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Macrame has made a major comeback in home decor over the last few years. The art of knotting fibers into intricate patterns goes back centuries but feels fresh and modern when incorporated into a Bohemian style. Using natural fibers like cotton or wool, macrame wall hangings provide a lightweight and breezy accent for the home. If you love textured, flowing designs with a free-spirited vibe, consider adding a Bohemian macrame wall hanging to your space.

Macrame is a form of textile fiber art that uses knotting techniques to create decorative patterns. The name comes from the Arabic phrase “migramah” meaning fringe or decorative fringe. Traditionally it was done with fabrics like silk or linen but today most macrame uses cotton cord or yarn. The knots can form geometric or artistic shapes like waves, diamonds, spirals and more. Macrame experienced a surge of popularity in the 1970s that has come back around lately.

Bohemian decor embraces a casual, globally-inspired look that feels both collected over time and carefree. Mixing rich patterns and textures with natural elements, the Bohemian aesthetic celebrates creativity and unique finds. Macrame wall hangings pair perfectly with the laidback sophistication of Bohemian rooms. They add lightweight texture and color to balance out the layered rugs, pillows, tapestries and warm wood tones typical of the style.

In this post, we’ll cover the top Bohemian macrame wall hangings to know about along with tips for choosing the best one for your space. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about macrame. Read on to learn why this fiber art trend deserves a spot in your home.

Top 5 Bohemian Macrame Wall Hangings

1. Modern Geometric Cotton Macrame

This moroccan-inspired diamond pattern uses varying shades of ecru and grey 100% cotton cording to form contemporary geometric shapes. The neutral color palette makes it versatile to blend with most decor. It comes in three sizes up to 59″ wide to work above a sofa or bed.

Pros: geometric pattern provides visual interest, pattern contrasts well against bold print pillows and rugs, neutral colors are easy to match

Cons: some may prefer more color, large size requires adequate wall space

Where to Buy: LaJolieMuse on Etsy, prices range from $89 for 31″ x 31″ to $250 for 59″ x 35″

2. Rainbow Whimsical Wall Hanging

Add a fun pop of color with this rainbow macrame wall hanging. Rows of bright cotton cording in rainbow hues give off a playful, whimsical vibe. Each one is a unique creation forming wavy stripes of varying widths. Use it to inject a youthful accent in a child’s room or boho-chic living space.

Pros: vibrant rainbow colors, lively pattern is statement-making, handmade quality with slight variations in each

Cons: rainbow may not suit all color schemes, not as boldly patterned as some macrame

Where to Buy: TheColorMill on Etsy, $68 for two sizes: 35″ x 47″ or 47″ x 59″

3. Bohemian Dreamcatcher Macrame

This wall-mounted macrame dreamcatcher is a fusion of Boho style with Native American crafts. Earth-toned suede cording forms a web-like diamond pattern in the center with delicate fringe dangling below. The brown leather straps and hanging beads complete the natural, organic look. Use it over a bed for relaxation and sleep.

Pros: brings together macrame and dreamcatcher for unique cultural style, great as above bed decoration, brown color scheme easy to match

Cons: less defined macrame knots and pattern, fringe may shed more than other styles

Where to Buy: CustomBohoDecor on Etsy, $135 for 33″ diameter

4. Extra Large Cotton Wall Hanging

An oversized macrame tapestry like this is perfect for making a bold statement over larger furniture. The chunky cotton cording forms a textured diamond pattern in natural white against soft grey. Use it as a dramatic backdrop above a sofa, sideboard or headboard.

Pros: extra large size for impactful style, chunky knots and cording has lots of texture, neutral shades complement any color scheme

Cons: very large so requires a big wall space, white may discolor over time

Where to Buy: Sistersguild on Etsy, $160 for 98″ x 59″

5. Multicolor Bohemian Macrame Wall Art

Rows of colorful macrame made from fabric strips create a vertical column effect with fringe at the bottom. The mixture of patterns and multicolored strips provides visual rhythm and energy. Hang multiples together for a gallery-style wall.

Pros: playful use of color and variety of patterns, fringe adds fluid movement, customize sizes for any wall

Cons: fabric strips prone to more dust and shedding than cording

Where to Buy: PatternPalaceUS on Etsy, prices range from $65 for set of 2 in 12″ x 36″ to $150 for set of 2 in 36″ x 72″

How to Choose the Best Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging for Your Space

Macrame wall hangings make a fantastic decorative accent for the home. But with so many materials, colors, sizes and patterns available, how do you choose the right one? Follow these tips for selecting a macrame wall hanging with a Bohemian style that complements your existing space and decor.

  • Consider the size of your wall space and room. Measure the wall area you want to hang the macrame in. Make sure you pick a size that will fit and suit the proportions of the room. Oversized macrame makes more of an impact in larger living rooms.
  • Match the color palette and style to your current decor. Look at the overall color scheme and motifs used in your space. Choose macrame made with hues and patterns that coordinate well together. Neutrals like ecru pair easily while vibrant rainbow colors make a bold contrast.
  • Evaluate the lighting and how the wall hanging will look. Macrame knots and patterns show up best under ample natural lighting. Make sure the wall you choose has sufficient sunlight during the day. The texture and colors may fade under artificial light at night.
  • Assess the complexity of the macrame pattern for visual interest. Some hangings use more intricate knotting for defined shapes and focal points. Simpler styles have a looser macrame web. Decide whether you prefer bold geometric designs or delicate freeform ones.
  • Determine if you want a statement piece or subtle accent. Oversized macrame with bright colors makes a dominant style impact. For a more discreet look, use smaller sizes in neutral tones as an accent.
  • Factor in functionality like using it as a tapestry or headboard. Consider the practical use of your wall hanging. If you want to use it over a bed, look for softer textured fibers like wool that won’t snag.
  • Think about fiber choice for different looks and feel. Cotton cord gives a casual, coastal vibe. Wool has a cozier, more textured effect. Seek natural fiber blends that suit your decor personality.
  • Set a budget for cost. Macrame wall hanging prices can range from $50 to over $200 depending on size, materials and intricacy. Set realistic expectations about what you want to invest. Quality shows, but deals exist.
  • Read reviews and browse options before you commit. Do your research to discover new styles and learn from other buyer experiences. Take time looking at all the varieties available before deciding on your perfect one.

By keeping these tips in mind as you shop, you’ll be able to discover a macrame wall hanging with a Bohemian flavor that enhances your space. Trust your instincts to find the size, color, pattern and style that speaks to you. The right piece will add a effortlessly chic touch of boho texture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bohemian Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is making a comeback in home decor, especially with its light and airy boho vibe. Here we’ll answer some of the most common questions about incorporating macrame wall hangings into your Bohemian decor theme.

What is the difference between macrame and other fiber wall hangings?

Macrame is a specific knotting technique using fibers to create patterns. Other fiber wall hangings use methods like weaving, braiding, crocheting or tufting. Macrame also tends to have a more open, net-like structure while other hangings are made of tighter woven fabrics or solid panels. The openness and knotted texture give macrame its distinctive bohemian style.

How do I properly install and hang a macrame wall hanging?

Start by measuring your space to find the ideal size. When ready to hang, place the macrame against the wall to mark screw locations using tacks or a pencil through the top loops. Insert screws, leaving the heads extended about 1/4″ from the wall. Lift the macrame up to slide the top cords onto the screw heads to secure in place. Use sturdy screws that can hold the weight.

What are the best places to buy macrame wall hangings?

You can often find boho macrame at stores like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie or World Market. For more unique handmade options, check out Etsy sellers, craft fairs and independent boutiques. High quality custom macrame can also be purchased from specialty studios and fiber artists.

How much do Bohemian style macrame wall hangings usually cost?

Prices typically range from about $50 to $300. More basic and smaller cotton macrame can cost around $50 to $100. For large, intricate wall hangings using more premium materials, expect prices from $150 up to $300. Custom orders and those made with specially sourced artisan fibers fall on the higher end.

How can I make a DIY macrame wall hanging in a Bohemian style?

Gather cotton cording or yarn in earthy neutrals or bright colors. Look up macrame knotting tutorials for beginners online and start with basics like square knots. Create a pattern using coils, play with fringe lengths or hang decor like beads to give it a boho vibe. Use a wooden dowel or stick at top to hang.

What are the most popular colors for Bohemian macrame?

Natural earth tones like ecru, tan and brown are common for a subtle neutral boho look. Bright rainbow hues are also trending for a bold colorful statement. Somewhere in between, shades like lavender, sage green, blush or mustard yellow add pops of color.

How do I clean and care for a macrame wall hanging?

Avoid excess moisture and only spot clean gently by hand. This prevents distorting the shape of the macrame knots. Use a small amount of mild detergent in cool water and dab any stains. Air dry away from direct sunlight. For wall dust, lightly vacuum using a soft brush attachment.

Are macrame wall hangings safe for babies and children?

The risks depend on the style. Very loose macrame with extended fringe has risks of entanglement. Sturdier styles flush to the wall are safer. For children’s rooms, look for macrame made from soft materials without dangling elements or loose strands. Supervise use.

How can I decorate the rest of the room around a Bohemian macrame wall hanging?

Layer in pillows, throws and rugs using similar earthy color palettes and prints as the macrame. Add warmth with rattan, wood and wicker furniture. Incorporate greenery from hanging plants or dried botanical wreaths. Play with light and airy curtains. Display global finds like beaded tapestries for an eclectic mix.

Are macrame wall hangings still stylish or going out of style?

Macrame never fully goes out of style but periodically surges in popularity. The current boho revival has brought macrame back to the forefront of home decor trends. Multi-textured elements like macrame add cozy and unique dimension to spaces. Paired with other Bohemian details, the look remains fresh and on-trend for the foreseeable future.

Add Breezy Bohemian Style with Macrame

Macrame has made a major comeback thanks to its artisanal vibe and boho spirit. With so many beautiful options for patterns, textures and colors, you can find a macrame wall hanging that fits your personal style. Embrace the wanderlust feel of a Bohemian inspired piece or choose an earthy neutral meditation-worthy design.

When thoughtfully incorporated, a macrame wall hanging adds a touch of whimsical warmth and handmade uniqueness to your home. Let it become the conversation starting point of your room as you drift away to creative daydreams. The next time your wall seems blank, think macrame. You’ll welcome the wash of sensuous fibers and good vibes only a woven wall hanging can provide.