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Mirrors are a great way to visually open up and brighten any room. But beyond just creating the illusion of more space, they can also add amazing decorative flair when done right. That’s why handcrafted artisan mirrors are such a fantastic route to go. When made by skilled craftsmen, they become true works of art for your wall.

Let’s explore some top picks for unique handcrafted wall mirrors perfect for making a stylish statement. We’ll also dive into tips for choosing the best size, shape and style to complement your home. By the end, you’ll be ready to find a custom mirror that expresses your personal taste and decor.

Rustic Wood Mirror – Organic Charm

The organic beauty of a rustic wood mirror is undeniable. Each one-of-a-kind piece brings natural elegance through knots, cracks, imperfections and grain in the reclaimed wood. There’s simply no replicating the charm of wood’s variations when artfully crafted by hand.

Rustic wood mirrors work wonderfully in farmhouse, cottage, cabin, vintage, Bohemian and other nature-inspired decors. The raw wood grains and textures pair effortlessly with natural earth tones, terracotta pots, woven textures and antique or distressed elements. A large 36 inch diameter wood mirror makes a stunning focal point over a console or mantle. Or go for a classic sunburst design with beams radiating out for even more flair.

Rustic wood mirrors range anywhere from $200 to $300 depending on the intricacy of the design. While not cheap, remember you’re investing in a true handmade work of art. The hmm-factor is worth the price for a mirror you won’t find anywhere else. Let the warmth and organic elegance of a rustic wood mirror make your space shine.

Oversized Round Sunburst Mirror – Dramatic Impact

Make a bold decorative statement with an oversized round sunburst mirror. The dramatic beams emanating from the center add texture, dimension and visual interest. Sunburst mirror designs instantly draw the eye for high-impact in any space.

An oversized sunburst mirror ranging anywhere from 36 to 48 inches in diameter delivers a wow-factor in entry halls, over fireplace mantles or as the star player in any room. Contrasting wood finishes like light oak against a dark walnut center allows you to highlight the shape even more. For a soft touch, keep the whole mirror frame in a neutral linen white or light gray washed finish.

Expect to pay $300 to $500 for a quality handcrafted oversized sunburst mirror like this. The showstopping style and impression it gives in your home makes it worth the investment. Let this beautiful statement mirror reflect your unique style.

Geometric Pattern Mirror – Modern Marvel

Geometric mirrors are a fresh way to add visual intrigue over a console, buffet, dresser or any space begging for a modern twist. Handcrafted inlay designs using wood, metal, leather or other materials create mesmerizing geometric patterns or Moroccan-inspired looks.

Thickly stacked triangular pieces or contrasting wood grains form diamond, octagon and triangle designs. Neutral colored patterns elegantly complement mid-century or contemporary rooms, while darker wood tones play up exotic global styles. Hang a geometric mirror proudly as a focal point or layer in with abstract art and other geometric decor.

Look for handcrafted geometric mirrors ranging from 24 to 36 inches priced $200 to $400 based on intricacy of design and quality of materials used. The mathematical perfection and artistry of geometric mirrors makes them a marvel to behold in any modern home.

Rectangle Beveled Mirror – Classic Touch

Sometimes you just can’t improve upon the simple perfection of a classic rectangle beveled mirror frame. The clean lines and elegantly angled beveled edges of this mirror design have remained a staple look for generations. And for good reason.

Handcrafted from wood in your choice of finish like white washed oak, walnut, deep espresso or painted colors, this mirror works in literally any style home. Go bold with a black lacquered frame for contemporary punch. Or stay neutral with linen white for a light and bright feel. Use it over a sideboard in a foyer or hallway to visually expand the space.

You will find quality beveled rectangle mirrors ranging from 24 x 36 inches in the $150 to $300 price range typically. For a timeless touch of tailored refinement, bring home a handcrafted beveled edge mirror.

Rectangular Leaner Floor Mirror – Space Saver

Short on wall space but longing for the visual expansion and style of a statement mirror? Consider a rectangular leaner floor mirror on stand. The attached leaner back allows this handcrafted floor mirror to sit upright without hanging, making it perfect for small spaces.

Leaner mirrors work wonderfully behind sofas, in corners, behind doors and any out-of-the-way spot begging for a mirror’s touch. The rectangular shaped mirror framed in wood paired with the leaner back adds gorgeous decorative detail while serving practical needs.

Look for leaner floor mirrors ranging from 36 to 60 inches tall in prices starting around $200 and up to $400. The handcrafted wood details like carved feet or decorative edging on this style mirror add to the aesthetic value. Get all the benefits of a stunning mirror without needing wall space with the leaner floor mirror.

Now that we’ve coveted some dreamy top picks, let’s dive into tips for choosing the perfect handcrafted mirror for YOUR space…

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Handcrafted Mirror

Finding a custom handmade mirror to match your personal style and home decor takes some forethought. Here are top factors to consider before falling in love with any showstopping mirror.

Match Your Decor Style

Handcrafted mirrors come in such a wide range of shapes, materials, finishes and designs that you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your style perfectly. Know whether your current decor leans traditional, modern, coastal, Bohemian or other aesthetic before shopping. Then keep an eye out for custom mirrors that enhance that look. The mirror frame should feel cohesive with your existing furniture and decor choices.

Measure the Space and Visualize Size

While a 6 foot tall gleaming mirror may look stunning in your mind, will it actually fit the wall space? Before falling for any mirror, carefully measure the intended hanging spot. Account for any light switches, vents or other fixtures flanking the area.

Also visualize how a 36 inch round mirror will differ from a 48 inch one proportionally. Scale makes a big difference. Err on the side of slightly smaller if uncertain since a mirror can always feel undersized, but will quickly look overpowering if too large for the space.

Complement Nearby Features

Look at other elements surrounding where you’d hang the mirror like nearby shelving, mantels, cabinets or other Decorative pieces. A handcrafted mirror should feel cohesive with those features through either matching wood tones, complementary colors or similar styling.

You want the mirror to feel purposefully coordinated, not haphazardly placed. Tie it visually to your existing features and decor so it feels like part of a complete curated look.

Balance Light and Dark Tones

Handcrafted mirrors come in a range of wood finishes from light oak to walnut to black lacquer and everything in between. Lighter colored frames tend to brighten a darker space, while darker finishes make lighter walls pop. Look at your existing color scheme and find the right mirror finish to complement it.

In spaces like long hallways, lighter mirrors also make the area feel larger. While darker wood finishes make cozy spaces feel warmer and more intimate. Find the right balance of light and dark for your goals with the frame color.

Set a Realistic Budget

Handcrafted mirrors range from $100 to $1000+ depending on materials used, intricacy of design and artist reputation. Know your budget limit before falling for a piece outside your price range. Many artisans are open to negotiating prices for custom work, especially if you provide the upfront materials cost.

Also look for mirrors that fit your budget but allow you to DIY spray paint or stain the frame yourself later. Simple upgrades like new hardware or a frame makeover can give expensive flair at a reasonable cost. Set a budget so you get exactly the custom mirror you love at a price you can afford.

Making any major purchase like a statement mirror takes some strategy and planning. But with these tips in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect handcrafted mirror to elevate your home with personality.

Now let’s tackle some common questions people have about incorporating handcrafted mirrors…

FAQs About Handcrafted Wall Mirrors

How are handcrafted mirrors made?

Handcrafted mirrors begin with artisan craftsman skills like carpentry, metalworking, mosaic making, stained glass, etc. The frame material – whether wood, metal, tile or other – gets expertly cut, joined, welded, inlayed or otherwise transformed into the desired shape.

Mirror glass gets custom beveled or cut to fit inside the frame. Finally, finishing touches like paint, stain, grout or hardware get added by the artisan to complete the design. It’s meticulous work blending both mathematical precision and creative intuition.

What’s the best way to hang heavy mirrors?

For heavyweight mirrors, use reinforced drywall anchors rated for the mirror’s pounds. Toggle bolts grip the hollow space within walls for added strength. Hooks alone can’t support much weight. Have professional installers hang very heavy mirrors if unsure.

How do you clean wood framed mirrors?

Use a mild glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to gently clean the mirror surface. Avoid spraying cleaner directly on wood frame. Instead apply cleaner to cloth then wipe wood gently. Minimize water contact to prevent warping or damage to finishes.

Will humidity affect my wood mirror?

Some minor expansion and contraction of natural wood frames can be normal with humidity changes. Using D-ring style picture hangers allows the mirror to move slightly on the wall without pulling away as easily. Hang the mirror so the wood frame remains flush to wall as it naturally shrinks and swells.

Aren’t handcrafted mirrors expensive?

Prices run the gamut when buying one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. More intricate detailing, rare materials and larger sizes increase cost. But also consider value over just price. Handcrafted mirrors become meaningful keepsakes and focal decor unlike mass-produced versions. Set a realistic budget for long-lasting quality.

Reflect Your Unique Style

What an exciting world of options now opens up once you start seeking out special handcrafted mirrors! This guide just skimmed the surface of what you can discover. Keep your decor goals, budget and lifestyle needs in mind as you explore. But don’t be afraid to fall in love and make a bold style statement with your custom mirror.

Let this exceptional piece reflect the light while reflecting your personality. Because your home should say as much about you as you do. And whenever you pass by and catch your reflection, let the handcrafted mirror spark a smile that you chose exactly the right thing.