Brighten Up Your Home With Floral Patterned Throw Pillows

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Throw pillows are like the perfect accessory for your home. They allow you to easily inject personality, color and interest into any space. While you can choose pillows in simple solids, textured knits, or subtle patterns, there’s something about floral printed throw pillows that feels extra special. The vibrant colors and organic shapes of floral designs are quintessential for creating inviting, feel-good vibes in your home.

Floral throw pillows have a timeless, yet fresh appeal that can complement traditional and modern rooms alike. The blooms provide a subtle dose of nature and remind us of warmer seasons, even during the winter. Whether your style leans romantic and feminine or clean and contemporary, there is a floral print pillow perfect for you.

In this guide, we’ll share our top tips for selecting and styling the prettiest floral throw pillows to make a statement in your home. You’ll learn about different floral print styles, smart color and pattern pairings, placement ideas for every room, and advice for caring for your flowered pillows so they last.

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of petaled pillows! Big, bold blooms or quiet petite prints await…

Why Choose Floral Patterned Throw Pillows

Before we get to the pillow picking, let’s take a moment to highlight why floral throw pillows are so fabulous:

  • They add vibrancy and visual interest. Floral throw pillows enliven your spaces with pops of color, organic shapes, and richness. They provide momentum and energy.
  • They reflect different moods. Choose from palettes ranging from bright and cheerful primavera patterns to softer, more romantic and muted florals.
  • They work in any room. Floral pillows aren’t just for living rooms! Use them to add personality to bedrooms, kitchens, sunrooms, kids’ rooms – you name it.
  • They’re affordable and versatile. Changing up throw pillows is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of a room.
  • So many styles to explore. From large peonies to tiny rosebuds, watercolor blooms, and exotic tropical flowers, there’s a botanical pillow for every taste.
  • They bring nature indoors. Flower power! What better way to cultivate cozy cottagecore or urban boho vibes?

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to just how floral throw pillows can enhance your home. A few tossed onto a couch or bed truly make a difference. Next, let’s discover some of the most popular and timeless floral throw pillow styles.

Most Popular Floral Print Styles

When picturing floral printed throw pillows, what first comes to mind? Likely, big beautiful blooms in vibrant colors! While oversized floral designs are definitely a staple, there are so many other botanical styles to explore.

Here are some of the most popular categories of floral prints and patterns seen on throw pillows:

Large Scale Florals

These feature big, bold florals as the star of the show! Often the flowers are realistic and sometimes exotic varieties like hydrangeas and peonies spanning 16 inches across. Large scale floral pillows make a dramatic statement, especially on solid furniture or bedding.

Spaced Florals

Spaced floral pillows incorporate large blooms with plenty of open negative space around them. The flowers seem to float, providing a light and airy feel. These laidback tossed floral prints work beautifully showcasing the pillow shape.

Tossed Florals

For more organic variety, look for florals scattered in a casual, randomized pattern. These are sometimes called tossed or scattered florals. The pillows have an unstructured look and relaxed vibe perfect for bedroom lounging.

Watercolor Florals

Painted florals with diffused, blurred edges have a soft and romantic watercolor appearance. The colors blend into one another for a dreamy effect. These are optimal for farmhouse or cottagecore rooms.

Vintage Florals

Dainty vintage floral prints, often in antique color schemes like faded reds, mustard yellows, and periwinkle blues, are ideal for a grandmotherly chic style. Look for tiny rosebuds, delicate jasmine, and 4-5 inch blooms.

Tropical Florals

Escape to the tropics with hibiscus, palm leaves, banana leaves, and brightly-hued flowers like birds of paradise and orchids. These exotic pillows bring vacay vibes home. They’re perfect by the pool!


No floral list is complete without the rose, elegant queen of flowers and symbol of love. While red roses are classic, also consider soft peach, coral, lilac, and cream varieties too. English garden style rose prints with cabbage roses are another timeless favorite.


Chrysanthemum floral prints have a playful, untamed feel with their pompons of ruffled petals. These daisy-like blooms come in pretty much every color. Use mums to welcome autumn!


Pillows printed with dandelions, poppies, and side-of-the-road bouquet favorites exude joy with their bright, relaxed vibe. Scattered wildflowers translate beautifully to pillows.


Wisteria vine prints showcase gorgeous cascading bunches of purple and white bell-shaped flowers. These are such a charming way to hint at spring.


Peonies reign as a top throw pillow pick for their gorgeous, full ruffled flowers in shades like blush pink, coral, burgundy, white and red. It’s easy to design an entire peony pillow palette.


The queen of spring blossoms, magnolia flowers never fail to impress with their huge scale and dramatic silhouette featuring wide petals. Magnolia floral pillows celebrate the start of the season.

Now that you’re inspired by the breadth of floral varieties available, let’s move onto how to thoughtfully choose prints that work perfectly in your space.

Key Considerations When Selecting Floral Throw Pillows

Your pillow picks will really depend on your style, existing decor, and the mood you’re hoping the florals will impart. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Print Scale

Do you prefer big and bold florals that command attention or a small allover floral for subtle interest? If your furniture is on the busier side, small prints prevent a clash. On neutral sofas, go bold!

Color Scheme

Should your floral pillow colors complement your current palette or make a vibrant contrasting statement? Figure out your goals before falling for a pattern.

Variety vs Monochrome

Multiple colors lend energy while a single colorway, like blue and white hydrangeas, creates a more Zen and focused vibe. Decide whether you want a color pop or prefer tones blending together.

Finishing Details

Details like welting, fringes, embroidered accents, and even beaded or sequined flowers add personality. Tassel trim lends a boho vibe. Keep trims modern and minimal if aiming for a contemporary look.

Size and Shape

In addition to standard 18-20 inch square and rectangular pillows, play with oversized euro shams, floor cushions, round, and lumbar styles. Sculptural pillow shapes create interest.


Do you want silky sleek satin or cozy nubby linen? Pay attention to base fabric, in addition to the print, for best pairing with your furniture. Velvet and cotton are other great floral mediums.

Pattern Mixing

Keep base fabrics solid to let floral print shine or pair with subtle geometric, striped accents. Patterns can live happily together with proper balancing.

Flower Density

Some designs feature bouquets placed sparsely across the fabric while others are dense, kaleidoscopic florals. Density impacts the vibe so evaluate your goals.

Art Style

From impressionist to abstract and photo-realistic botanical prints there are so many art styles to explore beyond watercolor florals. Browse with an open mind!


While flowers represent spring and summer, you can find florals suited to any season – pale and moody for winter or rich autumnal colors and harvest flowers for fall cozy.

Take time to consider the above factors when searching for your perfect floral pillows. The right choices will effortlessly enhance your room’s atmosphere. Up next – dividing your spaces into floral pillow zones!

Floral Throw Pillow Placement Tips by Room

Now for the fun part – let’s put those pretty floral pillows in their place! How and where you style your printed throw pillows makes a difference. Follow these tips to create a cohesive yet interesting pillowscape in any room.

Living Room Floral Pillow Tips

The living room is a natural spot to experiment with fun new pillow prints. Here are some ideas:

  • Layer larger printed pillows over solids on your main sofa or sectional seating areas. Place solids by the armrests for support.
  • Use floral prints to pull together and tie in other living room patterns like on rugs, curtains, and armchair fabrics.
  • Brighten up neutral sofas with vivid pink peonies, orange tiger lilies, or turquoise hydrangeas.
  • Add floral pillows to chairs and ottomans throughout the living room to reinforce your colors and motifs.
  • Set off patterned pillows with cozy textured knit and woven throw blankets. Nice textural contrast!

Bedroom Floral Pillow Tips

Floral patterns set the stage for rest and romance in the bedroom. A few key principles:

  • Start by purchasing 2-4 matching floral pillows for a pulled-together, designer look. Vary prints between pillows in the same color family.
  • Use soft, muted florals in similar color schemes to your wall colors for a tranquil, harmonious look.
  • For interest, bring in 1-2 tone-on-tone printed floral pillows on solid bedding.
  • Heap printed pillows together against the headboard and prop them up during the day for a lounge-worthy vibe.
  • Contrast delicate floral prints with nubby knit throws, cable knit blankets, and linen for depth.

Kitchen Floral Pillow Tips

The kitchen isn’t just for solid Olefin pillows! Welcome mealtime charm with:

  • Florals sporting food colors – tomato red, lemon yellow, radish pink. Playful!
  • Washable cottons and linens for inevitable cooking mishaps.
  • Display 2-4 printed floral pillows on a built-in banquette or bench seating area.
  • Drape printed pillows over chair pads or barstools to soften hard edges.

Porch and Patio Floral Pillow Tips

Finally, let’s pretty up those porches, patios, decks, and sunrooms!

  • Welcome guests with a fresh batch of bright, happy floral prints on weatherproof outdoor pillows.
  • Resist rain and sun with indoor/outdoor pillows made of all-weather acrylic or olefin fabrics.
  • More eclectic pattern and color mixing is allowed for alfresco spaces than formal indoor rooms.
  • Pair floral pillows with powder coated metal furniture, rattan chairs, hanging plants, and outdoor lanterns.
  • Outdoor pillows are made for moving around! Frequently rearrange them for a fun vibe.

You have permission to go floral wild when styling porch and patio spaces. Those tips provide a great starting point for deploying petal power in any room.

Now let’s get into the fun part – combining and mixing multiple printed pillows for maximum impact!

Expert Tips for Mixing and Matching Floral Throw Pillow Prints

When it comes to pattern mixing, florals are one of the most versatile and forgiving. But there is an art to combining them beautifully. Follow these tips:

  • Coordinate colors across your varied floral pillow prints, but vary the scale and density of the patterns. Too many large blooms clash.
  • Always include some solid pillows and nubby textures in the mix to balance out busy florals. Baskets and pom-poms work too!
  • Pick a hero floral print you want as the focus and pull out 2-3 accent colors for coordinating solids.
  • Ground loud florals by pairing them with subtle geometrics and stripes for stability.
  • For lots of dimension, mix large and small scale prints together – a large peony print with tiny rosebuds, for example.
  • Bounce colors across your palette – if a pink floral has green foliage, bring in green and pink striped or checkered pillows.
  • For harmony, keep the pillow base colors consistent – florals on white backgrounds or darker florals on black.
  • Use the exact same colorway of floral across multiple different bloom varieties, like blue hydrangeas, roses, and calla lilies.
  • Limit yourself to 2-3 floral varieties so the overall feel is still cohesive.
  • Vary seasons in your mix – spring flowers alongside autumn leaves and winter berries.
  • Have fun combining antique florals with modern watercolors for an eclectic styling.
  • Mix up pillow sizes and shapes – some lumbar pillows, extra large squares, euro shams.
  • Incorporate different fabric sheens and textures: matte velvet, silky satin, nubby linen, flatweave cotton.

Don’t be afraid to really layer in different floral pillow prints in the same color family. The right mixing and matching can make it feel custom and upscale.

Top Places to Shop for Lovely Floral Throw Pillows

Now that we’ve got your floral pillow inspiration flowing, where are the best places to shop? Here are our recommended retailers:

  • Pillow and bedding boutiques – Crane and Canopy, Downluxe, The Company Store, Garnet Hill
  • Home goods chains – Target, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, World Market
  • Independent home stores – Look for well-curated local boutiques.
  • Fabric and craft stores – Joann Fabrics, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby.
  • Vintage and thrift stores for one-of-a-kind patterned finds.
  • Etsy – Tons of handmade custom pillows from independent artists.
  • Big box online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock for maximum selection.
  • Direct from designer pillow brands – Dash and Albert, Loloi, Bluemongol, Samarkand.
  • Home decor websites – Birch Lane, Joss and Main.

Visit a few of these home decor hotspots in person or online to find your perfect floral style! Before purchasing, always be sure to double check pillow measurements and fabrics to ensure it’s suitable. And with proper care, those stunners should enhance your space for many seasons.

Caring for Floral Patterned Throw Pillows so They Last

To get the most enjoyment from your floral pillows, you’ll need to care for them properly. Here are some top tips:

  • Fluff and arrange pillows regularly to keep them looking full and perky.
  • Plump inserts if they become compressed and lose oomph.
  • Spot clean stains ASAP using a mild detergent and damp white cloth.
  • Check care label instructions but most printed pillow covers can be machine washed and air dried.
  • Use removable zippered covers and wash on cold, delicate cycle. Never machine dry.
  • Vacuum pillows frequently to suck up dust particles, pet hair and other allergens.
  • Avoid placing pillows in direct sunlight which can cause fading.
  • Allow air to circulate behind pillows to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  • Store sofa pillows individually when not in use so they retain shape.
  • If heavily soiled, consider professional cleaning services to revive pillows.
  • Iron or steam on low as needed to smooth out wrinkles and creases.
  • Replace inserts periodically if they become too flattened and misshapen.

With proper care and cleaning, your beautiful floral accent pillows can stay looking fabulous for many years to come!

When Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Old Floral Throw Pillows?

Floral throw pillows are meant to be enjoyed! With time and use, they will eventually show wear and tear. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your printed pillows:

  • Fabric appears worn, faded or stained despite your best efforts.
  • Seams are loose, corners are dog-eared, fabric has rips or holes.
  • The pillow insert has become permanently lumpy or flat as a pancake.
  • Colors and patterns no longer coordinate with changed room decor.
  • You simply want to refresh the space with new seasonal patterns and colors.
  • The style of the room has changed and pillows no longer match the vibe.
  • Fabric has a matted, worn pile that cannot be revived or concealed.
  • If allergen concerns arise, like dust mites in down.
  • You need to coordinate with new furniture or window treatments and current pillows clash.
  • You want to switch heavier fabrics to lighter, cooler ones based on the season.
  • Down fill has shifted and needs to be redistributed, but can’t fluff back up.
  • Indoor/outdoor pillows are weatherbeaten after years on a patio or porch.
  • Cushions are flat, and pillow forms need to be replaced, not just covers.
  • Kids or pets have done a number on pillows with stains or damage.
  • You’ve just noticed the pillows are 5+ years old. It’s impressive they’ve lasted this long!

When those signs pop up, it’s likely time to breath new life into a space with fresh floral pillow picks. You may be surprised by how quickly faded old pillows can be replaced with vibrant new ones.

The key is regularly fluffing and maintaining them in between. Take time to find pillow prints and colors that really express your personality and style. Then, focus on caring for them properly so they elevate your rooms for years to come.

Final Floral Pillow Tips

We hope this guide has opened up new possibilities for styling gorgeous floral throw pillows throughout your home. Here are a few final tips:

  • Always have 2-3 extra pillow inserts on hand so you can easily change up covers.
  • Experiment with mixing pillow sizes and shapes for maximum interest.
  • Layer in pillows of different heights against headboards or on sofas.
  • Reference this guide anytime you need help on pairing and placement.
  • Have fun coming up with themed pillow vignettes – blue and white ceramics or book covers brought to life.
  • Snap some photos once your new floral pillows are primped in place! We’d love to see.

The right floral throw pillows can instantly energize and refresh your rooms. Let your creativity run wild and don’t be afraid to mix colors, patterns, and blooms until you find your perfect petal paradise. Happy floral pillow printing and styling!