let’s go over what to think about when choosing the perfect metal pergola for your backyard…

What to Look for When Choosing a Metal Pergola

Picking out the right metal pergola requires some planning and consideration. Here are the key factors to weigh:

  • Budget – Metal pergola prices can vary from a few hundred to several thousands. Have a budget in mind and find options to match.
  • Dimensions – Measure your outdoor space and know precisely what pergola size you need. Height, length and width are all important.
  • Aesthetic Design – Metal pergolas range from elaborate scrollwork to modern sleek. Choose your preferred decor style.
  • Ease of Installation – Some kits are easy DIY, others require professional assembly. Factor cost and skill needed.
  • Construction – Seek quality rust-resistant metals like powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel.
  • Additional Features – Decide if you want curtains, shades, lighting or shelving included.
  • Yard Suitability – Make sure the scale and location fit nicely within your yard layout and landscaping.
  • Local Regulations – Check permit needs and codes for permanent backyard structures.
  • Weather Resistance – Your climate determines the roofing and durability needed. Withstand all seasons.

Taking these considerations into account will help you select the ideal metal pergola for your specific backyard.

Now let’s get into some commonly asked questions about metal pergolas…

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Pergolas

What size metal pergola is best for a small yard?

For a small yard, a 10×10 or 12×12 pergola is recommended. This allows for an intimate seating, dining or relaxation space without dominating the limited area available.

How long does a metal pergola kit take to install?

Most quality DIY metal pergola kits can be fully installed in 1-3 days with 2+ people working. Hiring professional assembly can speed up the process considerably.

What tools are required to assemble a metal pergola?

Typical tools needed are:

  • Power drill
  • Sledgehammer
  • Ladder
  • Level
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver set
  • Concrete anchors

Ensure you have materials on hand before beginning.

How do you anchor a metal pergola to a concrete or deck surface?

For concrete, use wedge anchors drilled into the slab surface. For decks, go with lag bolts secured into the board. Follow kit instructions closely.

What’s the best way to weatherproof a metal pergola?

Regular cleaning, applying a clear sealant, and using rust-resistant paint helps maintain. For heavy rainfall, add clear corrugated roof panels or a canopy.

How much weight can a metal pergola safely hold?

This depends on the pergola’s size and construction, but generally metal can handle several hundred pounds. Enough for lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, hanging swings and decor.

Can you screen in a metal pergola for more sun protection?

Yes, metal pergolas can be screened in with removable curtains or permanent lattice panels. For even more shade, go with a sunshade canopy or clear corrugated roof.

In summary, metal is one of the most versatile and durable pergola materials. With proper planning and smart design choices, a metal pergola can provide lasting beauty and enjoyment for your outdoor living spaces. Reach out if you need any assistance finding the perfect metal pergola kit for your backyard!