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Rustic wooden coffee tables are having a major moment right now when it comes to home decor. With their natural, textured charm and understated style, these tables effortlessly add cozy warmth and character to living rooms, family rooms, and other gathering spaces.

In this post, we’ll count down the top 5 best rustic wooden coffee tables that you can buy online right now. We’ll also dive into helpful tips and advice for choosing the perfect rustic coffee table to complement your existing space and decor style. From reclaimed wood to handcrafted design elements, we’ll cover all the pros, cons, features, and styles to consider.

Let’s get started with the rundown of the top 5 rustic wooden coffee tables that should be on your radar!

1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is well known for its beautiful, high-quality furniture with lots of farmhouse charm. Their reclaimed wood coffee table is constructed from gorgeous old reclaimed pine wood that makes each piece completely unique.

The wood features a lightly whitewashed finish to allow the natural wood tones and wood grain to shine through. There’s a wonderful distressed finish with nailheads for added rustic appeal.

The tabletop shape is a classic large rectangle with rounded corners. Underneath is a spacious open shelf for storing books, blankets, or other living room essentials.

Metal hardware on the shelf gives it an industrial vibe while also providing sturdy support. This substantial coffee table measures 50 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 19 inches high.

Pros of this Pottery Barn reclaimed wood coffee table include:

  • Beautifully aged reclaimed wood with character
  • Distressed finish adds rustic charm
  • Roomy open shelf for storage and display
  • Quality construction with metal hardware accents

Cons to note:

  • High price tag around $800+
  • Very heavy at 122 lbs

This coffee table is best suited for farmhouse or rustic modern home decor. The weathered reclaimed wood and distressed finish give it cottage vibes. The clean metal shelf adds just a touch of industrial flair.

2. Rustic X-Base Coffee Table from World Market

World Market offers a more budget-friendly option with their rustic x-base coffee table. This design is crafted from rich acacia wood which has stunning wood grain and natural pattern variations.

The x-shaped base provides an industrial style accent that contrasts nicely against the wood top. It’s made from powder-coated iron for durability.

There’s a lower shelf between the x-shaped legs for additional storage. This rectangular coffee table measures 48 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 18 inches high.

Pros of this World Market coffee table:

  • Affordable price usually under $300
  • Easy assembly with minimal tools required
  • Acacia wood brings visual warmth
  • Iron base has modern industrial vibe

Cons to note:

  • Acacia wood can be prone to scratches over time
  • Only available in one size

With its modern farmhouse or industrial loft aesthetics, this x-base coffee table will seamlessly blend in with many decor styles. The mix of wood and metal creates a versatile two-tone look.

3. Handcrafted Rustic Coffee Table from Etsy

For a truly one-of-a-kind rustic coffee table, we highly recommend exploring the many handcrafted options available on Etsy. Skilled artisans offer custom-made tables using high-quality solid wood and other unique materials.

Since each table is handcrafted, you can often request custom dimensions, finishes, or design elements to match your space. Or you can select one of their existing ready-made tables showcasing the maker’s unique style.

Pros of ordering a handmade coffee table from Etsy:

  • Totally unique piece with artisanal quality
  • Customization options for size, materials, finish, etc
  • Supports small businesses and craftsmanship
  • Often made in the USA

Cons to note:

  • Typically expensive with $1,000+ price tags
  • Longer lead time for custom orders

Handcrafted rustic coffee tables are ideal for cabin or rustic-themed decor. The solid wood and imperfections add organic character perfect for a cozy, welcoming space.

4. Magnolia Home Ranch Coffee Table

This square coffee table from Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Home line has a lovely ranch-style design with black metal base and solid wood tabletop.

It has a perfectly square tabletop made from either varnished oak or soft white painted wood. The wooden table surface measures 36 inches wide and sits 16 inches off the ground.

The black powder-coated metal base has a simple X-frame design that provides both stability and visual lightness. There is also a lower shelf great for stacking books or decor items.

Pros of the Ranch coffee table:

  • Timeless and versatile square shape
  • Quality wood tabletop with neutral finish
  • Durable metal base with crossbar shelf
  • Design style fits with various farmhouse decor

Cons to note:

  • Only available in one tabletop size
  • Higher price point around $700

With its black base and light wood tones, this Magnolia Home coffee table will blend right into casual living room spaces focused on an organic, inviting style.

5. Rustic Trunk Coffee Table from Wayfair

For a trunk-style coffee table oozing with character, check out the many rustic trunk options available on Wayfair. This particular one has a genuine leather-wrapped wood trunk serving as the tabletop surface.

The distressed leather features unique cracks, creases, and grain patterns to highlight the natural beauty and age of the material. Antique brass hardware and metal rivets add vintage trunk styling.

The trunk opens upwards on hidden hinges to reveal handy interior storage space. This leather trunk table measures 46 inches wide, 26 inches deep, and 20 inches high.

Pros of this rustic trunk coffee table:

  • Lots of character from aged genuine leather
  • Hidden storage space inside the trunk
  • Brass hardware has vintage inspired look
  • Makes a bold statement in any space

Cons to note:

  • Leather requires occasional conditioning
  • Decor limited to rustic color schemes

This coffee table is ideally suited for rustic cabins or spaces wanting to make a unique design statement with lots of texture. The distressed leather and brass Hardware bring drama and intrigue.

Now that we’ve covered the top 5 rustic wooden coffee table options, let’s go over some helpful buying tips and advice to guide your selection process.

How to Choose the Perfect Rustic Wooden Coffee Table

Here are the most important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a rustic wooden coffee table:

Consider Your Decor Style

You’ll want to choose a coffee table that aesthetically matches your existing decor style. For example, an ultra-modern table would look out of place in a traditional countryside living room.

Consider whether your space leans more farmhouse, industrial, cabin, eclectic, or rustic modern when narrowing down rustic coffee table options. The table finish, wood tone, and any metal accents should align with your overall decor goals.

Measure the Space

Take accurate measurements of the room and space where you plan to put the coffee table. Figure out the ideal size coffee table that would fit proportionally within the furnishings and traffic flow.

Having the specific room dimensions will also ensure you buy a coffee table sized appropriately. Too small can look off-balance, while oversized feels cluttered.

Mind the Scale

Scale relates to both aesthetics and function. The coffee table size, height and proportions should complement the height and scale of surrounding sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc.

You generally want 18-22 inches of clearance between the coffee table edge and seating for comfortable leg room. But the table shouldn’t feel tiny or get lost compared to larger furniture pieces.

Decide on Features

Today’s coffee tables come with all sorts of special features and functions that impact aesthetics and practicality.

Consider if you want a coffee table with shelves, drawers, lift-top, cabinets, ottomans, built-in charging, casters for moving, etc. Added features can improve organization and storage while also enhancing visual appeal.

Choose a Shape

The most common coffee table shapes are squares, rectangles, ovals and circles. But you can also findunique shapes like triangles, trapezoids, and curved shapes.

In small spaces, a round or oval coffee table is great since it has no sharp corners to bump into. Rectangular tables maximize surface space. Choose creative shapes for an eclectic focal point.

Select a Finish

The type of finish impacts the overall rustic style and vibe. There are many possible finishes:

  • Distressed – Intentionally worn, chips, scratches, nail holes
  • Stained – Penetrating stains like walnut or espresso
  • Painted – Colorful or whitewashed painted wood
  • Weathered – Natural weathering from sun exposure
  • Oiled – Protective wood oil like tung oil
  • Waxed – Paste wax adds sheen and protection

Finishes also impact maintenance and care. For example, a painted table needs more gentle handling than a durable wood oil finish.

Think About Assembly

Some rustic coffee tables arrive fully assembled and ready to use immediately. Others require partial assembly which could range from very easy to more complicated.

If you’ll need to assemble the table yourself, assess your DIY skills and tool availability. Overly challenging assembly directions could be a dealbreaker for some buyers.

Compare Materials

Rustic coffee tables feature all types of woods, metals, and other materials. Consider factors like:

  • Solid wood vs plywood – Solid wood is higher quality but pricier
  • Wood species – Oak, pine, acacia, teak, etc have different grains
  • Resin vs real wood – Some tables use faux wood resin for weather resistance
  • Metal accents – Black, bronze, copper, and brass metallics add interest

Also assess the long-term durability and expected wear based on material quality. Cheaper thin laminates won’t endure like solid wood.

Know Your Budget

There’s a very wide range of prices for rustic coffee tables. Simple DIY kits could be under $100. Weathered barn wood tables handcrafted in the USA could be over $2,000.

Set realistic expectations based on your desired quality, features, and budget cap. Having a price range in mind will help narrow the options.

Read Reviews

Before making any purchase, it’s wise to read buyer reviews. Look at factors like ease of assembly, product quality upon arrival, durability observations over time, and overall value for the price point.

Also see if any reviewers mention issues with damage in shipping, difficult customer service, or not meeting size expectations. Reviews often reveal things product descriptions don’t.

Measure Delivery Time

Some retailers have coffee tables in stock that can ship immediately. Other companies or custom sellers may involve 4-8 week lead times or longer.

Factor expected delivery and production timelines into your plans. If you need a coffee table urgently for a special event, some options won’t arrive in time.

Consider Multi-Functionality

One great thing about coffee tables? The design options go far beyond basic surfaces!

Many coffee tables integrate functional extras like:

  • Drawers for concealed storage
  • Shelves for displaying books and decor
  • Lift-tops to access interior storage
  • Casters to easily move the table
  • Ottomans with lift-tops for footrests
  • Charging stations for phones and laptops

Think creatively when coffee table shopping – you can likely find a design suited for your lifestyle and space.

Now that you’re tuned into the major factors that impact coffee table selection, let’s run through some common questions and answers about rustic wooden coffee tables.

Rustic Wooden Coffee Table FAQs

Q: Are rustic wooden coffee tables durable enough for high-traffic areas?

A: It depends on the quality of the materials and construction methods. A coffee table made from solid, thick wood or wood veneers will be the most durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and other wear. On the other hand, more delicate materials like thin laminate or particle board tops are prone to chipping and peeling with heavy use. Distressed finishes can help hide normal wear and tear over time. Prioritize quality materials and thick tabletops for longevity.

Q: What is the average price range for rustic coffee tables?

A: There’s an extremely broad spectrum of prices when it comes to rustic-style coffee tables. On the affordable end, you can find basic DIY kits and simple tables for under $250. For higher-quality tables from retailers like Pottery Barn and West Elm, expect to spend $500-$1,000. And for artisan handcrafted coffee tables made in the USA from reclaimed barnwood, the costs typically range from $1,000-$3,000.

In general, you can find many solid mid-range options between $250-$800. The prices vary based on size, materials, construction quality, seller type, custom designs, and special features. Set your budget and expectations accordingly!

Q: How do I clean and care for a rustic wooden coffee table?

A: Since wood is prone to water damage and stains, be sure to always use coasters under any glasses, vases, ceramic planters, etc. Immediately wipe up any spills on the surface. To regularly clean the table, use a soft damp cloth and gentle cleaner safe for finished wood. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners. For added protection and sheen, apply paste wax to the table 2-3 times per year. Be extra gentle when cleaning distressed table areas to avoid damaging the finish. Proper care will keep your rustic wood coffee table looking its best for years!

Q: Can I use a rustic wooden coffee table outdoors?

A: Most rustic coffee tables are designed for indoor use only. When exposed to outdoor weather elements like rain, snow, and moisture, unfinished wood can easily warp, crack, or split over time. The finishes may also wear down more quickly with sun exposure. Look for coffee tables specifically marketed as “outdoor,” “patio,” or “all-weather wicker” if you want an option suitable for uncovered areas.

Q: Are rustic coffee tables difficult to assemble?

A: Ease of assembly really depends on the specific table. Some arrive fully assembled and ready to use immediately. Others only require a few steps like attaching the legs or shelf. The most complicated assemblies may involve tools like drills and screwdrivers for connecting wood slats or attaching tabletops to bases. If assembly is needed, look closely at the product details, images, and reviews to gauge the complexity. Many quality coffee tables have relatively quick and straightforward assembly with detailed instructions provided. Just steer clear of any options with reviews complaining about unclear directions or flimsy construction.

Q: How do I decorate around my rustic wooden coffee table?

A: There are endless ways to decorate and stylize your space around a rustic coffee table! Ideas include:

  • Add decor pieces with natural woods, baskets, woven blankets for cozy textures
  • Incorporate live plants like succulents or air plants for organic appeal
  • Layer plush area rugs underneath to define the seating zone
  • Display hardcover coffee table books relating to rural living
  • Include ceramic vases, containers, or trays for rustic flair
  • Add pillows on sofas or chairs featuring subtle patterns
  • Hang wall art like framed botanical prints, landscapes, or barnwood
  • Arrange candles of different heights and shapes for ambiance
  • Use textural elements like a wool Pendleton blanket or sheepskin throw

Q: Should I choose a round, square or rectangular coffee table?

A: The choice between a round, square, or rectangular coffee table largely comes down to personal preference and what best suits your space. Round tables are great for smaller spaces since the curved edges prevent bumping into sharp corners. Round shapes can also make fun eclectic focal points. On the other hand, rectangular tables have the most surface area and efficiently fit in front of sofas. Square coffee tables work well in transitional spaces that bridge both traditional and modern design vibes. Consider the existing layout, conversation seating arrangement, and overall aesthetic vision when deciding on the table shape. There’s no universally “right” shape – go with what speaks to you!

Q: How do I prevent water rings or stains on my rustic table?

A: Water rings and stains can easily damage wooden tables, so take these preventative steps:

  • Always place coasters under any glasses, vases, plants or ceramic decor
  • Right away wipe up any spills or condensation on the table
  • Use placemats or table runners under dishes during meals
  • Apply a protective paste wax to the table 2-3 times per year
  • Avoid placing extremely hot dishes or pans directly on the table
  • Don’t let any liquids sit on the surface for extended periods
  • Clean with a soft cloth and mild cleaner instead of abrasive products

With proper care and quick cleanup of spills, you can keep your rustic wood coffee table looking beautiful.

Q: What are the best places to buy rustic coffee tables?

A: There are many great retailers offering rustic coffee tables to match any budget or style. Top picks include:

  • Pottery Barn: High-quality tables, often using reclaimed wood
  • West Elm: Modern rustic tables with clean lines
  • World Market: Affordable, globally-inspired rustic furniture
  • Wayfair: Huge selection of tables across styles & budgets
  • Overstock: Fantastic prices on clearance items
  • Amazon: Convenience of fast Prime shipping for hassle-free delivery
  • Anthropologie: Unique, artisanal tables with eclectic detailing
  • Authentic Custom Made: Handcrafted custom tables on Etsy

Beyond the major retailers, also check out local antique stores, flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist for secondhand finds full of one-of-a-kind character. With so many options, you’re sure to discover the perfect rustic coffee table for your home!

Q: Should I choose a coffee table with shelves or drawers for storage?

A: The choice between open shelves vs. enclosed drawers comes down to personal preference and how you plan to use the coffee table storage in your space. Here are some pros for each option:


  • Provide open and easy access to items like books, baskets, framed photos
  • Allow you to curate and change the styled display
  • Fit larger decor items that drawers could not accommodate
  • Offer a lightweight visual look since contents aren’t hidden away


  • Conceal items like remotes, chargers, coasters to reduce clutter
  • Keep items protected from dust or pets who may knock things over
  • Feel more streamlined and decluttered
  • Provide separation for organizing different items
  • Offer slide-out accessibility without reaching over an edge

If you can’t decide, some tables offer the best of both worlds with a mix of open shelves and closed drawers! Evaluate your needs to choose the most fitting storage style.

The Perfect Rustic Coffee Table Awaits!

We hope this overview on the top 5 rustic coffee tables and tips for choosing the ideal table helps you discover the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Rustic coffee tables infuse cozy, textural beauty into living spaces in a way few other decor items can.

With the right coffee table, you can bring lovely warmth and character into a room. Remember to assess your existing decor, measure carefully, and evaluate special features when shopping. Most importantly, choose a style that makes your heart sing.

Let us know if you have any other questions arise about rustic coffee tables! We’re always happy to provide more recommendations and design advice. Wishing you the best on your decor journey as you hunt for that special rustic treasure.