Elegance and Function: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Velvet Storage Bench

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Velvet furniture never goes out of style. The rich, luxurious texture and sophisticated drama of velvet upholstery can instantly elevate any space. And one of the most versatile velvet furniture pieces is the storage bench. With its combination of handy storage and cozy seating, a velvet storage bench is a functional yet elegant addition to many rooms of the home.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best velvet storage benches on the market and share tips for choosing the right one to suit your style and storage needs. Learn why velvet benches are so popular, get recommendations for top styles and designs, and find answers to frequently asked questions about owning one of these multipurpose furniture pieces.

Why Velvet Storage Benches Are So Popular

Storage benches provide the perfect solution for adding extra seating and discreet storage space to a home. They work wonders in high-traffic areas like mudrooms, entryways and bedrooms. The storage compartment is great for stowing shoes, toys, linens, accessories, and anything else that needs a quick hideaway.

Now take the functionality of a classic storage bench and add the elegance of velvet upholstery, and you have a furnishing that’s equal parts practical and pretty. The indulgent softness and refined sheen of velvet elevate the standard bench silhouette to create a piece that feels luxurious. Velvet benches offer a nice balance of form and function.

Storage benches also come in many shapes, sizes and styles. You can find compact benches perfect for squeezed spaces, long cushioned benches that provide plush seating, and handsome tufted ottomans doubling as coffee tables. Whether you fancy a traditional, modern, or bohemian design aesthetic, there’s a velvet storage bench to suit your taste.

The Best Velvet Storage Benches

If you’re ready to add the sophistication of a velvet storage bench to your living space, here are five top-rated options to consider:

1. Tufted Mid-Century Velvet Storage Bench

This gorgeous velvet bench gets its chic style from classic mid-century modern design. The crisp lines and tapered wooden legs paired with button-tufted velvet upholstery create a furnishing that’s contemporary yet timeless.

It features a lift-up seat to access ample storage space inside. At over four feet long, it provides a roomy seating area with a weight capacity up to 250 pounds. The mid-height profile hits that sweet spot between a low ottoman and high bench. It would lend refined style as a bedroom bench, entryway seat or vanity stool.

Pros: Elegant mid-century style, generous storage, soft velvet upholstery, sturdy hardwood frame.

Cons: Higher price point, assembly required, velvet requires gentle care.

2. Upholstered Shoe Storage Bench

If you’re struggling with cluttered entryways and shoe piles by the front door, this upholstered storage bench is here to help. The flip-top lid reveals three handy compartments perfect for organizing shoes.

Made from engineered wood in a dark espresso finish, this bench has a contemporary vibe. But the soft velvet or faux leather upholstery adds warmth and comfort. At just over three feet wide, it’s sized right for small foyers and mudrooms. There’s even a removable lid staying to keep your belongings out of sight.

Pros: Discreet storage for shoes, coats, accessories. Perfect entryway size. Easy assembly.

Cons: Thin padding not ideal for extended seating.

3. Modern Minimalist Velvet Bench

For a storage bench with a sleek, contemporary look, this minimalist design fits the bill. The low-profile frame with slim metal legs has a light, airy feel perfect for today’s modern spaces.

Choose from several luxe velvet upholstery colors like navy, emerald, blush or charcoal. The interior storage compartment is best for lighter items like blankets or kids toys. At just under three feet wide, this compact bench is sized right for tight spots and smaller seating areas.

Pros: Space-saving dimensions, versatile modern style, variety of rich velvet colors.

Cons: Limited storage capacity, less padded than some benches.

4. Tufted Velvet Storage Ottoman

If you want a storage bench that pulls double duty as a coffee table or ottoman, this tufted velvet cube is just the ticket. The classic storage ottoman shape has that familiar cozy, casual feel. But the diamond-tufted velvet upholstery and dark stained wooden feet add a refined, elegant touch.

The sturdy hardwood frame supports up to 250 pounds if you want to use this piece for seating. As a coffee table, you’ll appreciate the generous interior storage space. And it comes in versatile colors like navy blue, charcoal grey and antique rose velvet.

Pros: Lots of storage, can also use as a coffee table, quality construction.

Cons: More expensive due to solid wood frame, velvet shows wear easier than leather.

5. DIY Upholstered Velvet Bench

If purchasing a bench doesn’t fit your budget, consider making your own basic storage bench. This DIY design uses inexpensive plywood for the base, 2x4s for feet, foam for padding and velvet for upholstery.

With some basic wood-cutting skills, a staple gun and patience, you can create a customized velvet bench adapted to your exact space and storage needs. This is also a good beginner upholstery project before tackling more complex furniture pieces.

Pros: Customized size and height, relatively low cost, beginner DIY project.

Cons: Time investment for construction, less structured than pre-assembled bench.

Key Factors When Choosing a Velvet Storage Bench

Velvet storage benches may share common traits like upholstered tops and hidden storage compartments. But there are key differences that make certain benches better suited for particular spaces and uses. Here are important considerations when selecting your perfect velvet bench:

Size & Placement

First, think about where you want to use the bench and the dimensions that best suit the area. Do you need a long bench for the foot of a bed? A slim fit for an entryway? Measure the space to determine ideal bench length and depth.

Benches designed for entryways or mudrooms are often relatively narrow (around 20-24″) but longer (48″ or more). Bedroom benches range from small loveseat sizes to full 60″ lengths. For living rooms, an ottoman shape can pull double duty as a coffee table.

Storage Needs

Consider how you’ll use the storage space inside the bench. Do you need room for lots of shoes and boots? Blanket and sheet storage? Hideaway toy space? This will help determine if you want an option with multiple compartments vs a single large space. Look at storage capacity in cubic feet.

Also see if the bench has a removable lid on the storage area to keep contents out of sight. Some shoe storage benches have this handy feature. For display storage like books or baskets, an open lower shelf is nice too.

Seating Usage

Determine how often you’ll use the bench for seating vs purely as storage. More frequent seating means looking for something well-padded with a higher weight capacity and sturdy frame. If it will mainly be a coffee table or shoe storage, you can likely get by with less cushioning.

Look for weight capacity of 250 pounds or more if the bench will get regular use as a seat. Padded armrests also provide extra seating comfort. But less cushioning is fine for purely storage purposes.

Style & Design

Velvet benches come in a variety of styles, from ornate and traditional to sleekly modern. Look for a design that matches your existing room decor and furniture style. Do you prefer classic button-tufting? Low profile frames? Elaborate turned wooden legs?

Also consider velvet color options. For a glamorous, luxe feel, go for jewel-toned velvet like emerald green or sapphire blue. Neutral earth tones like cream and grey have a soothing effect. Black velvet makes a dramatic statement. Distressed fabrics provide a cozy vintage vibe.

Quality & Budget

Higher quality construction often equates to a higher price tag. But focus on investing in a solid wood frame, quality velvet fabric, and sturdy hardware like hinges and latches. These things will pay off in the long run with a bench that lasts for years vs something that falls apart after one season.

Set a realistic budget for what you can spend. But recognize you often get what you pay for when it comes to furniture craftsmanship and materials. Prioritize putting money into quality upholstery fabric, padding and a strong underlying frame.

Assembly & Care

Many pre-made benches will require some home assembly. Make sure this is a project you’re comfortable tackling based on your DIY skills and available tools. Some basic assembly with screwdrivers is manageable, but complex projects with wood joining may require expert help.

Also learn how to properly care for velvet upholstery. Unlike leather, velvet shows wear like crushing and staining more easily. But vacuuming and periodic steaming can revive the crushed pile. Spot clean stains gently with mild detergent and water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Velvet Storage Benches

Q: How is velvet different from other upholstery fabrics?

A: Velvet consists of a dense pile of short fibers that create a soft, luxurious texture. The pile gives it a distinctive sheen and depth of color. But this pile will crush and flatten over time, unlike smoother leather or woven fabrics. Velvet also shows wear more than leather. But proper care can help maintain its beauty.

Q: Is a storage bench the same thing as an ottoman?

A: While they are similar and sometimes used interchangeably, there are some key differences. Ottomans typically refer to a low, tufted cube or rectangle with internal storage. It can be used as a footrest or coffee table. Storage benches have a long, flat upholstered seat, often with a back, that also contains interior storage. Benches are made more for seating while ottomans tend to be used for resting feet or as tables.

Q: Should I choose a tufted or smooth storage bench?

A: This often comes down to visual style and desired comfort. Tufted benches have that classic buttoned look that never goes out of style. But some prefer the cleaner lines of a smooth non-tufted seat. Tufting also provides more cushioning as it leaves an air pocket between the buttons. But smooth upholstery can have plush padding too on high quality benches.

Q: How much weight can most velvet benches support?

A: Many quality velvet benches have a weight capacity of 250 pounds or more. But it depends on the underlying frame and if the bench is designed more for storage than seating. Benches with sturdy wood frames, corner blocks, and thicker foam can support more weight. If you’ll use it regularly for seating, look for a higher weight capacity like 300 pounds or more.

Q: What’s the best way to clean velvet upholstery?

A: Velvet requires gentle care to keep the delicate fibers from permanently crushing. Vacuum weekly using a soft brush head to lift fibers. Steam velvet once or twice a year to revive the pile. For spot cleaning stains, blot gently and use a very mild detergent or upholstery cleaner. Never rub or scrub velvet as this can damage the pile. Velvet also shouldn’t get wet. Check manufacturer instructions for care recommendations.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Perfect Velvet Bench

Velvet storage benches are a versatile, functional accent piece that can complement many decor styles from traditional to contemporary. They provide much needed storage solutions combined with cozy, elegant seating. With the right bench, they can be a chic focal point in your bedroom, entryway, or living space.

When selecting your perfect velvet bench, carefully consider where and how you’ll use it and match it with your interior design style. Measure your space, determine needed storage capacity, and assess your cushioning and seating priorities. Look for quality construction with solid wood frames, durable velvet upholstery and secure hardware. With the tips in this guide, you’re sure to find a dreamy velvet bench to elevate your home decor.