Enhance Your Rattan Furniture With the Perfect Armchair Cushion

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Rattan armchairs are all the rage lately for indoor and outdoor decor. The natural palm material brings a cozy, breezy feel to any space. But even the most ergonomic rattan chair can use a little extra padding for comfort. That’s where a tailored armchair cushion comes in handy.

The right cushion elevates your rattan chair from simply stylish to a plush oasis for curling up with a good book. A cushion also protects your chair from wear and tear over time. With so many options on the market, how do you choose the best cushion for your needs? We’ll cover tips for picking the perfect cushion for your rattan armchair here.

What to Look for in a Rattan Armchair Cushion

When selecting a cushion for your rattan chair, start by considering your needs and priorities. Are you looking for a cushion that prioritizes style, maximum coziness, or weather resistance?

Measure the dimensions of your armchair, especially the width, depth and height. You want a cushion that fits snugly without being crammed in or left loose. Take into account the shape of your rattan chair arms as well. A chair with rounded arms does best with a cushion with rounded corners rather than a sharp square angle.

The most common rattan armchair cushion materials include cotton, linen, microfiber, and polyester. Cotton offers breathability while microfiber and polyester provide plushness. For outdoor rattan furniture, acrylic and polyester blend cushions withstand weather well.

Think about your lifestyle and how often you’ll use the chair when considering color and pattern options. For heavy use indoors, durable dark colors may be best to conceal wear over time. But if you want a cushion that doubles as a decor statement, choose a colorful patterned fabric that complements your space.

Look for cushions with convenient design features like ties or elastic bands to hold the cushion firmly on the chair. For outdoor rattan furniture, water-resistant materials are a must.

Top 5 Rattan Armchair Cushions

After comparing reviews and ratings across the most popular options, we’ve highlighted the best rattan armchair cushions available. Keep reading for our top recommendations:

1. Divine Home Dalia Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

With its rounded profile and box-stitched tufted design, the Dalia cushion brings a stylish pop of color to any rattan chair. The polyester fabric has a linen-like look while remaining soft and smoothing.


  • Rounded corners
  • Tufted box stitch design
  • 100% Polyester indoor/outdoor fabric
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Available in array of colors like aqua, red, yellow and more

This cushion makes the perfect addition for a covered patio or enclosed sunroom where style is the priority. The bright color options work beautifully to offset neutral rattan. Plus the rounded shape provides great arm support.

2. Heston Tufted Oversized Armchair Cushion

For those looking to maximize comfort, you can’t go wrong with the extra thick Heston Tufted cushion. At 6 inches thick, this oversized cushion is made for cozying into for the long haul.


  • Super plush at 6” thickness
  • Tufted surface adds depth
  • Zippered slipcover is removable for cleaning
  • Velcro ties keep cushion secure on chair
  • Made of polyester and cotton blend

With its classic tufted design and variety of subdued colors like ivory, navy and gray, this cushion suits traditional décor. Its generous proportions make it perfect for wide armchairs. The Velcro ties prevent sliding.

3. Clairebella Canvas Indoor/Outdoor Cushion

For coastal inspired decor, the Clairebella canvas cushion brings the feeling of a seaside cottage right to your patio or sunroom. The durable canvas cover is embellished with colorfast fade-resistant fabric that captures the essence of ornate antique tapestry designs.


  • Antique style tapestry patterned fabric
  • Canvas cover material ideal for outdoor use
  • Generous thickness at 5 inches
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Corner ties keep cushion firmly positioned

The vintage vibe of this cushion invokes the feeling of comfort and lived-in charm. Even if using this cushion outdoors, you don’t have to sacrifice style thanks to the ornate patterns that mimic a handmade tapestry passed down through generations.

4. Miksol Original Outdoor Chair Cushion

Miksol cushions are engineered specifically to withstand all weather conditions while providing ergonomic comfort. The structured cushion maintains its shape and support over years of use. With over 100 vivid colors and patterns, you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your taste.


  • Specifically designed for outdoor use
  • Polyester fiber filling keeps cushion uniform and supportive
  • Cover is woven from durable, UV resistant fabric
  • Over 100 colors and patterns like stripes, florals and geometrics
  • Structured flat top with rounded corners

The flat top and squared corners of Miksol cushions make them super easy to secure to chair frames so they don’t budge an inch. While overwhelmingly positive for their durability and color selection, some note these cushions are on the thinner side.

5. FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Cushion

Specifically engineered with ergonomic comfort top of mind, the FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic cushion provides luxurious support. An egg-crate foam base cushions pressure points while the quilted cover allows air circulation.


  • Egg-crate orthopedic foam base for posture support
  • Breathable gusseted quilted surface
  • Stain resistant fabric with moisture barrier backing
  • Available in square or contoured curved shape
  • Can machine wash cover

The curved profile option is excellent for rounded rattan chair frames. And the stain resistant quilted cover allows for easy cleaning. If you suffer from back issues, this ergonomic cushion can provide lasting relief and proper spinal alignment.

Tips for Caring for Your Cushion

To get the most life and enjoyment from your rattan armchair cushion, follow these care tips:

  • Vacuum regularly – Regular vacuuming keeps your cushion free of crumbs, pet hair and other debris that can gradually cause wear.
  • Spot clean messes ASAP – Don’t let spills sit on the cushion fabric. Blot with a clean damp towel and use mild soap if needed. For removable covers, machine wash on gentle cycle.
  • Store cushion indoors when not in use – For cushions used outdoors, make sure to bring them in when not in use to maintain condition and prevent mold or mildew.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight – Fading can be minimized by storing cushion away from windows and sunlight when not in chair. Turn cushion regularly.
  • Inspect for signs of wear – Check seams for fraying or holes and flatten/fluff cushions as needed. Replace at first signs of deterioration.
  • Use covers for outdoor rattan – Outdoor rattan chairs will benefit from additional cushion covers for when cushions are not in use.
  • Rotate and fluff frequently – Rotate cushion to evenly distribute wear. Fluff fill regularly to maintain shape and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions about rattan armchair cushions:

How often should you replace a rattan cushion?

Every 2-3 years, though it depends on frequency of use and quality. Regularly inspect for wear and replace once cushion loses shape, becomes thin or shows damage.

Can you put rattan cushions in the washing machine?

For cushions with removable covers, the cover can be machine washed on gentle cycle and air dried. But the cushion fill itself should not be machine washed.

How do you keep a rattan cushion from sliding off chairs?

Look for cushions with corner ties or elastic bands to keep them secured in place. You can also add non-slip rug grip pads to the base of your cushion to prevent sliding.

What is the best outdoor rattan cushion material?

Outdoor polyester or acrylic/polyester blend fabrics resist weathering and drying out better than natural materials like cotton. Water repellent nano-coatings add further outdoor protection.

What thickness is best for a comfortable cushion?

4-6 inches thick offers a nice balance of comfort and support. Thinner cushions under 3 inches may flatten and compromise comfort over time.

Are rattan chair cushions durable?

High-quality rattan cushions made with weather-resistant fabrics and dense fill can withstand regular use for 2-3 years or longer before needing replacement. Check reviews to assess durability.

Do I need a special cushion for a rattan hanging chair?

Yes, hanging chair cushions are smaller in width and depth so they don’t overhang awkwardly on the sides. Make sure to get a cushion specifically made for hanging chairs.

Where can I buy replacement cushions for rattan chairs?

Many rattan furniture brands sell replacement cushions tailored for their chairs. You can also find quality third party cushions on sites like Wayfair, Overstock, Etsy and Amazon. Shop by chair dimensions.

Final Thoughts

The right cushion can make all the difference when it comes to maximizing the comfort potential of your rattan armchair. Whether you prioritize plushness, style, weather resistance or ergonomic support, there’s a tailored cushion option that’s perfect for your space and needs. Follow our tips to pick the ideal cushion fabric, fill, dimensions and features.

Give your rattan chair new life or protect your investment with a high quality, well-fitting cushion. Then follow proper care and storage methods to ensure your cushion stays in tip-top condition for seasons to come. Happy perching!