Dress to Impress: The Complete Guide to Choosing and Styling Your Six-Drawer Dream Dresser

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Your dresser is so much more than just a furniture piece. It’s an integral part of your bedroom style and storage system. The right dresser can make getting dressed feel like a luxurious ritual. The wrong one? More like a hopeless wrestling match with messy drawers as you hunt for missing socks and misplaced shirts.

When it comes to choosing a dresser, the options seem endless. But pay attention to the number of drawers. Six-drawer dressers have magical properties. Something about that vertical line of six stacked rectangles gives them an allure. Is it their versatility to multitask as a clothing storage system, TV console, bedside table, and display hutch all in one? Or the visual appeal of six symmetrically aligned drawers that tap into our sense of order?

Whatever the reason, the six-drawer dresser deserves special recognition. This dedicated furniture piece brings harmony to bedrooms in need of just the right balance of storage and style.

The Storage Hero You’ve Been Searching For

In the battle against bedroom clutter, be honest. Could your space use some heavy-duty organizational reinforcements? The typical three or four drawer dresser is a solid starter piece. But often, bedrooms need more specialized storage firepower.

That’s when it’s time to call for backup—in the form of a spacious six-drawer dresser. These dressers mean business, with their rows of ample storage capacity designed to handle even the most abundant wardrobe overflow.

With six roomy drawers, you’ll have space for all your clothing categories—from pants and shirts up top to undergarments and loungewear down below. Bulky sweaters can stretch out comfortably in bottom spacious drawers. No more cramming them into overstuffed top drawers that barely shut. Those top drawers are now freed up for neatly filed folded shirts, rumple-free for easy weekday mornings.

Have a linen obsession? Dedicate a drawer just for those crisp pillowcases and sheet sets. Are you constantly digging under a pile of tangled jewelry to find your go-to earrings? Say goodbye to the daily necklace knot with a dedicated accessories drawer to organize all your statement pieces. Love scarves? They’ll love having their own drawer too.

Vertical Visual Appeal

Besides their superhero storage powers, six-drawer dressers have an attractive vertical orientation that makes them a natural space-saver. Their relatively narrow width and taller height gives them a lighter visual footprint that doesn’t overwhelm the room. They tuck nicely next to the bed as a bedside table or against the wall as a sideboard.

If you arrange two six-drawer dressers together side-by-side with a decorative mirror hanging above, you’ve instantly created a built-in dresser look. The vertical lines of the dressers framed by the mirror make the collection feel like a unified wall unit without taking up your entire wall.

Another advantage of the upright six-drawer silhouette: the dresser doubles as a decorative piece even when the drawers are shut. Especially with ornately carved or uniquely painted dressers, the exterior design stands out on its own. Accent the dresser with decorative accessories on top to show off its style even when it’s not actively storing anything.

A Multitasking Piece Worth Investing In

When evaluating different dressers on the market, don’t underestimate the power of those two extra drawers. They may come at a higher price point, but a quality six-drawer dresser is an investment that pays dividends for years down the road. The additional upfront cost brings long-term value through its versatility and durability.

The spacious surface area on top of a six-drawer dresser opens up creative styling opportunities. Use it as a bedside table to hold a table lamp, alarm clock, and book stack. Or create a dedicated vanity space for makeup and perfumes with a mirror attached to the dresser or wall.

In the living room, a six-drawer dresser pulls triple duty as a TV console, entryway sideboard with a tray for keys and mail, and extra concealed storage for clutter like remote controls and chargers. For a guest room, place one bedside with a stylish coffee bar setup on top including mini Keurig, mugs, and creamers.

Overall, think beyond just clothing storage when evaluating six-drawer dressers. Their spacious sizing and versatile design adapt to so many needs for different rooms. And quality solid wood construction means the piece will last for years as needs change.

Shopping considerations – Look for Quality and Fit

Once you’re set on finding a six-drawer dresser for your space, here are key factors to evaluate for different models you’re considering:

Solid Wood Construction

Sturdy dressers start with quality materials. Solid hardwoods like oak, maple, mahogany, and cherry resist warping and cracking over years of use. Dovetailed joinery connects the dresser box tightly. Undermount drawer glides on wood sliders provide a smooth open and close.

Metal reinforcements on corners protect from dents and damage. A quality plywood or wood veneer back prevents scratches against the wall. Stay away from particleboard or composite woods that seem like bargains at first but won’t endure.

Spacious Drawer Dimensions

Don’t settle for shallow, narrow drawers that max out with a couple clothing items. Look for drawers at least 16-20 inches deep. Measure clothes and existing dressers at home to estimate ideal drawer depth and width.

Pay attention to drawer layouts as well. Some models feature different sized drawers, like deeper bottom ones, customizable dividers, or specialized compartments for valuables.

Full extension drawer slides are a worthwhile upgrade too. They allow you to pull drawers completely out and see contents in the back without bending and digging.

Size and Access

Take measurements of the space where you want to put the dresser. Will it fit through doorways in your home? Measure the height to fit under wall art or lighting fixtures.

Is there room to open all drawers fully without blocking walkways? Allow 2-3 feet clearance in front for moving drawers in and out. Measure side clearances too if placing next to a bed.

Also consider height of the dresser. Standard sizes range from 28-34 inches tall. Measure to ensure it fits alongside your bed height as a nightstand alternative.

Safety Features

If you have young children at home, make safety a priority. Look for models with soft-close drawer glides to prevent slamming injuries. Antitip kits securely anchor dressers to the wall studs to prevent dangerous tipping accidents.

For drawers storing breakables, furniture locks keep kids out of mischief. But also remind children to use caution and supervise playtime in the bedroom.

Style Matches Your Space

Beyond practical factors, choose a dresser that matches your personal style. Traditional styles feature ornate wood detailing like curved trim, raised panels and bun feet. Modern dressers gominimal with clean lines in sleek finishes.

Color also affects the look dramatically, from bold painted finishes to natural wood grains. Mix and match your dresser style to complement the other furnishings in your bedroom or living space.

Top Brands Offer Quality and Value

Quality materials and construction often equate to higher prices. But some brands balance attractive design with reasonable cost. Here are top rated six-drawer dresser brands to check out:

  • IKEA makes affordable, contemporary ready-to-assemble dressers with versatile designs and organizational accessories.
  • Target’s Threshold and Casalina dressers are budget-friendly for first apartments or guest rooms.
  • Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and Pottery Barn offer mid-range dressers in sleek modern or farmhouse styles.
  • Restoration Hardware and Ethan Allen have high-end luxury dressers to invest in long-term.

DIY or Buy Ready-Made?

Another choice is between ready-made and “ready-to-assemble” (RTA) dressers. Traditional dressers arrive fully constructed for instant use. With RTA dressers, you assemble the pieces yourself.

RTA kits cost less and let you inspect components closely during building. But assembly takes time and improper construction affects durability. Weigh benefits against your DIY skills and budget needs.

Unleash the Styling Potential

Okay, you’ve brought your stylish new six-drawer dresser home. Now it’s time for the fun part—showcasing your space and using your expanded storage. Get creative with these tips for styling and filling your dresser:

Dual Duty Decor

Your dresser should do more than just hide clothing. Display favorite photos, art, and meaningful objects on top to show off personality even when drawers are shut.

Mixing materials like wood tray decor with votive candles and glass vases creates an interesting still life arrangement. A hanging macrame planter over the dresser fills visual space above.

Mismatched Hardware

Most dressers come with matching pulls or knobs on every drawer. For a funky, eclectic look, swap out some of the knobs for different shapes, materials, or colors. Mix round wood knobs, black metal handles, and crystal ring pulls for a whimsical patchwork style.

Tame Messes in Style

Few of us shut all dresser drawers perfectly each morning. To keep surface messes out of sight, use baskets, trays, or bins. Woven baskets corral clutter in an organic style. Metal trays feel clean and modern.

Use decorative boxes and bowls to organize jewelry, accessories and desktop items. Choose sizes that fit precisely on dresser surface for a tailored look.

Drawer Dress Code

Now for the fun part—filling the spacious six drawers! Avoid just throwing everything in and shutting drawers quickly before contents burst out.

Use liner paper or shelf dividers to neatly section off types of clothing and add friction to prevent sliding. Cubbies, trays, and modular storage keep tiny items like socks wrangled in.

Rolling clothing vertically avoids messy folded stacks. Store off-season clothing under the bed to free up drawers.

Label Clearly

No need to guess what’s inside each drawer. Use adhesive labels, vinyl lettering, or washi tape to identify contents like “Socks & Underwear.”

Apply labels to the inside of drawers so they are hidden when closed. Or, put labels on the front for a playful graphic dresser style.

Accessorize Your Dresser

Take your dresser styling to the next level with clever additions:

  • Attach a mirror on the wall above for a built-in dresser-vanity look.
  • Add a storage ottoman bench at the dresser’s base. Store extra linens or serve as seating.
  • Pick a rug size that fits under the dresser’s legs to define the space.
  • Flank both sides with tall bookshelves for a built-in bookcase-dresser suite.

Your prized six-drawer dresser is ready to be the focal point of any room. Use it as creative inspiration strikes—clothing command center, display hutch, nightstand, workspace, entryway catchall.

No matter what you choose, just don’t keep its storage power locked away out of sight. Your dresser is meant to be shown off!

Answers to Your Top Dresser Dilemmas

Choosing the right dresser for your needs takes research. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that come up:

What are standard dresser sizes?

The typical six-drawer dresser ranges from 28-34 inches tall, 16-22 inches deep per drawer, and 50-72 inches wide. Measure your space’s height and depth to find the ideal fit. Also measure current furniture and clothing to determine ideal drawer sizes.

How much can I fit in a six-drawer dresser?

It depends on drawer dimensions and how you organize them. Estimate 12-15 folded shirts per regular sized drawer. Have taller storage needs? Choose a dresser with deeper drawers. Utilize compartments, dividers and drawer organizers to maximize space.

What type of wood is the most durable?

Opt for solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and mahogany over particleboard and cheaper composite woods. Also look for reinforced frame corners and quality joinery construction. With proper care, a solid wood dresser can last 30 years or more!

Should I get a natural or painted dresser?

It’s an aesthetic choice. Natural wood stains like oak, walnut, and cherry look rich but require careful dusting. Painted finishes in bold colors make the dresser a decor focal point. But paint is prone to nicks and chips over the years. Weigh personal style against practical factors.

Are soft-close drawers worth the extra cost?

If you can afford it, soft-close mechanisms are worthy upgrades, especially in kids’ rooms and high-traffic areas. They prevent drawers from slamming shut and muffle noise for a more luxurious feel. Soft-close glides also protect your belongings from impact damage.

How do I anchor my dresser to the wall?

Use tip-over restraint kits and secure firmly into wall studs, not just drywall. For added security, place heaviest items in bottom drawers to keep the dresser’s center of gravity low. Supervise young kids and remind them to shut drawers gently to prevent toppling accidents.

What are the best drawer organizers to buy?

Look for fabric bins, divided cubbies, expanding shelves and cutlery trays to compartmentalize drawers. Flexible organizers adjust to your changing needs. Felt foldable bins store sweaters and catch loose accessories. Use trays and risers to create vertical levels in deep drawers.

Should I assemble it myself or buy pre-assembled?

Pre-assembled dressers let you skip the work but cost more and risk shipping damage. With ready-to-assemble (RTA) dressers, you inspect pieces during building. But you’ll spend hours following complex instructions and supplying your own tools. Weigh time commitment and skill level vs. budget.

How do I fix sticky drawers?

Stickiness usually means misaligned drawer glides. Remove drawers, inspect tracks, and adjust alignment. Also lubricate wood glides with wax or silicone spray. Avoid detergents and oils that attract dirt over time. Tighten loose joinery and hardware. If issues persist, ask the manufacturer for repair help.

We hope these tips help you dress to impress with the six-drawer dresser of your dreams! The right dresser tidy’s up your space and adds style to any room. Let us know if you have any other dresser dilemmas – we’re here to help.