Breathe New Life into Your Bedroom with the Perfect Floral Patterned Bedspread

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Your bedroom should be an oasis of relaxation and tranquility, a space that soothes and rejuvenates your senses. An eye-catching floral patterned bedspread is one of the easiest ways to instantly breathe new life into your bedroom decor and create a sanctuary of beauty and elegance.

From traditional chintz prints to modern abstract designs, floral patterned bedspreads offer endless possibilities to express your personal style. They can evoke feelings of nostalgia and vintage charm or convey a bold, contemporary attitude. A floral bedspread introduces vitality and beauty to your most private retreat, letting your inner romantic dreamer run free.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know to find your perfect floral patterned bedspread. You’ll discover an array of gorgeous floral print options to suit any taste. We’ll look at important considerations like size, fabric, construction, care requirements, and more to turn your bedspread purchase into a fun, streamlined process.

Get ready to infuse your personal haven with a dose of flower power! Let’s get started unraveling the possibilities of floral patterned bedspreads.

Survey Different Types of Floral Patterns

Floral bedspreads come in a diverse array of styles sure to satisfy any bloom lover. Here are some of the most popular categories of floral patterns to get your creativity flowing:

Traditional Floral Prints

This category showcases dainty or mid-sized floral designs in soft, muted classic color palettes like pale blues, pinks, and lavenders. Traditional floral prints evoke a delicate, romantic mood perfect for relaxed cottage-inspired retreats and vintage-lovers.


Chintz bedspreads feature vibrant, larger-scale floral motifs accented by elaborate details like winding vines, vases, birds, and butterflies. They typically have a polished, tailored finish. Chintz patterns bring to mind grand English country gardens and opulent European estates full of overstuffed florals.

Modern Florals

Modern floral bedspreads flaunt huge abstract blooms in graphic shapes and electrifying color combos. These bold, oversized patterns make a dramatic style statement for contemporary urban bedrooms.

Washed-Out Florals

Subtle and serene, washed-out floral bedspreads display softly blurred floral outlines in muted neutral and pastel color ways. Their hazy watercolor effect imparts an easygoing, casual feel.

Watercolor Florals

As the name implies, these bedspreads look as if their whimsical floral sprays were painted using delicate watercolors. Free-flowing stems have an artistic, organic beauty.

Vintage Florals

Vintage floral designs take inspiration from fabric prints of the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s for a touch of nostalgic charm. Their stylized retro blossoms and sprawling vines add old-world romance.

Tropical Florals

Escape to paradise with tropical floral bedspreads depicting exotic botanicals like palm fronds, hibiscus blooms, and large monstera leaves in rich, juicy hues. These sunny, playful prints will transport you.

Damask Florals

Damask patterned bedspreads integrate floral motifs into their ornate filigree shapes and designs. The intricate combination of damask shapes with delicate florals results in an exceptionally elegant finish.

Pressed Florals

Pressed floral bedspreads mimic the look of real dried flowers smashed between the pages of a book. Their botanical outlines have an organic, perfectly imperfect beauty.

Digital Florals

On the opposite end of the spectrum, digitally designed floral bedspreads seem hyper-real with their vivid colors and precisely rendered details. These florals created on computer programs pop against the eye.

With so many styles to evaluation, you’re sure to discover a floral pattern that aligns with your unique personality and transforms your bedroom into a romantic botanical haven. Time to start shopping!

Evaluate Floral Bedspread Fabric and Material Options

In addition to choosing a favorite floral pattern aesthetic, bedspread fabric plays a key role in both the look and performance of your new addition. Let’s examine some top fabric contenders for floral bedspreads.

100% Cotton

A natural fiber renowned for its exceptional breathability, cotton also launders well and is budget-friendly. From crisp percale to soft flannel, cotton offers ultimate comfort.


Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen is lightweight, breathable, and graced with a casual texture that relaxes over time. It requires a bit more care as linen wrinkles easily.

Cotton Blends

By blending cotton with synthetics like polyester you get enhanced benefits like improved durability, wrinkle resistance, and fade resistance. Cotton blended bedspreads offer great value.


Made from ultra-fine synthetic fibers, microfiber is revered for its soft silky hand-feel. It also resists stains, wrinkles, and fading through repeated use and washes.


The affordability and durability of polyester makes it a popular choice, but note that it’s not the most breathable option for warmer climates. Poly resists wrinkles and stains.


The epitome of luxury, silk bedspreads have an irresistible shine and ultra-soft hand. To preserve their delicate beauty though, silk requires gentle dry cleaning.


Thanks to wool’s natural wrinkle and stain resistance, wool bedspreads will retain their beauty over many years with proper care. Wool offers breathable warmth.


A semi-synthetic fiber made from wood pulp, rayon drapes beautifully. It also blends well with natural and synthetic fibers to unite the best properties.


Nothing beats flannel for cozy warmth. Its soft brushed surface provides unrivaled comfort for chilly environments.


Jacquard weaving produces an intricately textured fabric featuring a raised woven pattern or design. Florals pop in striking dimension.

With an abundance of material options now at your fingertips, you can zero in on the ideal fabric to complement your floral bedspread’s style and suit your practical needs. Time to get measuring!

Measure Bed Dimensions And Choose Bedspread Size

An accurately sized bedspread ensures your new floral confection graces your bed beautifully from edge to edge. Bedspreads come in standard mattress dimensions:

Twin Bedspreads

With dimensions of 66″ W x 86″ L, twin size bedspreads fit both standard twin and twin XL mattresses. It’s an ideal youthful size for kids’ rooms or guest bedrooms.

Full/Double Bedspreads

Full/double bedspreads measure 81″ W x 86″ L designed to drape nicely over full/double mattresses. The full size offers ample room for single sleepers.

Queen Bedspreads

Spanning 90″ W x 90″ L, the versatile queen size coordinates with queen mattresses. Queen bedspreads allow cozy closeness for couples.

King Bedspreads

King bedspreads are sized at 104″ W x 90″ L to generously accommodate king mattresses. The spacious king size optimizes comfort and room to lounge for couples.

California King Bedspreads

California king bedspreads share the same 104″ width as standard kings but extend to a lengthy 90″ L. It’s a great option for taller people needing extra length.

Bedspreads also come in a variety of styling options:

Tailored Bedspreads

Tailored bedspreads have a smooth, flat surface and neat mitered corners for a polished, elegant impression.

Ruffled Bedspreads

The attached ruffles decorating the edges of these spreads contribute feminine romance and a carefree bounce.

Shirred Bedspreads

Multiple rows of gathered fabric create textural, billowy lines across the surface of shirred bedspreads. Their lush volume adds dramatic impact.

Pleated Bedspreads

Uniform pleats structure the fabric, allowing these bedspreads to hang neatly and complement traditional interiors. The pleats add dimensional detail.

Flounced Bedspreads

One or more attached flounces on the sides lend a playful, bouncy movement to the exterior edges of these lively spreads.

Fitted Bedspreads

Fitted bedspreads hug the mattress securely thanks to their stretchy fabrication. Their smooth fitted appearance works well in contemporary bedrooms.

With some thoughtful measurements and decisions made about preferred construction, you’re on your way to bedspread bliss. Moving on to care…

Caring For Floral Bedspreads: Washing, Storing, And More

Taking proper care of your floral bedspread will help it maintain its beauty and performance for many years. Here are some top care tips:

Carefully Read Labels

Always start by checking the sewn-in manufacturer’s tag for the recommended care instructions. Following these guidelines is key to preserving your bedspread.

Most Floral Bedspreads Are Machine Washable

When machine washing, use the gentle or delicate cycle setting and wash in cold water. Only wash bedspreads of similar colors together to prevent dye bleeding. Use a mild liquid detergent, never bleach.

Remove bedspreads promptly from the washer after the cycle finishes and either line dry or tumble dry using the low heat setting. High heat can damage fabrics.

Some Bedspreads Require Dry Cleaning

You’ll often see the words “Dry Clean Only” on ornate bedspread styles like silk, wool, brocades or intricately embellished fabrics at risk of snagging or heat damage. Take these to a trustworthy eco-friendly dry cleaner and request light steam and minimal heat during pressing.

Spot Clean When Possible

To limit full washings, quickly treat stains on bedspreads with just a soft damp cloth and plain water. For tougher stains, use very mild soap diluted in warm water and gently dab – no harsh scrubbing. Always blot area with clean wet cloth and dry with towel.

Additional Care Tips:

  • Vacuum regularly using the brush or upholstery attachment to remove dust and allergens.
  • Occasionally hang bedspreads outdoors on warm sunny days to air out and revitalize the fabric.
  • Store off-season bedspreads properly folded or rolled in breathable cotton cases in cool, dry spaces to avoid yellowing.
  • Check bedspreads periodically for damage like holes or pulls and repair right away to avoid bigger issues.

With this 101 crash course in bedspread care under your belt, you can keep your floral treasure looking like new for seasons of beautifying your bedroom refuge.

My Top 5 Favorite Floral Patterned Bedspreads

Now for the fun part – it’s time to spotlight my personal top 5 favorite bedspreads flaunting gorgeous floral magic. These are just a sampling of the many exquisite and unique floral bedspreads available that might catch your eye.

1. Laura Ashley Emmeline Floral Cotton Chintz Full/Queen Bedspread

This vibrant chintz-style cotton bedspread from Laura Ashley showcases a bold scale traditional floral pattern. It depicts richly colored pink cabbage roses, green leaves, and trailing vines. The timeless feminine motif is perfection for cottages, farmhouse bedrooms, or any romantic retreat.

2. Lush Decor Ruffled Floral 3 Piece Bedspread Set

Lush Decor’s abstract floral pattern bedspread set provides a cheerful pop of pink, yellow, and green on soft microfiber. Two matching shams are included to complete the look. The fresh blossoms combined with a gently ruffled edges make this affordable set a charming choice.

3. Stone Cottage Bentley Washed Florals Bedspread Set

The laidback faded floral pattern on Stone Cottage’s stonewashed cotton/polyester bedspread evokes easy cottage style. Its muted blues and tans complement many color schemes. Matching shams and an optional quilted coverlet allow you to build on this relaxed floral look.

4. ELEOPTION Vintage Watercolor Flowers 3 Piece Bedspread Set

This microfiber bedspread collection from ELEOPTION features a painting-like watercolor floral pattern in muted pinks and purples that channels vintage romance. The wrinkle-resistant fabric and inclusion of shams makes this a budget-friendly top find.

5. Anthropologie Como Striped Garden Floral Cotton Voile Ruffled Bedspread

My final pick is this showstopper from Anthropologie. Abstract blue blossoms with subtle stripes dance across the ethereal cotton voile fabric. Whimsical ruffled edges amp up the dreamy vibe. It’s a worthy splurge piece for maximalists.

With this diverse selection of my personal top bedspread picks, hopefully you’ve discovered some inspiration to guide your own perfect floral match!

Tips For Choosing Your Dream Floral Patterned Bedspread

Here are some helpful pointers to simplify your search for the ideal floral bedspread:

Consider Bed Size

Pull out your tape measure to confirm the exact length and width of your bed/mattress to find a properly sized spread. Measure twice for accuracy.

Evaluate Overall Style

Decide what style of floral pattern suits your taste – bold contemporary blooms? faded cottage flowers? romantic roses? Choose a pattern that aligns with your overall vision.

Compare Fabric Options

Consider climate, coziness, easy care needs and other factors to select the best fabric or blend for your lifestyle and environment.

Examine Construction Details

Look for details like deep corner pockets to fit thicker mattresses, sturdy well-finished seams, and underside ties to keep your spread securely in place.

Coordinate With Existing Bedding

Choose floral colors/patterns that complement your sheets, shams, and pillows. Or use a bedspread to layer together different patterns and prints.

Assess Care Requirements

To simplify laundering, select machine washable cottons or poly blends unless you don’t mind dry-clean-only care for more delicate fabrics.

Set A Budget

Snoop around for sales from top brands like Lush Décor, Laura Ashley, or Stone Cottage to get quality for less. Prices can range widely.

Read Reviews

Search for bedspread feedback using independent customer reviews and blogs to help narrow choices. Look at photos of spreads on real beds.

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, the right floral bedspread for you showcases colors and designs that you’re naturally drawn to and make you smile.

I hope these tips help streamline your search for the perfect floral patterned bedspread to adorn your sacred sleep sanctuary. Time for a few final frequently asked questions about these beauties.

FAQs: Your Top Floral Bedspread Questions Answered

Here I’ll tackle some commonly asked questions about floral bedspreads to round out your knowledge:

What’s the best way to clean a floral bedspread?

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag. Most are machine washable on the delicate cycle with mild detergent and cool water. Lay flat or tumble dry low. Dry clean types should go to an eco-friendly cleaner. Avoid hot water or high heat.

How can I prevent my floral bedspread from wrinkling?

Use low dryer heat and remove promptly to avoid over-drying. Try washing with fabric softener or dryer sheets, air drying, or lightly steaming. Smooth wrinkled spots by hand or with a garment steamer.

What fabric is best for floral bedspreads?

It depends on your needs and environment. Breathable cotton/linen for warmer areas. Cozy microfiber, flannel, wool, or silk for chillier spots. Easy-care polyester blends resist wrinkles/stains. Seek well-made fabrics suited to your climate.

How do I get rid of stubborn creases in a bedspread?

Try hanging in a steamy bathroom while showering, or gently tug and smooth creased spots by hand. Use an iron on low heat if fabric allows. For deep creases, lay a damp cloth over the crease and press with medium iron heat. Test small area first.

Should I buy a bedspread bigger than my mattress?

Not necessarily. Bedspreads come in standard mattress sizes. But some like extra overhang room, so you may size up. Just avoid excessive pooling on floor which poses a tripping hazard. Use corner ties to anchor.

How should I store an off-season floral bedspread?

Clean first before storage for freshness. Neatly fold or roll up tightly in a breathable fabric case and keep in a cool, dry place away from humidity/heat that can damage fabrics over time. Use cedar or scented sachets to deter moths and prevent yellowing.

I hope these tips and answers have painted a clearer picture of how to evaluate, select, and care for the perfect floral patterned bedspread to beautify your bedroom retreat.

In Conclusion

A floral patterned bedspread introduces an eye-catching focal point and bright spirit of beauty to bedroom decor. From vivid modern abstract prints to faded vintage florals, there are endless ways to infuse your personal style. With some thoughtful consideration of size, fabric, construction, care requirements and other factors, you’re sure to discover the ideal floral bedspread to complement your sanctuary’s decor vision.

Bring the outside inside by dressing your bed in a floral pattern that fuels your senses and stirs your soul. Allow these magnificent bedspreads to further cultivate the cozy botanical haven of your dreams. Happy floral bedspread hunting!