Add Striking, Low Maintenance Beauty with Galvanized Metal Planters

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Gardens and outdoor living spaces are nothing without gorgeous greenery, flowers, herbs, and other lush plants. But all those plants need somewhere to put down their roots and grow. Why settle for basic plastic pots or boring concrete planters when you can add striking, industrial beauty with galvanized metal planters?

With their vintage utilitarian look, galvanized steel planters infuse any space with texture, depth, and effortless sophistication. Picture an urban rooftop oasis, a rustic country porch, or a modern poolside setting elevated with the gorgeous gray patina of galvanized planters.

Beyond handsome good looks, galvanized planters offer serious durability and weather resistance thanks to their thick steel construction and protective zinc coating. Galvanized steel stands up to rain, sun, snow, and temperature swings better than almost any other material. Way better than cheap plastic pots that crack and fade after one season outside.

And nothing beats the versatile, eclectic vibe of galvanized metal. It pairs perfectly with other on-trend materials like wood, rattan, and concrete. The aged patina of galvanized steel looks right at home in modern, farmhouse, industrial, or urban settings. Vintage galvanized buckets and barrels make fun, quirky planters too.

Let’s dig into the details on 5 of the top galvanized metal planters on the market right now. We’ll cover the pros, cons, key features, and best uses for each planter pick. Then we’ll help you figure out exactly what to look for when selecting the perfect galvanized steel planters to upgrade your space.

1. Modern Square Galvanized Planter

With its clean lines and generous size, this square galvanized planter instantly elevates patios, porches, and poolside spaces.

  • Sleek modern design that makes a statement
  • Spacious 16 inch square shape
  • Thick 22 gauge galvanized steel for durability
  • Handles on sides for easy moving
  • Drainage plug to control water flow
  • Drainage holes prone to clogging
  • Only comes in one color option

This chic square galvanized planter provides ample space for larger plants like small trees, rose bushes, or even vegetables. The 22 gauge steel construction ensures it will last for many years outside. And the built-in handles make it easy to relocate the substantial planter by lifting and moving it.

We love the smooth, modern vibe of this planter for contemporary spaces. Or pair it with reclaimed wood benches and other industrial elements to heighten the urban feel. Just be diligent about preventing the drainage holes from getting clogged.

2. Vintage Galvanized Bucket Planter

With its charming farmhouse style, this galvanized bucket planter infuses any space with rustic character.

  • Classic bucket shape with vintage charm
  • Real galvanized steel with aged patina
  • Ideal size for herbs, flowers, and vegetables
  • Drainage holes in bottom
  • Mix and match multiple for eclectic charm
  • Prone to eventually rusting through
  • Can only fit smaller plants
  • No handles for moving

Channeling old fashioned farmhouse appeal, this darling galvanized bucket brings a fun, versatile look to gardens and patios. The authentic galvanized finish develops a unique patina over time that adds to the rustic character.

At 6 inches deep and 12 inches across, it perfectly suits compact herb gardens, ornamental flowers, and even salad greens or strawberries. For best results, drill extra drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Then artfully cluster multiples together for a charming planted display.

3. Large Galvanized Raised Bed

The spacious design of this raised galvanized planter lets you grow veggies, herbs, and flowers in abundance.

  • Huge 55 gallon capacity
  • Tall sides allow deep root growth
  • Thick 12 gauge steel walls
  • Bolt together design with corner brackets
  • Optional caster wheel kit for mobility
  • Very large and heavy when full
  • Requires significant soil volume
  • Only available in silver galvanized

Serious gardeners, rejoice. This sturdy galvanized raised bed provides ample room to grow all the plants and vegetables your green thumb desires. At 22 inches high and nearly 5 feet across, it contains 55 gallons of rich soil for your bounty of tomatoes, greens, carrots, beans, and more.

Thicker 12 gauge steel ensures exceptional sturdiness and weather endurance for the sizable planter. It assembles securely with included corner brackets and bolts. For added convenience, you can even add caster wheels to make it portable. Just be sure to site it properly, as the huge planter weighs nearly 300 pounds when full of soil!

4. Slim Galvanized Tower Planter

Like a sleek pillar, this vertical galvanized planter adds drama and height for petite spaces.

  • Tall cylindrical shape maximizes vertical space
  • Narrow 16 inch diameter
  • Eye-catching for porches and balconies
  • Drainage holes with internal drip tray
  • Flexible installation (feet, brackets, or freestanding)
  • Limited planting area due to shape
  • Can be prone to blowing over
  • Installation requires drilling

Unique and eye-catching, this slim galvanized tower planter brings strong vertical interest wherever it’s placed. At over 2 feet tall yet only 16 inches wide, it’s ideally suited for small patios, fire escapes, balconies, and other compact outdoor spots.

The cylindrical planter comes pre-drilled with drainage holes and even has an internal drip tray to prevent water stains on surfaces. For added versatility, it can be installed three ways – with feet, wall brackets, or just freestanding. Just take care to stake and brace tall or top-heavy plants to keep the slim planter from tipping.

5. Galvanized Planter with Stand

With its compatible stand included, this rounded galvanized planter brings lightweight versatility.

  • Tapered round shape with wide top
  • Generous 14 inch opening
  • Matching stand with feet raises it up
  • Stand creates easydrainage
  • Large capacity yet easy to move around
  • Plain design lacks ornamentation
  • Bottom drainage can make a mess
  • Stand and planter sold together only

This clever galvanized planter set provides the best of both worlds – ample planting capacity plus effortless portability. The tapered steel planter has a wide 14 inch opening to hold small shrubs or bushes. Matching feet create a raised stand below that facilitates drainage without leak mess.

Together, the lightweight planter and stand are easy to lift and reposition anywhere. Use it to infuse orchids, ferns, and foliage around an outdoor dining space. Or gracefully line a path, patio, or pool with lush greenery. The utilitarian shape pairs nicely with other galvanized accents and furniture too.

Now that you’ve got inspiration from our favorite galvanized metal planters, it’s time to find options that work perfectly for your space. Here are the key factors to consider while shopping:

Size and Dimensions – Take measurements of the area you want to fill and think about mature plant sizes to gauge ideal planter dimensions. Tall, narrow galvanized planters maximize vertical space. Wider, shallower versions allow spreading growth. Make sure to account for planting and drainage space within the planter too.

Material Thickness – For longevity, opt for galvanized steel thickness of at least 16 gauge, preferably heavier. The thicker the steel used, the stronger and more resilient the planter will be. Thinner metal prone to dents and weather damage.

Drainage – Just like traditional in-ground gardens, container plants need excellent drainage to prevent waterlogging roots and promote healthy growth. Look for galvanized planters with pre-drilled drainage holes, preferably on bottom and sides. Removable plugs allow you to control drainage as needed.

Planting Inside vs. Outside – Some galvanized steel planters are designed just for indoor use, while others are fully weather and rust resistant for the outdoors. Evaluate the climate protection and rust treatment before choosing placement.

Matching Aesthetics – Make sure your galvanized planters coordinate with your existing decor and design scheme. Neutral silver tones pair well in most settings. Or opt for hammered, textured finishes for more visual interest.

Weight when Full – Larger galvanized planters can weigh a surprisingly high amount once you factor in soil, plants, and watering. Make sure any bases, stands, or wall mounts can support the total weight. Too heavy for indoor use.

Elevated vs. Ground Level – Elevated galvanized planter stands reduce pests and risk of plant root rot while also protecting floors or surfaces underneath. But some plants don’t thrive as well in elevated planters.

Coatings and Linings – Bare, uncoated galvanized steel or very rough textures could potentially damage roots and lead to leaching. Adding plastic nursery pot liners provides extra root protection.

Price – Being budget-friendly is one perk of galvanized steel planters. ButBetter quality steel does come at a higher cost. Focus on durability and design more than bargain hunting.

By keeping all these factors and features in mind while you shop, you’ll be sure to find the perfect galvanized metal planters to upgrade your indoor and outdoor spaces. To recap, some key things to look for are thick durable steel construction, ample drainage, suitable dimensions, visual appeal, and enough weight capacity for the intended spot.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, go back to our top galvanized planter picks which have already been vetted for quality and design.

The streamlined Modern Square Galvanized Planter works beautifully for contemporary patios and porches. Our charming vintage-inspired Galvanized Bucket Planter adds farmhouse character anywhere.

The expansive Large Galvanized Raised Bed has ample room for veggie gardens and herb planting. For petite balconies and patios, we love the slender Slim Galvanized Tower Planter to maximize vertical planting space. And the Galvanized Planter with Stand offers lightweight mobility.

With just a bit of thoughtful planning and styling, galvanized steel planters can infuse your space with textural, industrial beauty while keeping your plants healthy and thriving for years to come.

The aged patina and resilient strength of galvanized steel planters will enhance your home’s decor indoors and out. Let gorgeous galvanized planters add a modern, vintage, or farmhouse vibe that gets even better with age. Your plants will thrive while your space gains striking character.